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5/6/2010 3:56:35 PM
Just found this section Sara, i agree with you. It would be so sad if this escalated and many sea life animals perish. Lets hope not, James.
5/6/2010 4:08:41 PM
Pet Peeve I have to admit, grammar can let me down big time. I would welcome Soup Mails to highlight my errs. I agree with Constance, it will enhance our learning, James.
5/7/2010 7:48:31 AM
Community Points The points on the Soup system should be put to more use. All they do is raise your profile in the community. I wonder if the Soup Team can think of a way of utilising them more?
5/7/2010 7:52:36 AM
Entering Contest Competitions When i joined the Soup, i was amazed at the poetry standard that the contests drew. I never in my wildest dreams thought that i would do well in any of them. But over the months, my writing grew to a level that was appreciated by substantial poets such as Raul Moreno and Brian Strand. They, and Carolyn Devonshire have helped big time, as with many others. I am glad i found the Soup, there are so many wonderful people on here. Keep writing >> James
5/7/2010 8:01:00 AM
Have fun and keep PoetrySoup a haven. A while back i was a little concerned as to where Poetry Soup was going. Feedback was negative on various correspondance to various situations. Since the turn of the year there has been a wonderful climb to where the Soup should be, basically the best site on the internet. You only have to look at the increase in the Premium Memberships and the steady influx of newbies. Presently i am considering sucking up to my kids to go the whole nine yards and become a lifetime member, as they pay my membership. I can see this site going from strength to strength and i hope my writing gets stronger with it. Much applause from this Scotsman for the efforts that you, the TPS are acheiving, James.
5/7/2010 9:51:14 AM
Entering Contest Competitions Chris, you are more than entitled to air your thoughts, and i will continue to read them. Have a great day, James.
5/7/2010 10:46:05 AM
Just saying "hello!" Welcome Patty Lane, you will enjoy yourself on the Soup. I look forward to reading your poetry, James.
5/8/2010 4:06:13 PM
Is there life on Mars? There is Jim, but not as we know it. On Earth, you only have to look at certain creatures that have adapted to their surroundings. It would be folly to think that we are the only planet in a vast and possible infinitive universe to sustain any form of life. We have creatures that survive of sulpherous vents, prawns that live underground who are blind as no daylight has ever reached inside these caves for millions of years. And we have US, the wonderful oxygen feeders, NOT. The recent claim by Stephen Hawking's declaring we should be very afraid if we were to be visited by others? They will probably not be interested in us, if they have the knowledge to space travel. Its doubtful its for adventure, more like necessity. Maybe our resources are not just for us, Ah a 2012 theme >> James.Whaaaaa?
5/8/2010 7:02:37 PM
Is there life on Mars? Where there is an instance of movement, whether it be on Earth, Mars or on the surface of the sun. If it moves, it has to be fueled by a substance. Which in turn in the great scheme of things is in actual fact, life. It may not be what we perceive it to be, this is where you have to open your mind and broaden the concept of you in the greater picture. For instance, to have ice - you have to have water, and water flows, that inturn is life. To go back to the evolution ladder, we came from the sea, if our wonderful scientists have told the true picture. Prior to that, the big bang never threw grown up Tyrannosaurus and many other Bi-ped dinosaurs at mother earth. They started like we did, as micro-organisims, which inadvertantly came from the sea. Like it or lump it, thats what we are, going by what we as humans know. if anyone knows different, please let me know? - > James BongCool
5/8/2010 7:21:18 PM
Fire in the wilderness? Life on our lovely planet is a wonderment, just like our far distant ancestors found out. Imagine, way way back, your Neanderthal ancestors growing up watching volcanoes spew out flammable rocks and lava flows. Yet, it has taken them thousands of years to create fire, for this we have to have oxygen. In space there is none to the level that we have, so does the sun consume whatever particles of oxygen there are? If yes, do we put out the sun to preserve oxygen for future races in space, and if we do - what happens to life without heat? Answers on a postcard, JameswtfCool
5/14/2010 3:46:35 PM
Poll Question: Featured Poetic Forms... Show a form of poetry highlighted each week. Even if it is a top whatever? My thoughts are that if we can show what the site is producing inturn enhances the creativity in the said forms > Chowa >> The Highlander.......
5/16/2010 1:29:03 PM
Beautiful Simplicity? Hello Francine,
A warm welcome to the Soup, I look forward to reading and commenting on your poetry.
5/18/2010 3:10:05 PM
Farting while you sleep. Frank,
This sure made me chuckle. You know when a ripper has fired when you awake in the morning and the quilt is on top of the wardrobe, like your style. Will this be a charm offensive haha!!
5/29/2010 5:42:01 PM
me...sarah lou Hi Sara,
Everytime i have entered the Chat Rooms, they were always empty. I guess people don't chat on the Soup. Boo!!!!!!!!!!!!
5/29/2010 5:45:28 PM
Holy Diver Another rock soul, lost to the never ending death gaol. Where in the audience we will be, when it's time for you and thee. We will all become lost "Children of the Sea" lookout!!!!!
5/30/2010 1:09:46 PM
me...sarah lou Blimey, a woman who likes to talk, WOW!!!! there's a first time for everything, haha........LogicGotcha!
5/30/2010 1:29:31 PM
me...sarah lou Oh my!!!!!!! typical of a woman, late as normal - hahaWhat He SaidFeedback Requested
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