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1/23/2011 2:16:38 AM

Kaci Jo Atteberry
Posts: 7
Okay, so I am seeing this amazing guy. We have been together for a little over 3 years ... I have always had a weird relationship with his mother, because she does not want us together ... Well, lately she has been talking to him about his ex alot, in front of me ... I want to let her know that it bothers me, but don't know how to bring up the subject ... I know that he still has feelings for this ex, even though there is no way they could be back together ... But, in my opinion, that is something that me and him should talk about (and we do) ... I just want his mother to stop trying to get him to leave me and go back to his ex ... and I want to be able to tell her to mind her own business, without causing any un-needed drama between him and I ... What do I do??? Suicide
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1/25/2011 4:26:53 PM

julie heckman
Posts: 17
How this: (it's very civil)
When you are alone together, just say I'd like to speak with you for a minute. I hope you don't find this offensive but, everytime you bring up (the ex's name) it really hurts my feelings. I feel you're like you really don't want (boyfriends name) and I to be together?

Ask it in a question that way she will have to answer it and will know instinctively that you're upset without you becoming angry.

How about this???
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6/13/2011 9:54:12 PM

Jaymee Coombs
Posts: 2
^ i agree. Just be grown up about it. She is obviously doing it to upset you and she should realize that she isn't the child in the situation, or shouldn't be at least. Put her down to size, nicely and calmly. And don't let it ruin your day either, if he loves you than great. If he loves her you should know now, so you don't wazste any time.
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