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Wait A Minute
Did I hear that wrong? On my way for another appointment with the vampire bleeding Quest, big stage conversations on the radio travel way too fast for me to stay tuned in to our nesty mess at my normal liberal-conserving pace. A single new mom is surprised to learn about herself. Her post-parted mother self is less excited about getting back to work out in the "real world." Wait a minute! When did a truly nurturing home environment become the unreal world? Back when most of us were cooperative serfs and co-opted slaves, shipping clerks and slow-grown farmer families, wasn't family life cultural realness? And outside employment our unreal mechanistic crazy ant- and hornet-nestedness? When and why did that turn right side down? Then she argued, without waiting for slow to learn me, against those who blame the childcare victim by challenging employers AND employees to do better balancing work and home life with bi-transcendent presence. She finds this adds undue bilocation pressure on parents to find ever more efficient and effective employee-parent balancing acts in multi-tasking lack of fully engaged bicameral presence. We need systemic change, she says, although I fear that's what Donald Trump would also say, in another UnReal Wounded World's competitive runaway favor. Wait a minute! Don't throw out the new-balancing baby with our dirty economic laundry water! Don't argue against Ego/Eco balance needed to embrace, again, healthy Cultural Symbiosis. A culture so out of balance that competitive Win/Lose economies now monopolize our encultured RealWorld, and cooperative Win/Win parent/child empowerment has become privatized UnReal Healthy CounterCulture. Then, less than a minute later, Republican spokespersons described President Trump as vindicated by Mueller's executive report finding insufficient Win/Lose information to prove collusion with Russia and/or obstruction of health restoring justice within America, made transparently and inclusively great again. Wait a minute! Is no proof of colluding with a violent competitive Win/Lose totalitarian kleptocratic regime threatened by our flagging Win/Win healthy democratic culture and cooperative ecosystemic empowerment, really vindicating an out-loud vindictive plutocrat too smart to go to Vietnam and too slick to campaign for principles of un-commodified love and integrity? Rather than against recession of pathological hate and red-hot mendacity about what is and what is not healthy great. First, he said Russia was helping Hillary in the voting booths of 2016. Then, when it became clear some foreign agency was trying to help him by hurting her, He said it wasn't his good buddy Putin or his bullying mafia Allies. Then, when it became clear it was Kremlin-sponsored interference, He said, repeatedly, No Collusion! because his campaign knew absolutely nothing about anything (which, out of context, sounds plausible). Then, when it became clear his campaigners did meet with Russian representatives offering to do the political nasty to Hillary, He said, just "No Collusion!" without qualifiers. Then, when it became clear the Trump campaign had nothing to say about having met, without reporting, foreign agents involved in dirty propaganda tricks in U.S. media markets, He still said only "No Collusion!" But, wait a minute! We have been asking Why wouldn't a patriotic nationalistic leader or hate-mongerer, a true-blue military industrially empowered public servant not jump out of his white privileged skin to be the first to squeal on the bad bully guys for playing mean loser-take-all disempowering undemocratic politics? Wait a minute! Short of transparently unveiling how the Trump campaign proactively attempted to let everyone know these hostile actions taken against the integrity of our electoral system thirsty for RealWorld informed voters, how is settling for No Collusion! (probably) sufficient to vindicate this pseudo-patriotic half-elected leader of a wounded democracy apparently intent on breaking all Ten Cooperative Commandments as shamelessly as possible? Wait a minute! What happened to obstruction of healthy restoring-trust bicameral, family home communion, and globally powerful nation justice? And peace? Don't even think about it! That's a mere pie in sky win/win pipe dream. By the time I returned home to my RealWorld, I was already exhausted trying to keep up with a patriarchally privileged Win/Lose UnReal left-unmindful dominant brain right-mind suppressed with monoculturing colonizing secularizing privatizing narcissistic bullying intent. I'll be alright though... Just give me a minute.
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