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Qatari Poems and Poetry from Qatar

Qatari poems and poetry from Qatar. Read examples of Qatari poems written by PoetrySoup poets.

WHO I Am QatariQatarbasnett, bandana08/16/2015
My Friend QatariQatarjahan, fairooz05/09/2015
A Friend QatariQataralansari, shaikha11/30/2014
Happiness QatariQatardarwish, aya10/09/2014
Winding up my wings QatariQatarMeeran, Roja09/18/2014
Be a bird QatariQatarMeeran, Roja09/17/2014
INAMORATO QatariQatarbasnett, bandana08/27/2014
My father QatariQatarbasnett, bandana08/25/2014
what we are QatariQatardarwish, aya07/07/2014
I forgot who i am QatariQatardarwish, aya07/07/2014
One Day QatariQatarAlansari, Aisha03/31/2014
HUMAN QatariQatarAlansari, Aisha12/27/2013
Summer's ending QatariQatarAlansari, Aisha08/28/2013
Colours of the rainbow QatariQatarAlansari, Aisha08/28/2013
Boy to girl :BEAUTIFUL QatariQatarAlansari, Aisha07/14/2013
Love at first sight QatariQatarAlansari, Aisha06/26/2013
Nothing Like Us QatariQatarAlansari, Aisha06/18/2013
Fairytale QatariQatarAlansari, Aisha06/15/2013
Am I being selfish QatariQatarAlansari, Aisha06/14/2013
Our Friendship will never end QatariQatarAlansari, Aisha06/06/2013
great inventions QatariQataralansari, shaikha05/10/2013
i dont know what to do today QatariQataralansari, shaikha05/10/2013
candy QatariQataralansari, shaikha05/10/2013
we've been travelling QatariQataralansari, shaikha05/10/2013
A Tree QatariQatarAlansari, Aisha05/10/2013
You Make Me QatariQatarAlansari, Aisha05/08/2013
Remembering you QatariQatarAlansari, Aisha05/07/2013
Alone QatariQatardarwish, aya12/26/2012
Infatuation QatariQatarN, M10/06/2012
my life isn't a life without me QatariQatardarwish, aya07/03/2012
my beloved one QatariQatardarwish, aya05/26/2012
a beautiful Autumn day QatariQatardarwish, aya05/02/2012
steps for wishing QatariQatardarwish, aya05/01/2012
prison in school, but friends in learning QatariQatardarwish, aya04/29/2012
truth and lie QatariQatardarwish, aya04/28/2012
friendship QatariQatardarwish, aya04/28/2012
the world QatariQatardarwish, aya04/28/2012
They and Me QatariQatarKazmi, Munazza12/03/2010
Impression of Purity QatariQatarBasma, Celia11/07/2010
Whim to Sunshine QatariQatarBasma, Celia11/05/2010
Rhyme QatariQatarBasma, Celia10/10/2010
Rainbow QatariQatarBasma, Celia10/10/2010
Perfume QatariQatarBasma, Celia10/03/2010
Love QatariQatarBasma, Celia09/30/2010
Sunrise Bliss QatariQatarBasma, Celia09/24/2010
The Truth QatariQatardudley, nicole08/29/2009
No Body In My Way... QatariQatarElahmadi, Nihal04/28/2006
Roses And Violets QatariQatarElahmadi, Nihal04/28/2006
The Reason Of Light QatariQatarElahmadi, Nihal04/28/2006
The Road QatariQatarWarnke, Lawrence06/24/2005