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5/8/2021 5:10:25 AM
Ardent Jogger Poem Hi there!

My grandparents used to own a milk bar when I was little, and this poster was on the back of the bathroom door out the back, and I’ve been trying to remember the whole things for years!! I’ve typed out all I can remember (I’m sure there were more verses!)

I am the ardent jogger,
I jog both day and night.
I jog out in the pouring rain
And in the bright sunlight.

The dog comes out to bark at me
Some people stop and stare,
Watching me as I go by
With sweat distorted hair

Some say this type of exercise,
Makes me fit and strong
Others says that I’m a fool (fool or dill?)
With large feet that pong

I can’t remember the last verse though I’m afraid
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