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Fragments of you

Her perfume scent lingers

triggering lives with shots of translucent recurring images and flickering pages, 

permanently installed unto memories and times

that unfurl bringing

to us unaltered,

visions of her fragments

left behind…….

Copyright © Johnny Pyro

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Rivers That Flow

Hands anastomose, 
bifurcating the rivers that flow.

Copyright © Johnny Pyro

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Factors affecting intelligence - Part 2

6.  Incompleteness of the education curricula/ In-availability of areas-subjects-courses
that will enable others possessing other intelligences discover themselves-excel.

Other factors affecting intelligence are:

Language comprehension and expressiveness, Self reasoning and ability to generate
solutions, Sense of timing-Rhythmic accuracy (psychologically and physically) and Abstract comprehension and representation etc.


Interest does not necessarily drive recepto-recreativity, it may drive it to an extent, recepto-recreativity is more accustomed to novelty and does not rely totally on interest and understanding to retain and retrieve information. It does not need orderly links-logical processing to form a meaning, instead it creates its own method of storing, retrieving and linking to form information, remember and make personal meaning. It is a branch of receptivity crowned with the ability to remember by giving-ascribing personal meaning to things. The person forms his/her own links to make personal meaning but it might not make a realistic meaning to another person. It is a technique that enables-aids the individual in remembering, not everyone has the ability to do this simultaneously with other things (multi-tasking, retaining information/sequences of steps/information, ascribing personal meaning to information or steps/sequences of information/processes/procedures, remembering virtually all the sequences/steps/procedures and information and recreating virtually all the steps and information).

Recepto-recreativity is a personal term the author ascribes to individual technique/s of denoting information. All the factors listed are not taken from any source but are merely the author's thoughts, observations and somewhat conclusions.

Copyright © Johnny Pyro

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Soul Meiosis II

Kisses of symbiosis fuse, merge
by luminous conjugation
of the unproven soul meiosis ............

Copyright © Johnny Pyro

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The journey of a life time is fueled by the purpose in a dream.

Copyright © Johnny Pyro

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Rationality and Emotion quotes

"Rationality has the tendency to be unconsciously prejudiced, we have to do better by looking at and exploring different correct (true and ideal) principles, phenomena,perspectives etc. if we are truly ready to begin"

"Negative emotion should be tamed, it is the human default syndrome of reacting or interacting with the environment, it is a barrier to understanding, wisdom, knowledge and the discovery of truth"

"The truly wise and intelligent ones admit not knowing (uncertainty), but some people confront and conclude ignorantly"

"Not all cognition is rational (some are altered or propelled by emotion or a mixture both), yet rationality tends to be programed, while emotion tends to be triggered according to comprehension"

"Even the most rational are unaware of their prejudices but it is more likely for the most emotional to be aware and acknowledge this"

"The lower a person's rate of prejudice, the higher the chance that the individual will understand original things and notice-admit human fallibleness"

Copyright © Johnny Pyro

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Abstract Night or Concrete Dream

Silent saxophones sing the reverberating echoes, the songs of the night as chirping crickets conduct

Violin strings drip flavor into each moment with melodies like embroideries of serenades

Cream painted roses lie lusciously on helpless guitars scenting the sound of earth’s praise like would the balm of Gilead on her skin

Speaking to her the languages of sanity, eternity’s cadence as the flute whispers the culture of angels

The romantic noises of trumpets sensual resound at the site of wingless butterflies on deciduous trees as water lilies are teased by bracken ferns

Conifers whisper the tales of organisms in various ecological niches

As osmosis dances across semi-permeable membranes balancing the division of symbiosis while diffusion spreads the news via ~ between harp’s hips

While enabling the stealth of each chord’s intensity to penetrate with dramatic fragility,

Dissolving ~ melting ~ stripping the exotic essences of resonant reasoning 

Leaving her to ponder among realities, fairy tales, abstract nights and concrete dreams?

Copyright © Johnny Pyro

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Barely standing on sinking sand

Although she longed, prayed and hoped he wasn’t away

she still couldn’t stand the thought of him being no more

only having known each other for a few weeks

when love at first sight kicked in

they walked together holding hands like inseparable love birds,

talked about anything from life, to love,

and how they would never leave nor forget each other,

moved together in synchrony

and tried so many treats

and almost everything

from piggybacks to mouthy caresses

The rumors of his untimely demise sent her shriveling

from a beautiful rose to a wilting, wrinkled lily

she was eventually lost to the unbearable memories

of her prince charming’s death

Shortly after her passing away,

her prince's survival resurfaced

drowning the  untrue rumors

when asked about her

all he could remember

were the images of a damsel

built on nothing else

Copyright © Johnny Pyro

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Poetry II

"True poetry sings songs of nature by modifying words"

Copyright © Johnny Pyro

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Factors affecting intelligence - Part 1

1. Time (duration within a particular period of time) whether short or long and Time of
education, time availability for study
2. Interest at a particular point in time
3. Length, size, structure, width (specificity and diversity) of information available at a
particular time or point in time
4. Recepto-recereativity (Recreato-receptivity) - The ability of an individual to retain
and retrieve-remember information or to retain information without necessarily
understanding what the information means. It is the ability to manipulate data to make
personal meaning. It could be with the use of clues such as mnemonics etc. Also known as
the natural-intuitive-unlearned technique of doing things or representing things. It is the ability to use personal techniques or to retain and remember and give back what was implied without any derivation.
5. Creativity - This is driven by interest and understanding of the subject or information
and thus the individual has the ability to remember and recreate based on his/her
understanding-interpretation of the meaning. The individual can recreate or derive based
on his/her understanding. It is a point of view orientated knowledge at its peak, and a
derivative of one’s understanding. Here the information is linked to make-form meaning.
Knowledge at its peak equals understanding and understanding at its peak equals creativity (derivative of one's own understanding). But creativity is according to the individual's interpretation (point of view oriented)-understanding.
6. Mental work load

Copyright © Johnny Pyro