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Love in the Silence of the Soul
As a young boy Sitting in a pew The winter darkness pressing down Candlelight waves from hidden drafts Shadows danced on the walls I heard the words destined to me “Be still . . . know that I am God” So I listen . . . eyes open “The Passion of Christ” I was gone . . . I saw eyes . . . Judas under the olive trees - Gethsemane His eyes . . . cold, darting . . . filled with manic evil Torchlights hissing . . . turning eyes yellow Then a kiss and chaos erupts I closed my eyes . . . suddenly afraid Now I see a set of eyes . . . filled with burning hate A High Priest screaming . . . B-L-A-S-S-P-H-E-M-Y ! ! ! ! ! All around ugly eyes staring with dripping contempt Old men spitting with bared rotting teeth Then I noticed . . . and . . . And my heart ached . . . Jesus . . . standing quietly with closed eyes Then we were off to Roman authority -- Pontius Pilate I saw his slanted eyes . . . squinting as if too much sunlight Loud voices yelling outside . . . “Crucify him!” In my heart, I cursed these people – but his eyes His eyes were dark, soft – forgiving A hand washing and we are walking . . . To a hillside, a place called Golgotha – the skull Empty eye sockets . . . a place of death The eyes of soldiers hard, focused . . . Spikes, woods – his sad eyes burning my heart Closing my eyes, I heard a sharp gasp . . . soldiers yelling “Lift” As I opened my eyes – I was looking out with his eyes We were seeing the same things Angry faces with eyes of burning ashes Taunting and jeering – a wave of hysteria hitting us I heard and felt a deep groan Fear gripping me – I knew instantly we needed to go Now! Men, women, soldiers, slaves, leaders, teachers Eyes filled with blood lust Evil, hatred . . . . I can’t breath Death coming with the darkness Jesus! Can’t you see . . . Then I heard him whisper “Father, forgive them, they know not what they do.” My heart sank realizing with horror Jesus is staying . . . dying I felt his purposeful breathing Muscles, bones, joints aching with a searing pain My eyes filled with tears I saw another set of bloodshot eyes A voice next to me yelling “If you’re the Christ, get down from the cross And take me too! Let’s go!” NO, NO!!! . . . What is he saying Those are my words – I am sick My stomach seizes . . . guilt fills me I close my eyes Another voice – on our right speaks “Lord, remember me . . . “ Jesus painfully turns, twisting his body . . . looking . . . He sees blue eyes – my eyes I am hanging next to Jesus “Today you will be with me in Paradise” We were one – together . . . one body Now separate crosses . . . I feel crushed by loneliness But his words . . . “Paradise” . . . “today” He loves me – I see him looking at me His eyes illuminating my soul . . . it hurts I tried crying out – I love you . . . But only a sob squeaks out Gravity pulling down pulling down Eyes straining against the pain Joints and ribs stretching . . . popping Chest heaving for each breath Body convulsing against wood Head back . . . eyes wide open . . . he screams “My God! My God! Why have you forsaken me?” No one answers . . . surprised eyes In my tears I felt the agony of the cross The bleakness . . . hell Dead eyes Back in the pew I heard the preacher “He died for you” What . . . why . . . no . . . No, I don’t want you dead Jesus? . . . Hey, wait for me – slow down Running hard, breathing deeply I stuck my head in empty tomb – hum??? . . . . I sat quietly next to Mary Magdalene . . . wondering The gardener spoke – “Mary” But he was looking at me – bright eyes He said . . . “David” “David, I love you” Yes!! Woo Hoo . . . Look at me . . . I am dancing With shinning eyes “I love you too” “I love you” “Lord Jesus” “I do” David Meade 02/22/2015 Love Generously
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