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Speaking With Donald John
I was speaking with my good friend Donald John the Evangelist for AntiChrist the other day. And I had to ask, Donald John, Why are you so against health care for all our not yet slaughtered and otherwise dead already? Except perhaps health services exclusively for those able to buy a hospital for themselves and their upper tenth of OnePercent Peers, which would not be me and, frankly, not so sure about you either With your TrickyDick TrumpedUp Towers in praise of cheap TinselTown values available exclusively to the remaining 90% of Earth's uber-thriving OnePercent. Why are you so against health care, or even hospice care, for 99% of Earth's human overpopulation, especially women, apparently from what some of your better paid have been exposing about their rompous financial divestment histories with you. Why, Donald John, are you against health workers but for wealthiest one tenth of OnePercent penis play? Why are you also against health care for my planet, our home, my habitat, our nest, my web, our cooperative network, organic Earth? He wasn't listening. The best reading I could get was, Could you repeat that mainstream slower? While I continue listening to myself farting in upstream wind humming a little twitter tune about big blue meanies and terrorist immigrants and threats to the great red, white, and not so blue flag and fake patriotism news and fake Christian Rapture plans, and fake hair, and fake policies and fiscally corrupt administrations, and other bad people even worse than me, and whatever else the NRA is paying me to not think about enough to say anything about Winning cooperative economies with Winning ecological health outcome opportunities. So, I guess he's the NRA humanoid against human health care which sort of makes ballistic, in my face, screaming sense, Especially for sold-out played-out combed-through thrownback Donald John. So, Donald John, not that you are polite enough to both ask and even pretend to listen to non-NRA military might voices, but here's what I would do for health care if I were too Yangish Adolescent you. 1. Pursue largest PositivEnergy Democracy effects, with least NegativEnergy waste-stream investments. Smaller nature-spirit constructed homes and more outdoor EcoSchools, More efficiently made sufficiency products, Reduce nonrenewable non-organic goods produced and therefore also not consumed, Cooperatively streamline consumer marketing, product packaging and selling to the least healthy denominator, Embrace nutrition divesting waste prevention. 2. Multiple health function default economic policies and ecological procedures, and PositivEnergy WinWin design choices. Reuse building and gardening materials, Art and Soil and EarthSoul and EcoCentric Integrity therapies, Direct-trade cooperative marketplaces. 3. RePurpose PositivEnergy ZeroZone Products extending useful WinWin WiseElder lives Repair business and play and vocational therapy, Build PositivEnergy infrastructures with NegativEnergy repair cafes, Grow FixIt therapeutic clinics for internal Soul and external Spirit Tipping Point Balance, Try health repair caregiving before pulling out the nearest assault rifle, Feed and water Do-It-Ourselves cooperative democracy movements. 4. Share products, services, power, tax revenues, land via zero-interest borrowing, paid-forward bartering, cooperative leasing. Tools and books and animal- and child-care and transportation and entertainment and EcoSchool cooperative neighborhood exchange libraries, and front yard edible landscapes, Clothing and backrub and foot massage swaps, Food and water gleaning greening cooperatives, Community organically rich grazing and gossiping gardens. 5. Use of resilient and resonantly upgradable economics producing and consuming ecologically healthy long-term materials. More resiliently transgenerational made health goods and services and cooperative investments, Goods more long-term wealth repairable, Cooperative leasing and bilateral contracting WinWin versus competitively purchasing people, plants, property, especially entire planets, Extend ZeroZone product waste warranties of and for downstreaming NegativeEnergy minimization for future generations of all EarthTribe species to toxically absorb. 6. Use of lower-impact competitions, invested in equitably sourced sacred integrity products composed of resonant resources rapidly renewable, polypathically replenishing rather than health extractive, and much less competitively WinLose monoculturing toxic conventional non-polyphonic and frankly drab, non-organic high-tech materials. Cooperative-sustaining co-invested PositivEnergy WinWin design policies, Consumer organic secularLeft/sacredRight ecotheopsychological education deep learning programs. Donald John was still writing on his FakeFood paper napkin as I finally finished my ecocentric bucket list. But my vote for health care bets Donald John was just doodling one through six rather than writing actual Fake Words about 2020 RealTime Economics.
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