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New to PoetrySoup? Introduce yourself here. Tell us something about yourself.
6/6/2010 12:57:51 PM

michelle perry
Posts: 1
I only joined today. not sure what I write is that good. But I like to write from my heart, in the hope that the people they are for really know how special or thoughtafter they are.
My daughter often asks me to write poems for various things, mainly for cards (usually with very short notice !) . I find myself walking around cleaning, cooking and thinking of lines for verses. Which means everything takes twice as long to do. As I have to write it down straight away!
Maybe if im brave enough, I will post more soon.
Thankyou for rating my poem but i'm not sure how the rating works. But you read it which is nice.
Bye for now.
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6/20/2010 1:06:26 PM

donny ingraham
Posts: 1
Remember what you write comes from inside of you and placing it for the world to see take courage. Plus you believe in your works, if you didn't you wouldn't have written it. All that you write is a part of you, that you choose to share with the world
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Forum Home » Introductions » Just to say hi,

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