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11/16/2006 Cover Your Crack If You Want Me To Take You Seriously! Rhymeeducation,family,funny,pe
8/18/2006 I Simply HAVE To Peek! Free versepeople,social,me,
8/16/2006 Breaking The Silence Free verseangst,family,father,forgi
8/15/2006 Time To Clean House Free versehope,inspirational,life,n
8/15/2006 The Train Ride Ended But Love Never Stops Free verseangst,family,mother,peopl
8/4/2006 They Said Goodbye Free versechildhood,family,life,nat
8/2/2006 Left For Dead Quatrainangst,caregiving,childhoo
7/5/2006 You're Heavy On My Mind Free versefamily,husband,life,love,
7/5/2006 Good Girls (vs) Skanks Rhyme royaldaughter,family,funny,lif
7/5/2006 Somewhere Between A Man And A Little Boy Free versecaregiving,childhood,fami
6/30/2006 "Easy Does It" Quatrainangst,caregiving,confusio
6/30/2006 Somewhere Between Wedded Bliss Street and Family Man Drive Free verseinspirational,life,people
6/30/2006 Shared Loneliness Free verseangst,family,life,lost lo
6/30/2006 Our Bed Free versefamily,friendship,happine
5/15/2006 My Final Goodbye Notes I do not know?angst,faith,family,health
5/12/2006 Silenced By Sorrow Free verseangst,friendship,inspirat
3/27/2006 Trespassers Must Pay! Rhymeadventure,animals,family,
3/27/2006 Let's Remove Your Rotten Heart Free verseangst,confusion,forgivene
3/27/2006 I Saw You Speak To The Trees Free versehappiness,inspirational,i
3/27/2006 ATTENTION: I've Just Received An S.O.S. Rhymeangst,friendship,life,lov
1/30/2006 "Foo-Foo" Words I do not know?friendship,funny,happines
1/30/2006 Can I Buy A Cheat Sheet For God's Test? I do not know?angst,confusion,inspirati
1/30/2006 All That You Are I do not know?family,friendship,life,lo
1/30/2006 I Saw You In The Rain Free versecaregiving,family,introsp
1/16/2006 He Said He Thought I Saved Him I do not know?caregiving,family,inspira
1/16/2006 A Gift Fit For A Pig I do not know?caregiving,confusion,fami
1/16/2006 A Tender Moment At The Supermarket I do not know?happiness,inspirational,i
1/16/2006 The Dandelions Were Listening I do not know?angst,childhood,daughter,
12/30/2005 Peeling Eggs Makes Me Smile I do not know?family,father,food,loss,
12/30/2005 Lifes Little Introspections I do not know?family,happiness,life,lov
12/29/2005 Self Deprecation I do not know?angst,introspection,sad,
12/29/2005 Lifes Simple Treasures I do not know?family,friendship,happine
12/29/2005 I'm Afraid To Go To Church I do not know?people,places,fear,
12/29/2005 ~~Losing Me~~ I do not know?angst,caregiving,life,los
12/15/2005 My Morning Confession Limerickangst,family,for children
12/15/2005 **POP-UP PARANOIA** I do not know?angst,funny,life,people,
11/28/2005 Father And Son I do not know?caregiving,childhood,fami
11/22/2005 Trust Me I do not know?angst,confusion,forgivene
11/22/2005 Christmas Together I do not know?family,friendship,life,lo
11/18/2005 I Remembered My 7th Grade Locker Partner I do not know?angst,childhood,confusion
11/15/2005 How "Mary Nagy" Became "Maggie" I do not know?confusion,family,friendsh
11/15/2005 "I Call The Credit Card!" I do not know?business,for children,fun
11/15/2005 It's Time For Me To Get Tough! I do not know?caregiving,daughter,for c
11/14/2005 Does Your Soul Need Cleansing? I do not know?inspirational,life,uplift
11/14/2005 Your Memory Surrounds Me I do not know?death,faith,father,life,l
11/14/2005 Why Won't You Read My Poetry? I do not know?caregiving,confusion,frie
11/13/2005 Mistaken For A Senior Citizen! I do not know?confusion,funny,life,sorr
11/13/2005 Did God Create You Just For Me? I do not know?family,friendship,happine
11/13/2005 Being Different I do not know?childhood,confusion,famil
11/13/2005 Marking My Globe With Your Friendships I do not know?friendship,happiness,life
11/13/2005 Watching Our Young Tree I do not know?caregiving,family,life,na
11/7/2005 Will I Still Go To Heaven If I Envy? I do not know?angst,family,forgiveness,
11/7/2005 What's Happening To Our Children? I do not know?angst,caregiving,childhoo
11/7/2005 Walking Away From Your Life I do not know?angst,childhood,confusion
11/7/2005 Be A Good Kid And Roll Me A Joint I do not know?angst,childhood,confusion
10/14/2005 How Do I Continue? I do not know?angst,inspirational,life,
10/8/2005 Just A Mushy Love Poem I do not know?family,happiness,life,lov
10/8/2005 I Wouldn't Trade Those Mornings I do not know?caregiving,childhood,fami
10/8/2005 I Was That Girl... I do not know?angst,childhood,confusion
10/8/2005 Can A Mom Just Say It's Over? I do not know?angst,caregiving,confusio
9/26/2005 Mother Earth and Father Time Are Angry I do not know?angst,imagination,life,pe
9/26/2005 I Woke Myself Up Laughing I do not know?funny,happiness,people,up
9/26/2005 Can You Really Get High On Life? I do not know?angst,family,happiness,he
9/26/2005 A Mother's Dream? I do not know?caregiving,confusion,daug
9/22/2005 A Collision of Souls I do not know?family,friendship,love,pa
9/15/2005 The Dangers of A Bored Poet I do not know?funny,on work and working
9/11/2005 For Your Viewing Pleasure I do not know?angst,friendship,introspe
9/10/2005 I'm An Open Book? I do not know?angst,confusion,friendshi
9/10/2005 Would You? Could You? I do not know?confusion,friendship,imag
9/10/2005 Envisioning Forever I do not know?faith,family,inspirationa
9/9/2005 The Joyride I do not know?adventure,childhood,famil
9/8/2005 We Care (for the Victims of Katrina) I do not know? natural disasters,angst,
9/8/2005 Playing the Game of Life I do not know?family,happiness,inspirat
9/8/2005 The World's Become So Cynical I do not know?family,inspirational,intr
9/6/2005 Playing The Race Card I do not know? natural disasters,angst,
9/6/2005 Maybe I'm A Cornball I do not know?family,friendship,funny,l
9/6/2005 His Trip To The Moon limerick Limerickadventure,childhood,funny
9/6/2005 Chirty Limerick Limerickchildhood,family,for chil
9/3/2005 Liquid Gold I do not know? natural disasters,angst,
9/3/2005 The World Is Self Destructing I do not know? natural disasters,angst,
9/3/2005 Vacation Is Over I do not know?childhood,education,famil
9/3/2005 My Fears I do not know?confusion,faith,family,pe
9/3/2005 Her New (Old) Truck I do not know?family,friendship,happine
8/26/2005 The Man That Buys Tampons I do not know?family,friendship,funny,l
8/26/2005 Princess Needs A New Car Limerickangst,daughter,family,fun
8/23/2005 How Boomer Ruined Our Hunting Trips I do not know?adventure,animals,introsp
8/6/2005 How Do I Thank You? I do not know?angst,caregiving,daughter
8/6/2005 Will Work For Food I do not know?angst,caregiving,family,f
8/6/2005 It's Not Safe Here Anymore I do not know?angst,family,people,place
8/6/2005 Beauty Queen or Garden Gnome? I do not know?confusion,friendship,funn
8/6/2005 A Natural Lady I do not know?family,happiness,life,nat
8/6/2005 Am I Supposed To Help? I do not know?angst,caregiving,confusio
5/31/2005 A Lesson From The Birds Rhymeanimals,inspirational,lif
5/20/2005 Why Am I So Selfish? Rhymeangst,caregiving,confusio
5/20/2005 The Pain of Young People Rhymeangst,confusion,inspirati
5/20/2005 A Family Divided Rhymeangst,confusion,family,li
5/20/2005 THE HIGH ROAD Rhymeangst,life,philosophy,soc
5/9/2005 The Ebay Auction Rhymebusiness,family,funny,lif
5/9/2005 I Beg You Rhymeangst,caregiving,daughter
4/21/2005 Woodland Paradise Rhymeadventure,animals,life,na

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