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9/12/2010 11:34:24 AM

Biplab Mahadani
Posts: 3
Hi ,
I'm in love with a girl who's my batch mate in the college.I cannot directly go to her and express my love.So I tried bringing upon topics related to it in our talks ,but now i found out that she is not at all interested in any thing as love.suggest me what should I do?
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9/14/2010 7:07:22 AM

kabuteng P.iNk k.
Posts: 12
Hi Biplab Interesting question you have here-- ok I don't claim to be an expert on love ok? But here are my thoughts---if she's not interested in anything related to love-- work around it -- find out what her interests are and broach on those subjects instead--- she seems like the type who doesn't want to rush into things-- just curious (although totally none of my business) what makes you say that you are in love with her? Show interest in her interests and work on the foundation of friendship then hopefully maybe, she'll realize that you are definitely somebody worth falling in love with Sometimes patience is key and love can definitely take time-- Wish you the best and sure would love to hear updates from you Big Grin-- hope this helps --nikko
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1/25/2011 1:00:45 PM

Caden Jones
Posts: 6
hey, man. Its Caden. Im like raenie and wont pretend to be a love expert but I hace been in your situation quite a few times. I dont know if this is your case but for me it was because I was too shy. The things that had helped me show my feelings in those kind of situations is finding out how to best convey your feelings for her. For me it is writing poetry. Love poems are my strongest topic. Or if you dont like that idea, write a letter to her. Tell her why your in love with her. Maybe she will realize that she should at least think about giving you a chance. And think about her lifestyle. I dont know if your in high school or not, but think about things like popularity, the type of guys she finds attractive (like football players, nerds, geeks, or any other social class) and ask yourself if you fit those attributes. I often tried to date girls that were considered "out of my league". just a few suggestions to try if you want. Who knows? maybe one of them will work for ya? Wish you best of luck, bud.
--Caden Jones
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2/9/2011 1:47:07 PM

Afolabi Taiwo
Posts: 8
Hi, this is so much interesting, you know, you are devoting so much time for a girl, why; look over and discover a new girl who is willing to hear you. folata
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5/25/2011 6:40:09 AM

davidson pierre
Posts: 5
heyy man.. its dave, you know everybody have its own points of you for love so my is be interesting for the flower who want you to smell hem, in not be interesting for the rose who dont want you smell it...
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12/25/2012 8:41:00 AM

Edward Orozco
Posts: 5
With the right warmth any heart can awake to feel u must know how to come at her. Poetry, humor show interest in her interest you will b surprised

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