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An Bee Cailleach
“Éagmais croí a dhíscaoileadh ar gach eagla. Faoi dhíon taobh istigh de na blianta seo. Fanacht i bhfianaise, a dhíscaoileadh ar gach eagla. Ós rud é go ndearnadh tú a chaitheamh. Briseadh an tost seo” "An Bee Cailleach" She lives to wake to new days and new nights to walk awake in her fiercest dreams to drown the damned in Delta of Cancer Her Venus Lights bonfires Where her feet step blazing imprints swift flames into stories Life is on Fire breath over death does she breathe Awake from Dark Deep Sleep to Awaken Desire Blood pumping Passion that bleeds Into all of her lost creatures Her Lost Lovers’ Woods Her hidden King Wolf and all of its Silent Sapped Trees She is the Witch conjuring White Light spells to draw honey from bees to bring life to dreams to those dead in deep wells mouths that remain stitched empty eye sockets vacant cataract white clouds that no longer bleed where they dwell forever lost in The Sleeping Time Dead in the ditch At the bottom of Some kind of Home that is Dark Delta Wave Hell Love is the potion Joy is the spell Bee is to Be Naked life buzzing Fire in the blood burning bit by beautiful badassery HC Agrippa Majick conjures The Beckoning to cast her Mesmerising She stands her ground While the earth all around brontide is not bound Now arrives The Becoming on beamish bewitching bold breeze trembling and tickling the dendrites her divination spreads up her body shakes all of her potent burning molten Bee’s Wax into To Be’s Blows her breath on All of the Trees Her stories Their Seasons of Turning Green, Burnished Copper Rust Tarnished Gold, Springing Green Fairies, then stark Artemisia absinthium Winter Leaves another realm suspended inanimate supine on the ground cold frozen and old Her sting will raise dead lovers to bloom blushing like Spring Roses fragrant petals moist succulents climbing passions embrace no prison walls in her room to taste the strange fruit from bare bones the Life that was took she brings forth The Borne Again Spell from Her burgeoning conjuration leaves does she read, she reads from The Book of the Bees Flesh awakening Lie down in soft moss carnal nude bellies at noon Luscious and longing sweet claret and Garnet Red Poppies addiction forsooth Delectable heat senses that swoon Quills from Lyre birds plucked To dip in her ink pot To write Mystical 4 lined Lost Lovers' Love Charms Seductively takes measure and stock Turquoise and Blue feathers of strutting fool Peacocks The Owl silently watches on now As she chants out her spell “Be Be Be Love, Joy and then Be” Raises her arms to the Trees Buzz in the Body Now shaking words spoken to read on their new wet inked leaves She chants for Mephistopheles Sweet release Sings her pleas to kiss sleeping eyelids Awake to Life Dance entwined bare limbs under Moon Dance her Silken Barked Trees Drink Lilac Wine And then drunk in the Land of Forever in Love to swanningly ardently swoon in the Realm of Divine Sip Mead from gold chalice Milk and honey to bathe Pluck ripe Grapes off the vine No more lie in the grave Soft Pink velvet lips brush Swans' graceful necks drink from gullies of dew A journey barefoot Running her honey naked alive warm No Ginger Root took Through gushing warm pulsating brook Moaning for Lost Lovers No clouds anymore in their eyes Green Emeralds Crystalline Amber Brown Velvet Gray Granite Violets Wild Big Sky Bright Blue Paradise Amygdala Iris On fire Seekers of Truth Soft Paw treads softly beside She's licking her lips Bee stung they bleed "they are ready to kiss" he thinks, this she will miss In his eyes she is seen this he watches on silent as if watching a dream Lost Lovers now all Rise from the Dead to Swim with the nymphs She will make Royal Celtic Kings Walk in magick conjured from Lost Lover's Woods of Tall Trees Creatures of land, air and Babel the brooks They all will eventually talk She waves her Quill wand Dripping ink No need for Twigs to mark maps in the dirt They are mere wobbling False Divination Forks While Her Legion of Buzzing Soldier Bees Sting the lips of Fair Maidens all shook Thorny Thistles Climbing Asps in Green Ivy Ephemeral Seraphim evanescent Now Immortal Consorts To remember their dreams To remember their dreams Buried and stolen By those that Plundered and locked Their souls’ fate to be sealed And thought to bury Deep under ground Their sweet Lost Loving pulsating Hearts in LIFE’s BOOK Their Book of the Dead Buried and bound ne’er to be found No comfort or sucker are fed They are now found They are now found “Be Be Be Love, Joy and then Be” An Bee Cailleach conjures her Royal Beehive of Bees Virgin Bees befriending No longer mortal Supersedure enemies deadly venom is ending With each Be’s barb they are stung with Her Love they are bit by Her Rhapsodomancy to bow down on their knees Swallows they thirst they sing with satiated Harmony and Bless’ed Bee Bliss Buzzing tweets Flocking to the Kings Who were once Frozen as Trees Raises arms to the Trees Buzz in the Body Now shaking words spoken to read on their new wet inked leaves She chants for Mephistopheles She Pleas for Her own sweet release She is An Bee Cailleach Witch Goddess Queen of the Bees Before She they kneel Virgin Queen Bees Avoid Supersede Soldiers and Kings To them she bestows Love Joy and Be In The Glistening Dreaming awake from The Sleeping dreams her dreams into Real “Frail of heart renounce all fear. Locked away inside all these years. Remain in Light, renounce all fears. For you have been mesmerized. Break this spell of silence” (Lovejoy-Burton/2018 May) 1. Artemisia comes from Ancient Greek (Artemis). Artemis was a goddess of the hunt, and protector of the forest and children Artemisia absinthium/Wormwood
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