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1/26/2012 9:12:57 AM
Rose meets poetry forum Hi everyone! Writing poem is my passion many years ago and I already started writing and practicing, hoping to meet friends online one day. It's a pleasure to meet you! I hope everyone have good day everyday! Call me Rose, I started to write poems during 2006, still continuing writing.
1/26/2012 9:18:47 AM
Rosella's romantic poem I'm one sort of person who is showing poems online, I like everyone to tell what they think as I write a lot, and now I seriously like to hear what they thought of poem I post. Please read below:

Love in first sight
Hypnotizing eyes left me pondering,
gazing through my soul and leave my mind wondering.
Unknowingly he blinks in my thoughts,
stranger's gaze caught me felt lost
in words I fail to weave, and hopelessly I found to search his soul-

I could not leave my eyes off beautiful gaze.
In thought I demand answer why he first vividly amaze
me to think is it love in first sight?
Why those special eyes let me thought of him in night?
Instead I look above at the moon

when it shines on the train mirror,
his gaze reminisce in my mind as he's nearer;
It speak of goodness with his sight of electrifying eyes,
I mentally thought to ask do noticing me here!
This is not only just love, an undying crush,

his unwavering eyes are still and I watch in wonder.
But the dust of crust hurt my opened eyes over,
when he stood afar in deepest train he took seat,
until he left, at that moment it jolts when un-numb my feet
but he left the train... and so do I.
1/26/2012 9:21:33 AM
Love story romance I agree with Janet. Actually I also like the poem.
1/26/2012 9:50:02 AM
Free verse writing Free verse writing is one of the hardest poem everyone will find on earth as its form writing are difficult and advanced. I did thought of that until I went to read one of the poetry writing and learn the art of poetry writing is based on your depiction of poem rhythm, the essence is deep you may not understand but only simple poem you can feel when you read. Writing free verse is one form of poetry writing when experienced and learned poet has deep understanding of rhythm and meter, it is arguable to be see in this way; free verse is one of the profound with subtle rhyme and it is soulful expression when it was read as wholesome.

To write free verse as amateur, always study the free verse poem as you won't miss the basic of writing. The most important rule of writing free verse is know your meter, notice the subtle pattern of free verse writing. The end of first two lines don't exactly rhyme with third and forth, because the first two are couplets but it was in version form of sonnets if you notice closely. This is the pattern, subtle rhymes can be noticeable because of the word stress were in the play. Writing free verse are testing our listening skill to figure where is the stress word, the third and fourth lines are lighter than first two above.

So listen up to what your poem saying, this is profound writing which talks of your soul and the rhythm is itself and rhymes are drums in every four lines or lines you perceive talks of your soul.
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