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Inland Sonnet

Chaste of charm, our born contented spirit
Stands, grasping pondered, physical limits
Where we cast long memories of childhood
In modest places near the firewood

Bonded, our souls linger, recollecting
Warm woodsides and treasured lessons chanting
And our soft corner, near our gleaming stream
Where we sought a trout, a clover, a dream

We recollect the wild field as our own
The proper spirit, near home, where we roamed
And the perfume of the sweet garden rose
Every spring, glimpsing color bestowed

Are we not the loyal Inland People
Proud and noble, soaring like the eagle?

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Most beauteous chirping from my window sill
Brings forth a comforting feeling, spirit, still
Chirping merrily, a melody, from saps
A refrain, a repeated strain, tweets for that

Tweets, tweets, chirps, chirps, joyous colored birds, hymns
Wiggles and waddles, thoughts of peaceful things
Announcing the arrival of spring bright
Joy of a new season and soft dew light!

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Longing for You

I long for you each lone day passing
This empty space herein residing
For I can still feel your manly scent
Upon soft sheets, I refuse to vent

I seer you into this room present
Sadly fondling your vivid absence
For umteen days and nights, I await
For your return, rendering escape

Of the tortured mind of my sad state
How time goes by, so slowly awake
Bestowing your warm embrace, resigned
How long before loving lips meet mine?

How many moons must I gaze go by?
Through the darkness of this world so wide
Though my soul more bent, why do I hide?
From this blazing heart gone very wild?

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No sweeter sounds have
Ever been heard than
The sounds of Jacob
That we love so dear
Jacob, you are loved

Your parents beaming
Radiance of their
Love for you, Jacob
Your grand-parents do
Adore you so true

And your friends welcome
You and your family
Is proud as they stare
Into your bright eyes
Jacob you are loved

On this special day
Christening on the way
May God be your guide
And secure your side
Welcome to our world

Your mother Christine
Radiant filled gleam
Your father Simon
A child's excitement
Jacob sweetie pooh

Jacob, baby love,
I am so in love!

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She was carefree of nature
Innocent, clever and wise
Living life with great pleasure
She was whole, bore no disguise

Work and play, her incentives
Keep a straight line, no slouching
Friends would call her perceptive
Devotion and love, moving

This day, mis-understanding
Accused of falsifying
A rough paper for scribbling
Caught in the wrong hands, asking

Did you add a comment here?
This document is not clear
Creation of deception
Called for a needed action

Who had given them the right
To use my personal plight
This paper is mine only
I have your standing copy

Did you ask for this paper?
Without consent, you grabbed it
I have the right endeavour
Keep the new version, it fits

I was born to be carefree
Your comments are fancy free
Your concerns touch me, I say
Bright true love, going your way...

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Let Him Kiss Me Sonnet

Let him kiss me with wild kisses made of
His lips and embrace me, of honeyed love,
For thy soul is chaste and sweeter tasting
Than wine upon thee, such fine savouring,
And the roof of thy mouth, is soft, like pressed
Ripe grapes, oh my beloved, oh my quest

Thy voice speaks of kind sweetness, comely,
Thy face, altogether so lovely,
Oh love, I am my beloved's and dear
Beloved is mine, pleasant, lasting, fair
Come my true love one, let us praise vigour
Thou wilt giveth thee, my love of splendour

Thy feedeth on my breasts, of pure delights,
For thy love hath a vehement flamed light

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Alone in my thoughts
Peaceful and tranquil
Your kind face is sought
As a sweet angel

A part of time shared
A wish, a sequel
Wondrous, sweet and fair
Oh, Mademoiselle

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Woman of Haste

You see her, coming out from the white swinging doors
Wearing blue shoes, stepping eagerly ever more
This captivating sight of her, galore may be
Her graceful head spun high, humongous hat set free

Her apron, still wrapped around her tiny-fit waist
She is hurried and brief, always in a fast pace
She spins hastily and nervously through the crowd
With all of her energies, glorious pride

Her purple, silk blouse, faded from wear and pressed time
Splendour sparkle of cleanliness, no need to sigh
One skirt of plaid skillfully pleated and ironed
Bounces about her steps, a unique, chick pattern

Her glasses, she wears on the tip of her small nose
Her hair fleeting the wind, attached by a pink rose
She has high distinction in about her own way
She thrives and strives forwardly without much to say

She is woman of great poise and keen confidence
Within her soft heart, strong flowing blood affluent
You would love to meet her, inquisitive, sharp mind
But she walks too promptly, nor tilting,nor great bind

Who is this woman of purpose, strength, so supple?
She is moving too fast, yet in awe beautiful
She is far gone now into the forlorn distance
You've lost sight of her, your sad heart reminiscence

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A Thousand Years

Thy truth, Oh sweet melody
Spoken clearly, placidly
Embracing simplicity
Oh thy divine purity

Calming, graceful, Oh tranquil
Chanting spiritual will
Thy inspiring strength standstills
Melodious, heaving still

Thy sweetest keen stature clings
Curving blossomed agile limbs
Fields, high and low hills, clear rills
Plenty of lone daffadils

Dreams gleaming, giggles, goodness
Goodwill, rareness, Oh fairness
Carefree, awe tender-hearted
Innocence, strongly guarded

Vigils tuned serenity
Wildest glowing thrills eerie
Thy protect awe thy cherish
Oh whisper life, wither bliss

A thousand abundant years
True shall thy live, Oh so near
Neither heart nor soul bare age
Infinite love, bow bondage

Gentle sensitive nocturnes
Musical cadence sojourns

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Torrent of Bells

Dreams and rêverie, amidst and abound
Fill the sound, single bell, filled-air thrown
Happy and complexed, in a real small world
Harmonious and triumphant, bells swirl

Hurling the tone through the sky's armour
Ringing generously, adding tuned leisure
High, whole, melodious and what is more
Jubilant of touch, elevated core

Emptying the air, filling it again
To echoes and the calm breath of Eden
Uplifted silence as they run their course
Restrained, united chorus, under-voice

Sights, scenes, murmuring perpetually
Of peace of labour, clashing contently
Exultant elevation, solemn, wild
From the large to the small, a noble sigh

Bells without stint or stop, measured-out
Multitudinous bells without wear-out
Bells excessive and innumerable
Bells worthy of ecstasies, pleasurable