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What I met during my trip to Birthday
As I was walking swiftly Just to reach Bajoga early To see what a hot birthday Will be chucked in the day Of 27th of the october, I collided with a creature Seemingly so calm in nature And so educated by sanity With no signs of insanity With soft red lips in drenched Like dewed pale red petal of french Lovers' kissing during 25th of December. She starred at me with bit of wink And some grins followed up like a wing Of bird got opened at once. She looked so lucid and explicit Without sores and arid On her face of usual glance Of love and naughty trance. The wink gestured me To follow her directly To the place of the birthday. While we were walking She distanced me much I was lagged behind Because of the fragrance That her hairs gave behind Up to the school entrance I couldn't reach her. Again at the gate She gave me a jovial wink Which my heart woul' never forget. She then elevated her hand Up to the opposite of her mouth And blew a softy kiss on her hand Which my eyes saw slimed from her mouth, Or let me say her lips; Her softy reddished lips. The kiss tottered me wagly In which she used the gravity Of her hand and hoicked me whiskly. After I restored my standing posture She darted another naughty wink Along with a hot naughty gesture Which she 'sed her two fingers to winged. Her gravity pulled me forward As I was following her toward Like she was the first ever living girl I started seeing in love tale. Immediately after I stamped My legs into the place as a lamb*, I just saw my eyes blindfolded, Before I did a slide motion, My hands were also been folded, But nothing I felt for a notion To the thing that blindfolded me And also folded and tied the hands of me. A buzzing air which seemed a breath Of her breathing lungs engulfed my breath. I became motionless at the time I saw A gorgeous gleaming face before me, As also I noticed that the girl who led me Was her silhouette. The dresses she worn didn't beautify Her, rather she beautified them well. She kept on smiling at me Like she at never seen me. I didn't know that she was elated of me More than how I was eagered of her. All the pals of her Surrounded the whole table As I was so closed to the bottles Which were filled with her love. I saw Fatimah Abubakar Aliyu Then Fatimah Ogun Tola Also Fatimah Bala Magaji She didn't forget to come with Fatimah B Abdullahi who was standing Next to Fatimah Mohammed Bello, And also Fatimah Isyaku With her friend Fatimah Kwoiranga who Blocked Fatimah Yusuf. All the girls of High School who Bear the same name with her Were all summoned by her. A colander which contained all The fruits that were bought from mall; And the trays that contained Superimpose of sundaes were not sunder. She picked one sundae which was pondered as mine and dabbed It on my mouth, the feeling jabbed Me like a darted arrow loafed Love between Romeo and Juliet. My moustache was coated with The cream she cooled with Ice-blocks, this action happened Since before she was alarmed To put it onto me by cutting Small piece of cake. I don't know if what am writing Would be called as a poem Because I am a novice in writing, Especially when it comes to a poem. I perambulated in her love Since the kind of love We run is of Very small In a hole Of love. Loviology was made only to us Because the loviologist likes us To study Love to a crucial point. As I was dreaming the birthday, I saw a swarm of gorgeous Ladies approaching to the place Where my lovely Fatimah embedded The table of the materials and Foods which designed for her birthday. The commotion of the girls revived Me because in the dream I just fainted. Before I could detached myself from bed My brain was completely strashed With loneliness and emptiness. If you don't have Fatimah, Better be quickly and rush to A carpentry workshop and Pay them to construct a Wooden figure of Fatimah.
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