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Every since I can remember I was not treated very well by my friends that is because that is a very complex word for some, not for me, if you get me for a friend I'm loyal to a T. Anyway, I want to mention a little betrayal that occurred in my life, listen if you think you can go through life unscathed forget it. It's all being par for the course on the road of life Anyway, my college years I did not have a clue what to study, I chose radio, tv and film it a stupid degree you spend three years studying everything that there is to do with the field and then in the fourth year you finally get to use a camera one of our assignments was to partner up with a group and make a film.

I wrote it because the group I was in were all idiots. Please spare me the lecture on calling people names. My film was a bit violent and only a person like me would have come up with this story; it was about a woman assaulted and how she achieved her revenge. Anyway, making this story a bit shorter, I was approached by one of the team and I was told that the movie would be shown at three instead of two. When I walked into the room, the movie had already been shown and little did I know that I had been betrayed. Forward like fifteen years or maybe ten when I would speak to my wife of my famous and elaborate film career, I would always tell her about my movie and nothing much was said, but some laughs, now hear this, I was watching a movie on television with a very famous movie star and after a while I started to notice some familiarity, yes it was my movie ever seen it was not a coincidence, I began to yell in my house these words THEY STOLE MY MOVIE!

Now listen if you think I claiming to be the writer of my Gone With The Wind, No, well it is not. It was an insignificant movie of the 70s all i have to say to those devious other students that got the best of me, you went on to do whatever you could or did in your life, but you never made anything of yourselves because you were off to a very bad start; that is no way to behave. That is what is called playing dirty pool and the ultimate outcome is never good. You see, if it's anything I understand and that is if you are thinking you are going to plow through this life with cunning and manipulation you are wrong, you will be the one hurt, cut down by the roots.

Perhaps I hold on to these little injustices too long, they were the only lessons for me to learn.

About my school years in film school, I did have a wonderful professor, I was given a tour of MGM by this man, Mr Ward he did all of the medical center serious and was the original writer of Godzilla his daughter told me that. And that is about it. By the way, at the party I kicked everyone's ass at pool I was no challenge for these great minds.

P.S. I am heading out to the mailbox, to see if my royalty check has arrived, I have been waiting a long time
By Marc Acrich


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