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2/20/2013 5:59:57 AM
Blood Spilled iainturs wrote:
Hi, this is one of my favorite poems that I made. I'm not really a poet. I don't have a formal education so I can only do free verses. I just write what I feel like writing. No restrictions. My poems are usually about lost love, cheating, war, poverty, death and politics. I hope you enjoy. Please check my other poems. Thank you!!!!

I was born in a life unlike yours;
We have struggled in all the years.
We knocked endlessly but all the doors
Have been closed 'coz of the numerous wars.

I could never forget all the cries,
Tears streaming from everyone's eyes
As their loved one dies;
One by one came in their demise.

It was too painful to see
As everyone attempted to flee.
Amidst the battle to be free,
You can hear sickening cries of plea.

Blood from the dead spilled on the ground.
In endless anger we all drowned.
Our minds are nothing more if not unsound
After the bloody battle, silence was profound.

Now the blinding war has ended
Was this how what we all intended?
All hopes now had been expended
Lives taken and ruined how can be amended?
2/20/2013 6:08:11 AM
Blood Spilled my dear you don't have to be literate to be a poet, its a talent and not skills that you acquire it. i can relate poets to musicians who express there feelings through writing them down in lyrics.
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