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New to PoetrySoup? Introduce yourself here. Tell us something about yourself.
9/12/2010 4:37:06 AM

gordon hickman
Posts: 1
It's Good Morning here in the UK folks, the sun comes out, and then decides to hide, and so on, can't seem to make its mind up.
Anyway it's nice to be with you all, I am feelin' a little lonesome this morning, as my wife of 61 years of marriage has just gone off to spend a week with her sister, and I'm already missing her! Must be that little ole thing called love eh? We've got two fine 'boys' and a lovely daughter, and they are doing just fine and got excellent partners, (married, i must add) Eight grand-children, and two Gt Gt's, all in good health, so we have a lot to be thankful for! That's about it for now folks. Gordon
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9/12/2010 8:39:47 AM

kabuteng P.iNk k.
Posts: 12
Hi Gordon good evening (well nearly midnight) from my side of the world (the Philippines) --wow 61 years of marriage-- that sure is love! & you both are so lucky to enjoy that thanks for sharing a bit of yourself here looking forward to reading your poems & I hope your wife comes back soon, I;m sure she misses you just as much -- nikko
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10/2/2010 11:09:24 AM

Francine Roberts
Posts: 3
thanks for the introduction Gordon, so nice to know more about soup friends, very happy to make your acquaintanc, Francine
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