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The Playground Peacemaker
She knows what it means, and must never not mean, to work with newborn win/win children perverted by wounding RightWing patriarchal punishments overpowering LeftWing ecofeminist invitations to liberality of loyal transparency and lovely vulnerability. When she asserted her sociological conclusion: Too many cooperatively schooled kids feel and act entitled to be as autonomously egocentric as a healthy and natural right only to a privileged positive emotion and cooperative life, I was surprised and felt anxious cognitive/affective disattaching dissonance. Have I missed something obvious to a more carefully listening ecofeminist ear? Maybe because I too fluidly swim in these same win/lose competitive waters where all shadows better support golden ego-opportunities as well as avoid sinister eco-risks of uncovering lose/lose inevitable ego-mortality? How did we get here? To this precipice of choosing to tolerate intolerable egocentric entitlement, monocultural blindness to more inclusive integrity values, healthy ecosystemic fluidity, plasticity of win/win opportunities co-arising win/lose risks of cynicism about deep learning win/win compassion, Radically and profoundly, personally and politically, liberally and conservationally accessible to all creatures great and small Free of win/lose ego-systemic zealotry privilege liberally loved natural entitlement released To remain open to unfolding further largess of cooperative relationships. She rereads Hiawatha's Great Law of Peace; "We have all been fed a great lie, the lie of [inevitable win/lose raw spot] war." "It makes us see danger where none exists; It causes us to distrust our friends, prophets, to label the [egotistic-entitled] unknown as an [assaulting lose/lose irrationally zealous, venomous] enemy." "This great lie causes us to show [up] the [win/win eco-] sources of our [raw spot] survival [sweet spot thrival invitations] to release the [lose/lose pathology] causes of our [ego-monopolistic] death." Is it our entitled privilege and our invitation to take charge of autonomously venomous disconnection? Is it ego-hubris to de-escalate win/lose ecosystems, where 'eco' habitats include all relationships, from dualistic through universally uniting civilians profoundly invested in this EarthWombed and Born and Dying interdependent web of healthy life? Is it our privileged entitlement, as an ecosystemic bicameral species to anticipate win/win safety and not lose/lose ego-insecurity in our deep learning liberating positive eco-conservational environments? Sacred species and reconnecting mind with heart times of mutually cooperative entitlement to progress in co-relational win/win dialogue, resilient rather than win/lose threatening debate, chronically fragmenting? What would cooperative liberal arts and sciences education feel like if MotherEarth were our primary patriotic win/win ego/ecocentric civil relationship teacher of co-entitlement, of liberally compassionate cooperatively-owned and managed privilege to live in balance more than irrationally die to this privilege of active hope?
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