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I went from ghetto living And the ghetto kind of days To being up out of it And to seeing better days. Now the truth stays And my mind plays, in a blessed way defying the lie defining me in my early days. I keep my goal within my gaze Cause these crazy days Threaten to take what I have away, So I script a flow And let it go upon a page. Not in depression wallowing Knowing pride swallowed my way. I’ve been Broken down and rebuilt, To a better stage and phase, From dark age living To a renaissance age. the worlds my stage. Free from all bonds and shackles, So I tackle the shackles That keep others locked up in their own personal cage. Righteously enraged As we’re all headed for the grave. When truth is confessed It finds way to manifest as The Words of Life Are read from my Bibles Page. Quiets not kept But the world still slept. A servant so humble That even the Master Wept. So I’m done with reminiscing The past and pieces still missing. I’m with God on a higher mission breaking people out of bondage Like atoms splitting, nuclear fission. It’s for the souls of men I’m fishing. Wishing that wells were only used for water Instead of actual wishing.. Just keep the peace and listen. Fools gold also glistens. Don’t be deceived with what’s perceived, Strive for a higher purpose ready for a blessing To be received. But as for me, I’m half man And half amazing. Lacing flows together Recording in the basement. Face it.. Honestly, It’s gotta be the cost of honesty.. I’m paying to be the boss, So you know Life’s still accosting me. I shouldn’t still be alive I’m an anomaly. Like a prophecy.. Cause even a prophet be given Instructions to live properly. Everything I have is God’s property. So I should probably Be more grateful for living. Humble in my stance In the Presence of God’s Sovereignty. I’m constantly admitting trials and tribulations Keep me stumbling and tripping. Overcoming when I get up, I gotta be in spiritual fitness I’m in this to win this. It’s a personal issue In this type of business. They say Talk is cheap. But Talk is cheaper if it’s not deep My speech is intelligent And priceless, Because blessed speech has reach. I stay up Prayed up. Even when it’s stressful. focused on being successful. So everything’s becomes Blessed full. Every day is designed To put a body in a casket. Prisons filled up like Easter baskets. Drugs flood the streets Creating orphans and addicts. I’ve had it. ID and toe tag it. Bag it. It’s a wrap.. Survival becomes ideology. While we slowly become history To be studied like archeology. The knowledge of Black Royalty Has been hidden by democracy. It’s hypocrisy; To say blacks have eroded our neighborhoods and society. this WHOLE country has been stolen And the dollar bill keeps On eyeing me It’s trying to bury me Or buy me But there’s no winning in trying me Trying to adapt Will lead to evolution. Staying in bondage Eventually sparks a revolution. Just ask the slave masters that signed the constitution.. Judges and politicians get paid To foster destitution. It’s either taxed for living, Or become enslaved in institutions. When Persecution is based on hatred It will always lead to prosecution. the masters are aware of their downfall Because in that is the solution. The first step to cleaning the environment Is to put an end to all pollution. So clean house. Speak Loud! and spark that Revolution!
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