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10/24/2012 1:21:32 PM

Sabreen Wolf
Posts: 2
The hot summer morning leaves me drenched
Even before the sunrises over the trees.
Just then the phone call came, the one I dreaded
That I prayed would never come.

For more than 11 years, you have been my friend, my comfort.
You were my smile in the morning, my light heart, and my sunshine.
Now it has come that dreadful call to tell me you are gone.
Tears mix with the sweat running down my face, my heart like a stone in my chest.

All the years, all of the time we had spent together floods my mind.
I can still see you, hear you all around me.
You fill my mornings with tears, my dreams at night.
To lose you is more than I can stand, more than I can bear.

Even now, the people around me, the humans find me strange.
My heart so broken, so crushed by the death of a soul mate, my friend;
Where they could see only a cat, a pet to be lost or disowned;
An acceptable lost, as any animal’s life would be.

How cold and callous they are, how narrow and simple their minds.
They could not even see that we are one, two pieces of the whole.
Now here I am, an outer shell with no light heart, no sunshine.
You have left here far to soon Mr. Fluff, far to soon.

How can I survive without you, my friend, my love?
My heart cold and hard as granite, my mind filled with sadness.
I could hear you here; I could hear you speak to me in so clear a voice.
Small flashes in the corner of my eye, just a blur of motion; you are here.

Your voice grows smaller, quieter; the time has come for you to go.
In my dream you came to me, you told me, do not swallow in your
Sadness, do not drown in your tears for I am with you always.
And when your time is come I will be there waiting for you.

To rub against your leg, curl up on your lap, and purr into your ear for eternity.
edited by Sabreen on 10/24/2012
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