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Ways to improve your poetry. Post your techniques, tips, and creative ideas how to write better.
3/21/2020 5:57:12 AM

Jasmine Edwards
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Use a symbol to represent the theme. An animal, for instance, which shares characteristics of the phenomena or situation you are depicting. Music terminology, tree or season terminology. Refer to several times enhance recognition and continuity of theme.

If stuck for a line within a verse, duplicate same letters of words in lines above. It works well for me. Poems using this technique to most obvious are not included on Poetry Soup, as I intend to submit them in competitions this year.

A cheat mechanism I use, and is visible in poems on this site, is to rhyme first word of line with following line's first word. It is a way I find useful to keep the verse flowing along with direction. Adds a sliver of
difference to usual end of line rhyme.

If something sounds a bit 'sticky' - awkward, out of place, look at all words within a verse, even neighbouring verses if in a similar vein, and shuffle words to equalise line length, provide rhyme. Word from centre of line can often be shuffled out, maybe with a slight adjust to pretext (prospered, prosperity)

I like to avoid for the most part, repetition of the same word. For instance, 'sound rising' and later 'dust rises'. I recommend replacing the one which feels easier to replace - has a better scope. Egsample is: Sound increasing, sound booming, resounding echo. Could be dust lifts, dust flies, dust shields, etc.

The concept of light set up, dark centre, light glimmer ending is a format which seems natural to me. I am not sure if it translates well to readers, I know it's the fundamental of plot lines, and I intuitively turn to it. It seems the little circle bears satisfaction.

A slightly more taste based point - I avoid mentioning colours. These I see as primary descriptors, and always I find, when I assume 'silver' is the best way to describe the rocket ship, there is a word (many actually, but a choice one will emerge) - which gives the rocket ship a more apt description, a deeper, more characteristic, or action describing word.
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