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4/11/2013 5:39:15 PM

Seosamh De Burca
Posts: 2
Im from Ireland and have just joined this site. I hope to read as many of the members wonderful works as often as I can and would like any feedback on my own little attempts to write some poetry, (if anyone gets the time to read them, that is, when I post).

Kind regards,


P.S. Seosamh is the Gaelic for Joseph.
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4/12/2013 12:37:58 AM

Ndaba Sibanda
Posts: 7
Welcome,Seosamh! We look forward to reading your posts.
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4/13/2013 5:32:15 AM

Sophie Leggett
Posts: 4
Welcome! I just joined yesterday and I am already hooked... I'll read your poems! Read mine, too!

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4/13/2013 2:39:36 PM

Seosamh De Burca
Posts: 2
Hi starrider,
Thank you for the welcome I'm enjoying reading the different poets and styles presented on this site. It seems to have a varied mix of people and a kind nature with the responses. I myself would encourage anyone, ( that takes the time to read any of my poems), to leave a constructive comment be it positive or negitive which will allow me to improve my writing.

Hi sushidelephant, welcome I look forward to reading your work and hope you have many enjoyable hours on here.
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