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The Lewis Trap
“The Lewis Trap” Well, of course he's misanthropic He’s a Misanthropic Man The Devil’s in the details Buried deep under the covers Of bedtime stories, slithers ‘neath loose sand A Liddell bit of cake A Liddell bit of julip Sweets for a sweet pretty thing Brings her closer, his lovely little Alice This trapped butterfly makes his tired flaccid dreams sing A leering Feline that can be trusted Hides invisible, comes and goes as he pleases The Caterpillar offers her his peace pipe The Smiling Cat, he gently teases A Liddell bit of cake A Liddell bit of julip Time it races, it is fleeting, she is small enough Before too long, too big with petulant airs and graces To fit his mind, the House of Cards And it’s dark spaces, he is clever, he is cunning He’s hidden everything ‘tween the seams of his pockets Gold coins jingling sweetners rhyming, he is moving, the unleashed Serpent’s slithering. A best seller, he is camouflaged A shining shooting star, he’s so brilliant Plots escape route, he’s exonerated He weaves his story’s sticky web Unleash a monster, he writes in a Red Herring He’s elated He’s not retreating A Liddell bit of cake A Liddell bit of julip Her clothes fall off before celluloid She is shrunk to his best fit, now’s the time not to avoid His dire crime, he appraises, now’s the best time to commit She is complacent, malleable and easy, every Liddell bit-by-bit Like a Quiet Doormouse He’s perceived by her Mother as unassuming, empathetic Sweet and Kind, not one jot a bother She leaves her Alice and her sisters in his care Who simply adore all his childhood bedtime stories He is writing for mankind, to be fair… She walks off to her engagement, smiles and surmises, “He’s such a true gentleman, so charming, genuine, kind and rare”. A Liddell bit of cake A Liddell bit of julip How should he erase this evil mess he’s cruelly stripped, conscripted for inscription Return her back to normal Return the stolen prize he’s taken Cheshire creates a worthy monster, for young Alice to embowel Right before his very sorry wondering eyes, he can’t contain his thrill a sweet to swallow greedily she's all his, his delicious secret bitter pill All that glitters is not Gold A story of a Mad Hero, one that walks by her side he unfolds There is a monster in everyone He laughs and then he cries The Secret of this matter, oh what fun! He turns, then he denies He now is the Mad Hatter A Liddell bit of cake A Liddell bit of julip Eventually his misdemeanour will be uncovered There are strict laws for his mistakes He gives birth the romping Jabberwocky Needs to kill it just the same Give her back all the glory Take away all her loss and all her pain He places his Sword of Truth within her Liddell hands To plunge deep within the Monster’s heart Cut the hair from Samson’s mane. A Liddell bit of cake A Liddell bit of julip A story of Great Love What better could there be? Make her fall into the arms of the much loved, misunderstood Mad Hatter, that is he? Not the Cat who purrs watching over her, invisible in dark green trees – “’Tis Done!”, he thinks He’s saved from villainy A Liddell bit of cake A Liddell bit of julip She sits at a Tea Party in the Autumn of Her Years He is dead and buried, there are no more bitter tears She looks to God in her Blue Sky A hint of Love’s reflection in her tired cold dead eyes A Liddell bit of cake A Liddell bit of julip Maturing, now it’s her Winter Season if you please She turns the pages, buries The White Rabbit and his blasted fob marking time Closes Chapters, turns the dry and papery leaves, She thinks it is all a bit too late for revenge in a good rhyme Sits down at her table with her feeble hands A Liddell bit of cake A Liddell bit of julip Closes her eyes slowly, final sleep, walks through The Gate Last sigh is very deep Purring invisible in the Trees Cheshire's watching her, he smiles and then agrees. (Lovejoy-Burton/March 2018) for the 3 Liddell Sisters & any other child with a Lewis in their life “And hast thou slain the Jabberwock? Come to my arms, my beamish boy! O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!” He chortled in his joy. “ 2. 3. “Jabberwocky” 4. “The Secret World of Lewis Carroll
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