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Date PostedPoemTitleFormCategories
11/26/2015 Turkey Gobbler Limerickthanksgiving,
11/18/2015 Sing a Song of the Doctor Limerickadventure,character,fun,s
11/9/2015 Starbucks Song Limerickchristmas,drink,fun,holid
11/7/2015 Hurried Holidays Limerickholiday,
11/6/2015 Autumn Musing Haikuautumn,nature,
10/29/2015 Online Stalker Rhymeabuse,anti bullying,bully
2/18/2012 My Love Free verselove,i love you,
1/24/2012 Oh, Happy Day Limerickpeople,
1/1/2012 Sin-dees Malady Free versepeople,
11/15/2011 A Cry For Help Senryupeople,
10/30/2011 Insanity Ne'er Wanes Senryupeople,
10/28/2011 Rolly-polly Autumn Haikuseasons,
10/11/2011 Pooled Senryuangst,people,
10/11/2011 Malady Lady Senryuangst,confusion,health,pe
10/11/2011 Spiritual Direction Senryuintrospection,life,
10/11/2011 Fall Tribute Haikuseasons,
10/1/2011 Fallen Haikuseasons,
8/25/2011 Insomniac's Passion Free verselife,people,
8/20/2011 What I'm Not Senryuintrospection,
8/17/2011 Slumbering Thoughts Senryulove,passion,
8/16/2011 To My Love Free verselove,
8/16/2011 Until Locked Away Free verselife,people,
8/15/2011 Orang Versus Bog Senryufunny,life,science fictio
8/13/2011 Dante's Dame Senryupeople,
8/8/2011 Madness Defined Senryupeople,
8/8/2011 Sans Summer Senryunature,seasons,
8/7/2011 Passionate Purpose Senryulove,passion,
8/5/2011 Sibling Sanity Limericklife,people,
8/5/2011 Descriptors Senryulove,passion,
8/4/2011 Quiet Serenade Senryulove,romance,
8/3/2011 Bothersome Bird-woman Senryuhappiness,people,
8/1/2011 Entwined Senryulove,passion,
8/1/2011 Ode To My Man and Best Friend Free verselove,
7/31/2011 Without Senryulove,
7/31/2011 Lazily Listening Senryulife,
7/30/2011 Massive Mockery Senryufaith,people,religion,dea
7/28/2011 Glass Gal Senryuangst,life,people,sad,
7/25/2011 Blurry Line Free verseangst,family,love,people,
7/24/2011 Limitless Love Rhymeangst,love,people
7/24/2011 Curious Conundrum Senryuangst,life,people,sad
7/24/2011 Eyes Open and Not Seeing Senryuangst,family,love,sad,sis
7/23/2011 Insanity of Faith Senryudeath,faith,life,loss,peo
7/22/2011 Seattle Summer Haikuhappiness,nature,seasons
7/21/2011 Probably Not Prophetic Rhymefunny,health,life,religio
7/21/2011 End of a Harpy Monokuhappiness,life,people
7/19/2011 Silly Shrew Monorhymefunny,people
7/19/2011 Faulty Facade Senryulove,people
7/18/2011 Verbal Veracity Senryupeople
7/17/2011 Happiness Senryupeople
7/17/2011 Unremarkable Slumber Senryupeople
7/16/2011 Renee's Rabbits Alliterationanimals,love,pets
7/15/2011 Wolfish Woman Senryupeople
7/15/2011 Morally Me Senryufaith,philosophy,religion
7/15/2011 Joy Senryulove,passion
7/15/2011 Looking In Free verseangst,life,people,sad,sym
7/15/2011 Son's Senryu Senryumother,son
7/15/2011 Without a Touch Senryulove,passion
7/15/2011 Sensual Sway Senryulove,passion
7/6/2011 Object Objection Senryulife,people
7/5/2011 Prevailing Purpose Senryufaith,happiness,life,peop
7/3/2011 Conundrum Senryuhappiness,life,love,passi
7/3/2011 Perfect Perambulation Haikunature
7/2/2011 Epic Extract Senryuhistory
7/2/2011 Insidious Insanity Senryuangst,life,people
7/2/2011 Delightful Dawn Senryunature
7/1/2011 Clasped Hands Are Useless Senryufaith,life
7/1/2011 Fathomless Love Senryulove,passion,romance
6/29/2011 Thinking Freely Acrosticfaith,life
6/29/2011 Adoring Clasp Senryulove,passion,romance
6/29/2011 The Book of Her Life Sonnetlifelife,life,
6/29/2011 Denial of Daybreak Haikulife,nature
6/28/2011 Floral Bliss Senryulove,passion,romance
6/28/2011 Northwest Summertime Haikunature,seasons
6/27/2011 This Senryu Makes No Sense Senryufunny
6/27/2011 Entwined Love Senryudevotion,love,passion,rom
6/27/2011 Inglorious Morning Senryufunny,life
6/26/2011 Ache Senryulove,passion
6/26/2011 Tenderly Tied Senryulove,passion
6/26/2011 Nonsensical Proof Senryufaith
6/26/2011 Tale Spinner Senryuangst,life,people
6/26/2011 Complete Embrace Senryulove,passion
6/24/2011 Ode To My Pomeranian Haikuanimals,love,pets
6/23/2011 Blind Eyes Haikuangst,confusion,depressio
6/22/2011 Forever Raving Haikuangst,confusion,people
6/22/2011 Endless Haikulove
6/22/2011 A Sister's Love Haikuangst,life,people,sad,sis
6/21/2011 Sad Seeker Haikuangst,people,sad
6/21/2011 Morning Delight Haikulove
6/19/2011 Psychosis Haikupeople
6/19/2011 Mid-Day Fire Haikulove
6/19/2011 Joyful Haikulove
6/18/2011 Drowning Haikulove
6/18/2011 Little Pleasures Haikulove
6/18/2011 Morning Comfort Haikulove
6/17/2011 More Than Forever Haikulove
6/16/2011 Double Take Haikulove
6/12/2011 More Than the Word Haikudevotion,love
6/12/2011 Sneaky Insanity Haikuangst,confusion,life,peop
5/26/2011 How Free verseangst,life,people,sad
5/25/2011 I Am Atheist Monokufaith,life

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