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11/22/2012 8:49:14 AM
Not sure on a title yet... They say nothing good ever happens after 2 AM,
But lately I’m living for these early hours.
I’m begging the sun not to rise, cause the more this room floods with light
The more your demeanour towards me sours.
Because in these times, blood flowing with this poison,
You’re the person I want you to always be
Whispering words my ears spend lifetimes begging to hear,
And whispering them, just for me.
Your fingers skim my silhouette
And my skin melts under your fingertips,
Yet, all I’m left with in the morning is a pounding head,
And your heat residing on my hips.
Our guilty giggles float out through rooms
Filled with nothing but contented sleep.
And between dead of night and sunrise
Appears a secret I’m not sure I can keep.
I’m searching my body for the bruises, from the minute
I thought maybe you never wanted to let me go.
Yet part of me knows its all an act,
And sobriety puts on a far more convincing show.
I awake with an empty bed and a racing heart,
And your smell stuck to my sheets.
The problem is I haven’t been able
To get your smile off my mind for weeks.
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