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The Mountain Goat
The noise aboard the motor boat reminds me that I was not alone The high perspiration smell from the young couple sitting beside me caused me to remember the green wood’s in Virginia and the squirrels chasing each other up and down the tree in a love Frisbee The boat glides through the green water leaving the fishy smell behind But the weight was still floating in my mind as the noise fades slowly I stared across the horizon looking at the distant before me Thinking about the journey that have already been completed, The battles that have been won and the final engagement I came here to get away from everything but I still find myself thinking I had the entire ocean to spread my bed and a quiet place to lay my head It looked far but it was quite near and everything was within my reach The boat bounced up and down the giant waves shifting my thoughts from place to place While gray clouds hang over the colorless ocean and the heat descends upon The little island saluting my hard earned victory I felt like jumping out of the boat and swim across the ocean The noise suddenly disappeared and the journey was coming to a close I felt relaxed as I embarked upon Chicken Island Yes that’s what it is called, Chicken Island, surrounded by a vast body of water And little boats floating around the deep colorless sea The thirty minutes ride did not worth the money, it was quite funny These people really know how to make money I bought another ticket and boarded the tour car to take me around the island As I approached the steep hill I was greeted by a strange creature It came slowly out of the bushes and stood on the rock, I tried to get a picture of it but it stared at me for a while and disappeared in the bushes Yes it was a black goat with big horns. It appears and disappeared. I finally made it to the top of the mountain and quickly learned that it was the mountain goat Its smell perfumed everywhere and its droppings was all around but the goat was nowhere to be found No one else saw the goat but they complained about its smell and residues They searched everywhere but the goat was nowhere near It came out to welcome me because it felt my spirit approaching the mountain The mountain with all its decorative artifacts and natural habitats Stood tall overlooking the big wide ocean and octopus Paul with a black and white soccer ball fastened its tentacles Stared through one of its eye with two fish standing on its side Over on the other side the statue of Buddha erected on a concreted block turned its back to the sea and his eyes scrutinizing you and me. And children lying in hammocks rocking to and fro I want to walked down the steps to dip my feet in the salt water But the entrance was blocked off I came this far and could not wet my feet in the ocean I circled around and stood on a gigantic rock where the mountain goat hangs out. Its dung was around the rock and its smell saturated the atmosphere I peered in the sea and try to unravel my destiny and I felt someone standing beside me I felt deeply in love with somebody So I stare and I stare but nobody was there But I could sense a strong presence near me Far beyond the ocean way out in the deep Someone is waiting patiently for me My heart is right and my spirit is strong I am waiting for you to take my hand I circled around the island then returned to town Strange things happen early in the morning Strange things happen at noon strange things happen in the evening And some things can be quite revealing I woke up this morning without a plan To go on unannounced trip to Japan But I found myself at the bus stop Talking to a strange sixty six years man He asked me where I come from Then he looked at me up and down And started to behave like a real clown He rambled about his country’s problem And talked passionately about his company forty-five years Old employee early retirement scheme It was shocking to hear that there was no job to spare He babbled on and on and forcing me to respond And alas! I started to speak as a native of the land The bus took forever to come and I start to pace up and down Listening to the man’s noisy chatter and saying yes to show politeness A taxi stopped by requested to take me to my destination I wasn’t in a hurry so I turned down the offer Shortly after the bus came and I thought I would have some peace but the man kept going deeper and deeper He talked about history, war, wealth and poverty He made me feel so unhappy At last I reached my stop and finally the chatting ceased I head towards the fishing port and the smell of fish Tangled in the damped air rushed passed my nostril I walked up to the sea side and I saw women scaling big fish Just beside them was another woman with crates of big long fish I sat on the back of a motorbike and went to the other side And boarded the boat for Chicken Island Strange things happen so keep your mind working The mountain goat has its eyes fixed upon me and you So be careful of what you do Strange things happen!
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