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Throwing stones at Philosophers
Throwing stones at Philosophers Critical conscience is not an admittance of ambivalence, But a philosopher once said: “You threw a rock at my head Fred!” A road along a path is but a journey to nowhere, If your cart is broken by a donkey or the donkey is dead. In all the worlds that I have imagined, Surely all things are possible, Except finality of bravery; A human once said. If I read your body language correctly, You speak only of the bee disease, But a bee society has never ever been set free. So what use is it to me? I am no slave, nor have I ever been free, In this world you have created, Figuratively. I…am a human being! And once upon a time I was quite happy, Until you chanced upon a whim to throw a rock at me. “I never did!” Lied he. “And so what if I did? I never meant anything by it. I just wanted to see if I could do it And whether I should or I shouldn’t is irrelevant. I could, so I did And if it got into your head, Then at least I made you think.” As I quietly pondered and thoughtfully wondered, I was stunned, simply floundered at his absolute arrogance! And a plundered thought was thus born… Is he right…? Nay! War! I will return his helpful hint with a tenfold of my own! And so began The Battle of the Naut and the Earth And upon Gods breath I roamed. All that remain are a pile of bones, Covered in boulders and sprinkled with stones. If a man cannot agree, then folly! I will become a beast and the nature of the thing, Will forever be seen and heard! But never truly understood. I’d better read another book. Look out duck! “What?” Said the thought bubble. Never been at one with seeing double, But now inflamed with insight, I was clearly in and seeing trouble And as sure as light, there came another stone, From (this time) a complete unknown. Oh the contradictions thought philosopher Uno, As he strapped his helmet on as if he could predict the future; And sure enough, just as peace had been bartered for and sold, There came a clink, followed by a blink, and a thud and a lost think… “Forget this! I’m going home.” So as I was roaming through the seven layers of Hell, I thought I’ll have to ask directions to save myself. Maybe a goodish citizen will pray tell me where the Hell I am! Oh, excuse me young man, I was wondering if you can, Or rather, could, tell me where the Hell I am? The man he simply smiled and then he loudly laughed, As he burst into a thousand screaming insect eggs! This is not a laughing matter! I said, And pretty soon they were crawling up my legs. So I ran and I ran as fast as I could, But it did no good. They were a part of me now and to each other we were each stuck And it was all I could do to not let out a high pitched scream! So I did. And within a glimpse of time immemorial itself, I had managed to escape from the dream. (C)2018 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Copyright © 2020 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved