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Another Prayer Request

Blog Posted:7/3/2010 5:32:00 PM
        I am asking for your prayers again, prayers from all faiths please. In November I lost my dad, in May we lost Murphy. I thought nothing could be more painful. Last night, my son Jason struck a steel beam. He has a broken shoulder, broken arm, lacerated  liver, collapsed lung, all his ribs broken and head injuries. If he recovers, they are not sure how much brain damage he may have, as he wasn't breathing when the emergency squad got there. I'm asking a major favor that you please say a prayer for my son. Thank you all. God Bless you.
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Date: 7/5/2010 11:34:00 AM
Dear Vince, Please know that your son is already in my prayers. John wrote a poem which let us know that prayers were needed. I pray that your faith sustains you and the family through this very trying time, once more. May God heal Jason and return him home to you. I know it's hard, but keep faith, Vince. God is closer to you now more than ever. Blessings, always, Audrey
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Date: 7/5/2010 9:07:00 AM
My prayers go out to you and Jason, Vince - I pray that he makes it through this.~Tirzah~
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Date: 7/5/2010 6:23:00 AM
Brother Vince, I just got up from praying for you and your son. I prayed to The Almighty God that if He were to heal that he compleatly heal and that may take some time. but if it leads us to talk with God everyday then it is a good thing. And God will make the trials of this life seem like nothing. But if God decides to take his child back. Then we must be strong and give him back knowing that one day somebody is waiting on the other side for you to come home too. Cry out to God but do not curse Him. But know that Job recieved twice everything he lost. I'll be prayfull for you my friend. john
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Date: 7/4/2010 9:46:00 PM
You are in my prayers for a miracle for your son Jason. God Bless Phyl
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Date: 7/4/2010 3:56:00 PM
Vince, I wanted to let you know that I am still praying. 2 yrs. ago my 74 yr. old dad fell off of a 15 ft. ladder onto a concrete deck then into icy cold water at the marina where he was working. My brother found him floating face up. He wasn't breathing. He did cpr on him for 25 minutes, but he was already gone. The emt got there and put him on life support. They rushed him to the er. They said he shouldn't be alove but he is byt the grace of God. Don't give up hope. Please give us an update when you can. Gode Bless, Jerri
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Date: 7/4/2010 1:27:00 PM
my prayers go out to you and your pain, i know exactly how loss can effect someone.. Lost many of my family members in less than 7 years. Thanks for sharing with us God bless you,..Leeann
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Date: 7/4/2010 12:51:00 PM
Vince, Here is one for the night time written by St. Augustine of Hippo, who is a great Catholic Saint and one of the giants of any Western philosophy class. Watch thou, O Lord with those who wake, or watch,or weep tonight and give Thine angels charge over those who sleep. Tend Thy sick ones, Lord Christ. Rest Thy weary ones. Bless Thy dying ones. Soothe Thine afflicted ones. Pity Thy joyous ones. And all for Thy love's sake. Amen. St. Augustine. God bless you. Good luck. Regards, Gerard
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Date: 7/4/2010 12:48:00 PM
Vince, I am sorry about your son's accident. Yes he and yourself will be added to my prayers. I will add all of your family as I know they are as anxious as you for his health problems. God Bless, Cile
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Date: 7/4/2010 12:02:00 PM
Vince, I am so sorry to hear this about your son Jason. I will keep you all in my prayers daily. Keep your faith my dear friend as with God anything is possible. It may take awhile for things to get better. I will continue my prayers for you all daily. Love and blessings to you and yours always , Carol
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Date: 7/4/2010 10:23:00 AM
God is the great physician, he has every cure to every sickness, and He has a perfect spare of all our organs. He will touch your son. I will tell the rest of my family about this and we will include your family in our prayers. Keep hope alive and be prayerful too. God can do that which seems impossible with men. Stay calm and have faith in Go., it is well Shalom.~ Adeleke
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Date: 7/4/2010 10:09:00 AM
Vince, you and your family was added to our prayer list at church..If possible let us have updates on your son's progress...I know that this is a very difficult time for you and your family..My heart empathizes with the pain that you must be feeling at this time.. Sara
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Date: 7/4/2010 9:26:00 AM
Dear Vince,You and YOUR LOVED Ones Will be in My Daily Prayers Time so slow at Times like this Please keep me Updated YOUR Old Friend...H G
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Date: 7/4/2010 8:36:00 AM
OMG Vince this is sad and my prayers are with you and family always I only have 1 daughter and could only imagine what a parent goes through may god send his angels fast keep the faith
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Date: 7/4/2010 7:30:00 AM
Oh dear, heart is reaching out to you and your family, and prayers are coming from so many who love and support you. May your son be wrapped in this love, and begin to heal, and I pray that you will feel the comfort knowing how many of us care deeply. God Bless, hang tight,I hope you feel me holding your hand. My love to you, and your family, Vince. Love, Carrie
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Date: 7/4/2010 5:45:00 AM
Vince, My heart goes out to you. I wish I could be there with you in person, but that is not possible, but please know that I am lifing your son and your family up in prayer. I am a very strong believer in prayer. The word says that "By His Stipes We are Healed" and I am claiming that for your son. If you ever just feel like talking please feel free to email me. God Bless you and give you Peace. Jerri
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Date: 7/4/2010 3:46:00 AM
Dear Heavenly Father....Daddy right now in the name of your son Jesus reach down and touch this child of Vince's in your son's precious name thank you for hearing and answering prayers..Thank you, Thank you, Amen ..Sara
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Date: 7/4/2010 1:34:00 AM
Vince, so sorry to hear about your son's accident and his injuries.. Praying for him, you and your family.. Keep the faith, blessings Wilma
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Date: 7/4/2010 12:30:00 AM
Will do for Jason,for you Vince & our family.Keep us posted.Rgds Brian
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Date: 7/3/2010 10:50:00 PM
Oh my gosh, I am so sorry, Vince. You must be worried sick. He will be in my prayers! andrea
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Date: 7/3/2010 10:21:00 PM
Mercy Love, we ask that all damage be healed quickly, with no brain damage or permanant physical disabilities. For Love energy replaces the body's damaged particles. Amen, Agape, Moses
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Date: 7/3/2010 9:26:00 PM
Vince, I am deeply troubled by your blog. You have a lot of prayer-filled support here. May hope bless your son, yourself and your family during these trying times~Chris
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Date: 7/3/2010 7:46:00 PM
Major prayers to u and Jason and rest of your family Vince... miracles happen all the time every day.. believe one is yours.. and hold onto it.. God is all powerful.. will put him on our Church prayer chain immediately.. with luv from the "Sweetheart" in Hawaii.. AlohA..
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Date: 7/3/2010 6:43:00 PM
My heart really goes out to you and your son, Vince-- I am just shocked at how extensive your son's injuries are--I am definitely praying for him and also for you and your family to keep the strength and faith-- praying for a miracle--- nikko
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Date: 7/3/2010 6:24:00 PM
Vince, I will pray for a miracle...jimbo
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Date: 7/3/2010 6:02:00 PM
Vince, I am so upset to read this. Your son, and your family will all be in my prayers. God Bless you all. Please try to keep us posted. Hang in there. love and hugs, shar xoxo
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Date: 7/3/2010 5:45:00 PM
Hello Vince, I am truly sorry to hear such news. I will keep your son and all other individuals in my prayers. May God’s healing and blessings touch the hearts of all involved, and may his healing grace rests upon you and your family always. Consider it done my friend. They are in my prayers. God bless always! Blessings, Joseph
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Date: 7/3/2010 5:36:00 PM
Oh dear Vince. I am so sorry. Rest assured he will be at the top of my list until he is better. I will pray that he lives that he has no after effects. And I will pray for you and your family. God bless you. Love, Joyce
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