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9/17/2012 1:02:29 PM

Alexander Conyers
Posts: 3
Hold hard dear friends

This surface, golden, tears through bounds
The verdant torrent of tree till
Auburn, dappled leaves rain down
As two guards rusty, stood stiffly, resolutely
Gilded on silvery slivered glint
Impaled, with sickle shards
Barbed on the breast, suckled

Hold hard dear friends,
For the light is yet young
Take rest and sit to cease
And lounge, the summer proud, pounds.
In frisson frowns of noon, utopian hymns sound
These waspish stalks, crowned bronze, crease
Creaky branches bare fruitful, when seized, ease
In valour, their dusty tomb breached

Still, thirst will quench,
As thieves stand rehearsed
No mercy is shown, the sun, luculent
In the melon glory of full bloom, fondly flanks
Flakes and the twining flash, ruby rimmed, leaf sustains
Show this speckless sky, kindled and prune
The potent blush of the drakes wing sings
And to the corrugated silk, sways sweetly
The marigold glove crept, muzzled petals dressed neatly
Shed fresh flames on this spectral heart, doused

From the loomed clouds, glassy, pout purling
Swelling past the lissom grass, yearned
Furled by the flowers wanton blossom, withering
As illumed lucent light unbending, broke
Rutilent chords perish, to the clement whisper, sold
Hammer to the cloth and bone, born in wisps
Unbidden, in their honeyed tone, sparsely shift

Free as the lilting gusts, whitish, soared
When, the thrusting flights fly, fertile
Stay, till the words run dry, assuaged
I take breath from the opal air of time, unbowed
Replenish, to the incarnadine roses, wistful and hallowed
Succumb to the murmur, the agrestic fields, of auric yields
In natures grasp I trust…. truly
And ride on still, as gallant as the days
Spark, is long and winding, unbinding in lives veneered haze.
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