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Gaia Out Speaks
Queen Gaia of Earth's Shabbat is here to speak today. Unfortunately, she can only sign, and the only way she can see is through our DNA/RNA fractally-balancing syntax, so she has asked if she could respond to your questions, as she understands them within Time, who are her TransParent Gender Memories, YangGod, of Physical Convex Special Case Universe, and Goddess YinYin, of metaphysical RNA-temporal syntax, both bilaterally and bicamerally-reiteratively balancing Earth Tribes of organic ecosystemic processors, and planters and dialectical planners, with interdependently balancing consumer and production functions, exegeting iconic communication about natural-empirical facts of Earth's nutritional life, with Zero-centric dialectical neutral tone and energy and spacetime, +/(-,-) neural-synaptic/aptic ecotemporal balance of Time's transparent memory. Wow, go Gloria, you optimize my Mother's BiCameral Pretensions with such dense summary of WinWin's PolyCultural HealthCare and Safety CQI CoOperative Agenda! About which we are facing some increasingly climatic issues of ecosystemically pathological trends throughout our full RNAcentric EcoLens, and through our DNAcentric AnthroLens, where correlational trends of human political and economic and nutritional systemic ends of all paradigmatic cultural dialects are now at both high and deep levels of pathological risk, as well as polycultural and cooperative health opportunity to mutually embrace this Transitional Time, remembering our Golden Rule applies through both our AnthroLens and our EcoLens. Thank you for that background summary of your unfortunately limited synergetic flow power during this Yin-recessive moment within YanGod's precessive, evolutionary transition toward full-balancing Interior with Exterior, Ego with Eco, DiPolar Identities of Time's polycultural diversity. I don't know how many questions you will invest with all your climatic signing necessary to be heard and seen right now, trying to gently calm all the "Loser!" angers and fears within critical-transitional, revolutionary change, so I will ask my personal favorite because I find it so curious: "Queen Gaia, don't you think it would be Bodhisattva Warrior timely to come out of your bisexual agenda closet?" You know, that is one of my favorite questions too, in part because it took me so long to hear it. It is difficult to hear and comprehend climatic questions that you are confident you have already responded toward, signed with sufficient redundancy as to be ridiculously ubiquitously flying in obviousness. Of course our RNA and DNA memory embryonic strings are full dipolar-engendered, so how could Queen Gaia of Shabbat's historical-cultural Creation Story be anything other than TransParent Yang/YinYin as WinWin evolutionary co-gravitational thermodynamic revolutioning balance of BiLateral-Reiterative Genetic Time? Species of systems, like any possible imaginable metaphysical use of the word "system," must have Yang/Yin balanced-governance economics to interdependently sustain synergetic dynamics, positively healthy regeneration trends capable of consumer and/or producer systemic function. Neutrally (0)-balanced ecosystems, sustained in RealTime cooperative interdependence, are Positive-PolyCultural trending and Negative-MonoCultural trending dipolar BiNomial Balance of at least outsideness as appositionally equivalent double-binding insideness, cogravitational boundary of surfing BiGenderative Time. So, yes, Queen Gaia is BiGenderal and therefore Shabbat signs with DiPolar Syntax language, with normative-neutral ecosystemically BiGendering positive/light OVER negative/dual-bound transparent equi-valent 4-seasons of dialectical reason and co-intelligent in-formation eco-flowing optimized, nutritional flow of healthy resonant resolutional wealth, celebrating Yang/Yin Golden EcoBalancing Rule of Love/Synergy as co-arising Presence of mutual gratitude for my Gift-It-Forward ecologically evolutionary politically inclusive economy. See, I knew we were sisters! I mean, how could the root nature of Time's Positive equals Negative climatic energy Shabbat not continuously and confluently declare your BiGenderal BiCameral EcoConscientific Beauty! Thanks. That means a lot, especially right now as we have arrived together at such a critical moment. OK, next question? Well, perhaps I would add, in defense of our timing on this transgender balance of nature issue, you do realize, I hope, that millions of people throughout Earth's ages living within some level of transgender identity, other than BusinessAsUsual missionary crusading hetero-anthro, have understood "Queen Gaia of Shabbat" quite deviantly from a Jewish concept of a Queen Bee? There are diverse nuances for "Queen" which do not easily translate across dialects. I can't tell you the number of times we have looked in a lake or a river or a mirror and imaged Queen Gaia in drag. Imaging possibilities is how we recreate together, usually within our own subcultural dialects. Just as mutually therapeutic responsibility is how we regenerate as cooperative individuals and as a species and as this entire Shabbat Paradise-Potentiating Planet of Earth's RNA/DNA ReGenerative Trees, InFormating EcoMemory Rivers dipolar rooting FireGod's transparent compost of LoveLight to WinWin, articulating (0)-centric 4D photosynthetically endosymbiotically cellular transformationally diastatically optimizing natural growth trends toward just-right Yang/Yin balanced exchange atmosphere for Queen Gaia of Shabbat to rise and shine sustained. You do realize that you can sign what you just said a lot faster than all the redundant nuances of my language can capture, trying to mono-transculturate polycultural regeneration? I'm having trouble keeping up with you. Well, try slowing down looking at trees, contemplating their root systems, noticing how under-standing revolves eco-normics of a political integritree.
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