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I Promise I'll Try Not To Cry
Please sing me a song of love gone wrong And I will weep in dreams while I sleep For that's when I fear the cascade of tears And melancholy brought on by such folly Will you allow me to hear with my own ear The grief of it all; the abysmal depth of my fall Like melting snow when ill winds blow To places unknown his love has flown It quickly fluttered away, love's gone astray Oh, my wounded heart, when love departs How do you live? Tell me how do you forgive? Who is to blame, but what good is a name? Sing me a mournful song to last all night long And I promise I will try not to cry Love's sweet face is a haunted place Filled with ghosts of what mattered most Of the blind trust that lies covered in dust Emotional thoughts still live in my heart I dread the memories sheathed in my head Sing from your soul about love grown cold Of the nights of romance, when we danced My heart still sings of many bitter things the darkened cloud, worn like a shroud Hovering above the tomb of dead love I'm trying to be brave with love in the grave but "Til death do us part" is a wound in my heart Will you sing to me of the deep briny sea Of words written in sand by a lover's hand Not meant to stay, the tide took them away Love washed from the shore and is no more Sing me a sad tune like the cry of a loon Whose heartache echoes over the lake She's filled with despair, a fate we share Bard, keep singing for I must stop clinging To a past which has now breathed its last I remember June, we kissed 'neath the moon Stars were bright, extinguished is their light Love's gone astray. It belongs to yesterday Oh. keep singing of it until I beg you to quit, The songs of woe that surrenders me low I cannot pretend that my heart will mend Sing! Tell me more. Tell me there's a door That's open to me, where love shall never be Sing me a song and sing it all day long Teach me the words so I can sing like the birds A sweet melody that will set my heart free Then I shall sing and to my heart it will bring Salvation from this grief and a glimmer of relief Until then, sing me a song of love gone wrong In woeful lyrics that tell of my pain and disdain Of feeling blue from a love proven untrue Chant a solemn chorus of refrain, again and again And if my heart should heal, I shall no longer feel A need for lamenting verse for this lovesick curse No more shall I ache from lost love and heartbreak then your musical score will be needed no more
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