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New to PoetrySoup? Introduce yourself here. Tell us something about yourself.
5/7/2010 10:22:19 AM

Patty Lane
Posts: 5
My name is Patty Lane and I am a "hopeful" poet, or is that a "wannabe" poet? Either or. Still not sure! I don't write much poetry, but then again I am also an artist who hates to paint so right there that doesn't lend much credence to my poet-labeling capability, does it? I consider myself weak in the subject of creating poetry and the use of words because I didn't go to school much, elementary school? Hardly ever. And didn't graduate high school - something, I have always regretted. Which means writing for me has always been a chore because I have to check everything I write over and over again: punctuation, spelling, grammar, so much so that it becomes more of task than a pleasure ... oddly, I still seem to enjoy writing - a lot! I am a bit of of philospher (though more of the street urchin kind) and enjoy reading poetry when I get the chance (if ever), because in my humble opinion all poets are philosphers. I rarely read much as I am always working on some sort of weird project - the weirder, the better. So sitting and reading is usually last on my list of "things to do" which sometimes I actually get around to doing, but only because my body starts screaming "foul" and I am forced to sit down after having worked myself into exhaustion, at which point when I DO sit down and begin to read, I am out cold within 5 minutes of cracking a book. Guess my problem is I have "good" hands, really, really good hands; they amaze me, they can build anything, design anything, paint anything, create anything regardless of medium. I enjoy watching them work their magic ... trust me, I am fully aware that they are a "gift" and I am truly grateful for that. I have to say my passion has always been with building stuff, and the feeling of the tangible, watching it take shape so effortlessly by these unremarkably-looking hands of mine. My God, is there anything purer than fresh sanded wood? "Creating" whether with words or wood is all architecture to me. I just don't trust myself with words half as much as I what I do with wood. But this poetry thing ... behooves somewhat. It's not a gift, not like the other, and so I don't trust what I do when I create poetry. I know you have to have a good vocabulary which I am not so strong in. Anyway, I explain all this in the hope that you wonderful poets out there can give me help in that area ... that I can trust in the poetry I write, and that it is "good" poetry. I don't think I could sustain anything less than that because I am one who will always reach for stars even when I know the moon is closer. That's just me! So ... I posted one of my poems. I am not sure what type of poem it is, but after checking out your list of categories ... I think it is free form. This is a last shot for me. If it stinks ... no problem ... I'll just stay in my world of jelly beans and wood. Thanx for listening and nice meeting you all and being here. Have a nice day ... keep on creating!! Patty Lane
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5/7/2010 10:46:05 AM

James Fraser
Posts: 32
Welcome Patty Lane, you will enjoy yourself on the Soup. I look forward to reading your poetry, James.
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5/7/2010 10:49:20 AM

Chris D. Aechtner
Posts: 47
Heya Patty. Welcome to the Soup. I am still a newbie myself here. I read your poem, 'Kool Kats' before I even saw your piece here. I really enjoyed reading it, and think that it is a very unique and fresh write; so don't worry too much about your poetry and just keep writing it. Peace. Chris.
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5/11/2010 6:13:29 PM

Hi Patty, Welcome to PoetrySoup. It does sound like you have a gift with your hands. Frankly, it sounds to me like you could be an outstanding poet, just get your mind out of the way and let your hand write. I read your intro, and your vocabulary is fine to me. Mine is no better, and I have written three books. Just poetry, but I love poetry. Don't give up after one poem, try what I suggested by letting your hands do the work. I look forward to reading your poetry. Also, sometimes it is easier to put your poems into a forum where less people may be reading your work. Thats how I started, I use to post my poems at the old forum here at PoetrySoup, and I really hope this new forum is a raging success, so try posting here if you are feeling a bit unsure. I am off to read your poem now. Oh, you might want to post a poem or two in the 'gentle critique forum, it is a good place to start, without the overly serious critique you might find in the high critique forum. Again, Welcome to PoetrySoup.
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