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Date PostedPoemTitleFormCategories
3/25/2017 GOOD SEX CAN CHANGE YOU Light Poetryaddiction,
3/25/2017 REMMERING THE FREEDOM WALK Light Poetryadventure,anniversary,
3/25/2017 PEOPLE CHOICE Light Poetrybetrayal,
3/25/2017 BE A TEAM Light Poetryadventure,beautiful,
3/21/2017 COME OUT THE WOODS Light Poetryadventure,anti bullying,
3/21/2017 FREEDOM BOOK Light Poetryadventure,anger,
3/21/2017 HISTORY OF FREEDOM ROAD Light Poetryadventure,anger,
3/21/2017 ALL UNDER ONE GOD Prose Poetrybible,
3/21/2017 FEAR Light Poetryanger,
3/18/2017 TOOTH Light Poetryadventure,
3/18/2017 THE JOURNEY TO FREEDOM Light Poetryadventure,anniversary,
3/18/2017 OPEN MIND Light Poetryadventure,beautiful,
3/15/2017 AFTER SNOW DIG OUT Light Poetryadventure,
3/15/2017 NOT ABOUT BLACK OR WHITE Light Poetryabuse,anger,
3/15/2017 MUST COME TOGETHER Light Poetryabuse,adventure,anger,
3/14/2017 BABY I MISS YOU Light Poetryadventure,beautiful,best
3/14/2017 CARE AND HEALTH Light Poetryadventure,best friend,
3/14/2017 SKILL MOUNTAIN Light Poetryaddiction,adventure,
3/14/2017 SHOVE AND THE SNOW Light Poetryabuse,adventure,
3/13/2017 BABY LET TALK IT OVER Light Poetryanger,appreciation,
3/13/2017 LOOK AHEAD Light Poetryappreciation,betrayal,
3/13/2017 STAND TOGETHER Limerickadventure,betrayal,
3/13/2017 HOTSEX ON COLD SNOW DAY Light Poetryaddiction,adventure,
3/13/2017 ITS THAT TIME Light Poetryadventure,age,
3/10/2017 GET OUT SNOW BOOTS Light Poetryabuse,
3/10/2017 IT WORLD OF CONFUSTION Light Poetryabuse,betrayal,
3/10/2017 HEALING Light Poetryanger,
3/9/2017 MARCH TO WIN Light Poetryadventure,betrayal,
3/9/2017 STROLLER BABY AND MOTHER Light Poetryadventure,beautiful,beaut
3/9/2017 SNOW And SPRING Light Poetryabuse,adventure,
3/9/2017 TIME STOP CRYING Light Poetryadventure,anger,
3/9/2017 FIGHT FOR THAT YOUR RIGHTS Light Poetryadventure,betrayal,
3/9/2017 FREEDOM PRICES Lyricadventure,anger,
3/4/2017 PARK AND SPRING Light Poetryadventure,beautiful,
3/4/2017 AFTER SEX Light Poetryaddiction,adventure,
3/4/2017 BEING Free Light Poetryadventure,betrayal,
3/2/2017 GET TO KNOW ME BEFORE SEX Light Poetryadventure,art,
3/2/2017 MOVING UP TEAM Light Poetryanger,
3/2/2017 BE STRONG BE WISE Light Poetryabuse,
2/26/2017 TRUTH OVER MONEY Light Poetryadventure,anger,
2/26/2017 CO:D WEATHER BLUES Light Poetryaddiction,adventure,
2/26/2017 BE APART Light Poetryabuse,adventure,anger,
2/26/2017 WE WILL OVERCOME Light Poetryadventure,betrayal,
2/26/2017 UNDERSTANDING Light Poetryanger,
2/26/2017 ONLY GOD GOT THE POWER Light Poetryabuse,adventure,
2/26/2017 STAND UP Light Poetryadventure,anger,betrayal,
2/8/2017 AM JUST ME Light Poetryadventure,angel,
2/8/2017 HE IS IN LET IT BE Light Poetryadventure,betrayal,
2/8/2017 ALWAYS BE YOU Light Poetryabuse,appreciation,
2/8/2017 SEX AND ROMANCE Light Poetryadventure,best friend,
2/3/2017 PRAY AND WORK TOGETHER Prose Poetryadventure,betrayal,
1/29/2017 SEX IS EVERYTHING Light Poetryadventure,beautiful,
1/29/2017 FOLLOW YOUR FEELING Light Poetryabuse,adventure,anger,app
1/29/2017 HERE IF YOU NEED ME Light Poetryangel,beautiful,best frie
1/29/2017 HAPPY VALINTINE DAY MOTHER Light Poetryadventure,angel,
1/29/2017 BABY ITS COLD OUTSIDE Limerickadventure,beautiful,
1/27/2017 HONEY YOUR MY GIFT FOR VALINTINE List adventure,angel,
1/27/2017 TROUBLE TIME Light Poetryaddiction,anger,betrayal,
1/27/2017 SPRING WEAR Light Poetrybeautiful,
1/27/2017 CARDS AND VALINTME DAY Light Poetryadventure,appreciation,
1/27/2017 FLOWER AND THE SPRING Light Poetryappreciation,beauty,
1/27/2017 GET READY FOR SPRING Light Poetryadventure,beautiful,
1/24/2017 WHEN IT RAIN Light Poetryappreciation,
1/24/2017 MARCH TO GET ATTENTION Light Poetryabuse,
1/24/2017 IN WAR NOONE WIN Light Poetryabuse,adventure,
1/23/2017 GOD AND THE RAIN Light Poetryadventure,
1/23/2017 GOD AND THE RAIN Light Poetryadventure,
1/23/2017 GOD AND THE RAIN Light Poetryadventure,
1/23/2017 MARCH IS ON Light Poetryabuse,
1/23/2017 MARCH IS ON Light Poetryabuse,
1/23/2017 LADY WITH FEELING Prose Poetrybetrayal,
1/23/2017 NOW IS THE TIME Light Poetryanger,
1/19/2017 LOVE OVER HATE Light Poetryabuse,
1/19/2017 SO MANY TEARS Light Poetryanger,
1/19/2017 BRIDS AND THE SPRING Light Poetryart,betrayal,
1/19/2017 DON'T LET THIS BE Light Poetryabuse,
1/19/2017 THE COLD AND SUNSHINE Light Poetryadventure,
1/11/2017 COUNT YOUR BLESSING Light Poetryadventure,appreciation,bl
1/11/2017 SNOW COLD AND RAIN Light Poetrybetrayal,
1/11/2017 HOMELESS NEWS NO WHERE TO GO Light Poetryabuse,adventure,
1/11/2017 WEATHER DRESS Light Poetryadventure,
1/11/2017 TOP LADY Light Poetryappreciation,
1/11/2017 NEW DAY SAME TUNE Light Poetryabuse,
1/11/2017 TOP DOG Light Poetrybetrayal,
1/10/2017 HOMELESS IS NO JOKE Light Poetrybetrayal,
1/9/2017 WORK TOGETHER Prose Poetryaddiction,
1/9/2017 HOMELESS COLD WEATHER BLUES Light Poetryanger,
1/9/2017 TAKE IT TO THE STREET Light Poetrybetrayal,
1/9/2017 TEARS OF A QUEEN Prose Poetryabuse,
1/9/2017 TEARS OF A QUEEN Prose Poetryabuse,
1/9/2017 TEARS OF A QUEEN Prose Poetryabuse,
12/27/2016 BIG CITY BALL FALL Light Poetryadventure,destiny,
12/27/2016 VALINTINE AND BOX OF CANDY Light Poetryadventure,beautiful,bless
12/27/2016 RIGHT IS RIGHT Light Poetryadventure,betrayal,
12/27/2016 BE MY VALINTINE Light Poetryadventure,beautiful,beaut
12/27/2016 FIGHT THE POWER THAT BE Light Poetryadventure,betrayal,
12/27/2016 BRING YEAR IN SINGING AND BANGING Light Poetryadventure,beautiful,birth
12/15/2016 OFFICE CHRISTMAS PARTY Light Poetryadventure,anniversary,
12/15/2016 SHE WILL OVER COME Light Poetryadventure,betrayal,
12/15/2016 NEWS YEARS PLANS Light Poetryadventure,blessing,

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