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Date PostedPoemTitleFormCategories
6/15/2014 In Days Of Snow and Sand Light Poetryfriendship,
6/13/2014 JOEY Light Poetryspiritual,
12/29/2012 THE MEDICINE CABINET Light Poetrysad,day,
12/19/2012 TINY SOULS I do not know?dedication,love,
12/10/2012 Coffee With Jesus Light Poetrylove,
12/10/2012 SECRET WISH Light Poetrychildhood,christmas,chris
12/10/2012 There Could Be A Place Light Poetrypeace,
12/4/2012 IMMEDIATE ACTION Light Poetryadventure,
12/2/2012 CONTAGIOUS Light Poetrypeople,smile,
11/29/2012 A SIMPLE LITTLE TREE Light Poetryholiday,me,me,
11/21/2012 JOURNEY'S END Light Poetrydeath,time,
11/12/2012 It's Cruel and It's Sad I do not know?devotion,mother,
11/9/2012 ACROSS THE HALL Light Poetrylove,
11/4/2012 THE INCREDIBLE CLEVER ME Light Poetryintrospection,
11/4/2012 THE VACANT SMILE Light Poetryintrospection,me,
11/3/2012 IN HIDING Light Poetryhope,
11/1/2012 SIMPLY ME Light Poetryfantasy,universe,
10/28/2012 YESTERDAY THE POEM Light Poetryvisionary,
10/28/2012 Come With Me Light Poetrynostalgia,water,water,
10/27/2012 LAKE OF THE WOODS Odeplaces,
10/27/2012 FADE AWAY Light Poetrylife,
10/11/2012 MY HOMETOWN Light Poetrychildhood,love,me,
10/11/2012 WITHOUT A SOUND Light Poetrypeople,
10/11/2012 GOLDEN FRAME Light Poetryepic,mystery,me,
10/5/2012 SINCERELY YOURS Light Poetrydevotion,
10/3/2012 ANGRY SILENCE Light Poetrylife,
10/2/2012 SATURDAY Light Poetrydepression,time,
10/2/2012 IT Light Poetrydeath,me,
9/29/2012 FAMILY TREE Light Poetryfantasy,
9/29/2012 Keep On Light Poetryinspirational,
9/28/2012 TO BE AS SMART AS YOU Light Poetrydevotion,forgiveness,hope
9/28/2012 Grandson Light Poetrysad,autumn,
9/28/2012 LOST SOUL Light Poetryintrospection,thank you,m
9/25/2012 It's Cruel And It's Sad Light Poetrymother,
9/21/2012 SIMPLY ME Light Poetryfantasy,universe,
9/21/2012 A New Dance Light Poetryfriendship,
9/21/2012 STEPS Light Poetrydeath,me,
9/20/2012 Don't Blame Me Light Poetryfantasy,life,peace,song-l
9/20/2012 Tim Light Poetryfaith,loss,lost,lost,
11/20/2011 THE CROSS Light Poetryloss,dad,dad,
11/4/2011 GONE Light Poetrylife,
9/30/2011 AFTER Light Poetryfriendship,
9/15/2011 GOLDEN ARROW Light Poetryimagination,
9/15/2011 MY PLATEAU Light Poetryimagination,
9/7/2011 BEHIND THE WHITE FRONT DOOR Light Poetryimagination,house,me,hous
9/6/2011 MY LIFESTYLE GAME Light Poetrydepression,
9/6/2011 I'M NOT Light Poetryimagination,me,friend,me,
9/6/2011 ROSES Light Poetryinspirational,
9/6/2011 DEVOTED FRIEND Light Poetryinspirational,
9/6/2011 A CERTAIN POWER Light Poetryimagination,
9/1/2011 THE NOT SO FAMOS POET Light Poetryon writing and words,sill
8/31/2011 I PROMISE Light Poetryinspirational,words,
8/31/2011 UPON THE HILL Light Poetryinspirational,
8/31/2011 SAD HEARTS: A POEM OF TRUTH Light Poetrydaughter,words,
8/29/2011 THE CAFE Light Poetryfantasy,song,song,
8/29/2011 BODY PARTS Light Poetrycaregiving,husband,body,h
8/29/2011 THE CALL Layimagination,
8/29/2011 ANGEL WHITE Light Poetryimagination,me,angel,ange
8/28/2011 FAIRIES AND ELVES Light Poetryinspirational,
8/28/2011 GOLDEN HEART Light Poetrylove,
8/28/2011 FORGOTTEN NAME Light Poetryinspirational,time,
8/26/2011 SHUT THE DOOR Light Poetrylost love,longing,univers
8/26/2011 GOING HOME Light Poetryinspirational,me,
8/26/2011 LUCKY YOU Light Poetryinspirational,
8/26/2011 YOU Light Poetrypeople,
8/26/2011 NEWBORN Light Poetryinspirational,universe,
8/26/2011 AGING Light Poetrysad,
8/26/2011 PEDESTAL Light Poetryimagination,me,me,
8/26/2011 IN FLOWERS AND IN TREES Light Poetryfaith,
8/25/2011 ME TO YOU Light Poetryreligion,

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