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6/3/2017 9:34:21 AM

Angela Grayson
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I used to have a poster about 25 years ago with a Poem on it. I can remember some of the lines but not all of them. Does anyone know this poem or even a few more of the lines. Here is what I remember so far


I am an ardent Jogger,

I jog both day and night

I jog out in the pouring rain

and in the bright sunlight.

Dogs come out to bark at me

Some people stop and stare

I know that I am in the right

because jogging makes my day

I think there is a line about disheveled hair but it escapes me and the poem has been tormenting me for months (I call them brain worms). I have web searched google, duck duck go,, and nothing comes of it. I doubt the image of the poster will help but it was a yellow background and a hand drawn cartoon type figure drawn running on it.

Any suggestions, sites, or partial recollections of this poem would be greatly appreciated.


Angela :-)
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12/13/2018 1:53:32 AM

Louie Goodwin
Posts: 1
Good article
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