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5/24/2010 6:41:55 AM
When it rains When it rains,
The clouds kiss the tears in the eyes of the sun,
Reaching your footsteps, it pounds like a drum,
And painted with drops, the windows will show
My eyes as a child, reflections of snow.

And when it rains,
A rose that can breathe through the touch of a drop
Will falter its petals on a stoned, blinded clock,
And corals of shadow will sleep on my heart,
A drop at its core is blooming apart.
edited by sakura_blossom on 6/3/2010
5/24/2010 7:06:57 AM
Hi everyone! I'm new and I want to make some new friends around here. I really love writing and it's amazing that I can connect with others that share my passion.
I want to improve my writing skills so any advice is good for me!

Thanks for letting me join in!
6/1/2010 2:20:04 AM
Hi everyone! doofus wrote:
The Glory of Grey and Two tutus too ae poems here in this Forum that you may use to inspire you to be 'Origina' I am tired of reading about Flowers blooming in June!l

If you're talking about my poems please be more specific. I want for people to criticize my work, too, but I also want to know what I did wrong so I can learn something from it. If you have the time and patience, please take a closer look at my poems and give me some advice on how can I improve my writing. Thank you for being honest!
6/1/2010 6:00:55 AM
Hi everyone! sarahlou wrote:
Hi there i am also new on here but all these guys are really nice so happy writing
sarah x

Welcome to Poetry Soup,Sarah! Nice to see so many friendly people around here! Let's talk on Chat sometimes if you want to, 'cause nobody is ever there when I log in. Keep writing and have lots of fun around here!
6/3/2010 10:57:04 AM
Contests Yes, it should be more about learning and sharing poetry. Everybody just focuses on writing the perfect poem for a contest and impressing the jury...poems are suppose to be about feelings, not about competitions. Sometimes I don't like that people comment on my poems just because I commented on theirs. I want for people to comment on my poem if they liked it or, if not, to tell me what they didn't like so I can make it better...
edited by sakura_blossom on 6/3/2010
6/4/2010 5:34:20 AM
Contests doofus wrote:
To Emily: If someone takes the time to read my poem and likes it; I appreciate the comment. If not - i perfer they move on. I could never hurt someone's feelings by knocking their Poetry. I feel that they are writing from their heart. I know my limitations , and sometimes i go back and delete poems i've written because i knew they were not up to my best effort.

When it comes to others, I really hesitate in making any suggestions at all, as it could be offensive to the writer. I couldn't hurt no one's feelings either. But I'd rather shut up than flatter someone else if I didn't like their poem.
I was just talking about myself. I wouldn't like for people to praise me if I don't deserve it. I'm always looking to get better at everything I do, thus I believe constructive criticism would make me realize my mistakes and then I would try to fix them. But when someone says "your poetry sucks", that's just being mean, that's not making constructive observations. You can say "You've misspelled one word. I advise you to be more careful when writing a poem." or "You should consider using more figures of speech, it would make your poem more beautiful." I don't like people who criticize too much just because they have a pleasure in doing so, or people who flatter too much just because they don't want to say something bad. I just like honesty, nothing more, nothing less.
6/11/2010 1:31:03 AM
race every human being is unique and that's one of the beauties of this world. Personally, I don't care about race, I just care about who that person is, whether he/she is Indian, African, Japanese or whatever...I guess most of the people tend to reject others that are different. But different is actually something good, a change for society and we should all embrace those who are not just 'another face in a crowd'.
6/12/2010 1:54:27 AM
Joshua Dolezal Hi Josh! I hope you will have a lot of fun here at Poetry Soup! May you have a lot of inspiration!
edited by sakura_blossom on 6/12/2010
6/22/2010 7:27:33 AM
Hello everyone Welcome to Poetry Soup! I hope you will have lots of fun here!
8/25/2010 11:31:34 AM
Introduction Welcome to Poetry Soup, Gloria! If you have any questions, feel free to ask and I will gladly help
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