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Letter to Prime Minister Of Israel

Letter to Prime Minister Of Isarel

It is time Israel tells the world what a wonderful people are

The Muslims

Remind the world that at one time we Hebrews and Arabs lived in harmony

We all helped design Bhagdad

Christian, Muslim, Jews

Now everyone hates each other and the rifts get farther apart

It saddens me

Like George Harrison said, while my guitar gently weeps,

So does, my heart, sir, and yours too

Until a few madmen messed everything up like a bad relative

The goal is not to bomb them

We will only have to help them rebuild the house we bombed

Keep your eye on the ball, sir, it is peace, we are looking for

Invite Iran to Israel for a soccer competition

Ping Pong my favorite it opened the door to China

Here no one give Mr Nixon any credit for that, the only thing they remember is the war and

Watergate not the opening of the door to a greater nation than ours like Marco Polo did

Invite Iran musician to the Air out their gorgeous melodies

Apologies for anything they feel that ever offended them it will be a sign of true strength

Offended them and for god sake pass a law to leave their fucking mosque alone

Fuck Kind David, he is long gone

Peace is the goal not old rocks

Listens you want proof if David existed

Here is your proof, you have the heart of a lion, sir

And make sure you turn it into that of a timid mouse

Before you do something that you will regret,

Go down in history as a man of peace, not a man of war

It will continue after we are gone, perhaps forever


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