Best Famous John Crowe Ransom Quotes

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Famous John Crowe Ransom Quotes

Quote Left It was a transmogrifying bee Came droning down on Chucky's old bald head And sat and put the poison. It scarcely bled, Quote Right
Quote Left The curse of hell upon the sleek upstart That got the Captain finally on his back... Quote Right

Quote Left But this was the old tree's late branch wrenched away, Grieving the sapless limbs, the shorn and shaken. Quote Right
Quote Left Now the poor comb stood up straight But Chucky did not. Quote Right
Quote Left This morning, there flew up the lane A timid lady-bird to our bird-bath And eyed her image dolefully as death; Quote Right
Quote Left And weeping fast as she had breath Janet implored us, 'Wake her from her sleep!'... Quote Right
Quote Left There was such speed in her little body, And such lightness in her footfall, It is no wonder her brown study Astonishes us all. Quote Right
Quote Left Alas, ... Quote Right
Quote Left Sweet ladies, long may ye bloom, and toughly I hope ye may thole, But was she not lucky? In flowers and lace and mourning,... Quote Right