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Date PostedPoemTitleFormCategories
6/19/2013 Eyes Closed Free verselost love,
3/17/2013 The Storm Free verselost love,world,light,lig
4/11/2012 Slipping Free verselost love,woman,
3/4/2012 Delicate Rose Free verseloss,rose,
12/28/2011 Apathetic Heroic Coupletsconfusion,lost love,love,
12/28/2011 Dreamland Free verseconfusion,imagination,los
12/25/2011 Addiction Free verseconfusion,love,name,love,
12/18/2011 City of Knowledge Free verseeducation,faith,war,city,
12/17/2011 Bathing in Fire Free versereligion,fire,fire,
11/25/2011 Enter Muharram Free versehope,loss,religion,war,me
11/24/2011 O Compassionate and Merciful Free verseconfusion,religion,me,pra
11/24/2011 Story of My Life Haikulost love,
11/23/2011 Seasons and Feelings Free verseconfusion,words,change,li
11/18/2011 Papercut Free verseallegory,
11/11/2011 Perfect Other Free verselost love,love,
10/31/2011 Secret Haikulove,
10/25/2011 Small Talk, Big Thoughts Haikulost love,
10/22/2011 The Human Mind Free verseallegory,ocean,
10/10/2011 Nice Guys Free versedepression,nice,nice,
9/12/2011 Storm 9 Free verselost love,heart,heart,lov
8/24/2011 Siren Song on Repeat Free verselove,
7/25/2011 Bottom of the Barrel Free versepolitical,
7/20/2011 Apocalypse Free versereligionworld,
7/1/2011 Femme Fatale Free verselove
6/17/2011 Waiting Free verseconfusion
6/1/2011 Like Father Like Son Free versefatherme,pride,
5/26/2011 Matter over Mind Free verseconfusion
5/8/2011 Special Friend Free verselove
3/26/2011 Deprived Free versedepressionworld,fear,
3/24/2011 Our True Incarnation Free versedeath
3/20/2011 This is Love Free verselove
3/20/2011 Guerrilla Free versewar
3/12/2011 Wild Ride Free verselife
3/12/2011 Sun and Moon Acrosticreligionlife,light,dark,d
3/12/2011 Handful of Almonds Free verselife
3/4/2011 Mighty Free versepoliticalheart,heart,
2/14/2011 Valentine Goodbye Free verselost loverose,
2/11/2011 Fear has Fallen Free verseinspirationalpeople,peopl
1/18/2011 Cinderella is Dead Free verselost love
1/15/2011 Complex Reality Free verselost lovedepression,
1/15/2011 Find My Way Haikudepression
1/10/2011 Solitude Free versetimeevil,
1/9/2011 Cleansing Free versereligion
1/8/2011 Poison Free versewar
1/6/2011 End is the New Beginning Free verseconfusionlife,life,
1/4/2011 Slow Dance Free versepassiondance,dance,
1/4/2011 A Moment's Treasure Haikuhappiness
12/31/2010 The Standing One Free verseallegoryworld,fire,fire,s
12/24/2010 Free Free verseintrospectionnature,me,me
12/16/2010 Red Tears, Black Skies Free versewarday,body,day,men,
11/27/2010 Moonless Night Free verselost lovelife,life,
11/16/2010 The Spirit Heart Haikuintrospection
11/14/2010 The Spirit Head Rhymereligion
11/13/2010 The Ideal City Free verseallegorycity,mountains,
8/28/2010 Fire with Fire I do not know?politicalworld,time,
8/26/2010 The Suicide Note Rhymedeathme,world,me,
8/24/2010 Living Grave Free versedepressionpeace,peace,
7/9/2010 Doubt Rhymelove
6/30/2010 Killed in Action Free versewar
6/28/2010 We Only Come Out At Night Rhymeangstnight,home,dark,dark
6/28/2010 Life, Death, Solitude and Resurrection (part three) Acrosticdeathbody,life,me,univers
6/28/2010 Life, Death, Solitude and Resurrection (part two) Rhymelifeworld,love,sky,
6/28/2010 Life, Death, Solitude and Resurrection (part one) Acrosticlifelife,world,life,stars
6/28/2010 Ablution Rhymeloveheart,water,heart,me,
6/28/2010 Those Deceitful Eyes Free verseangstbeautiful,betrayal,b
6/28/2010 Distress Rhymelost loveme,me,
6/28/2010 The Spirit Hand Rhymeinspirational
6/28/2010 The Old You I do not know?lossold,old,
6/28/2010 Hopeless Glory Epicwar
6/28/2010 Someone I Used to Know Free verselost loveme,
6/28/2010 Oceans of Light Free versereligionlight,light,men,
6/28/2010 Power Rhymesocialwords,
6/28/2010 Lord Rhymefaith
6/28/2010 Alone in the Darkness Rhymedeath
6/28/2010 Forefather Rhymedeathlife,
6/28/2010 Reverend Plague Rhymedeath
6/28/2010 Forgotten Acrosticdeath
6/28/2010 Loneliness Free versedepressionlife,life,
6/28/2010 The Wonderful Anomaly Rhymelovedark,dark,
6/28/2010 Darkness Surrounding Rhymeangst
6/28/2010 Different? Rhymelost love
6/28/2010 The Plague of Hate Rhymeangst
6/28/2010 Tomorrow Rhymerecovery from...
6/28/2010 The Perfection You Never Had Alliterationallegory
6/28/2010 Turn Away Free verseloss
6/28/2010 Sanity Acrosticconfusion
6/28/2010 Dead Rhymedeath
6/28/2010 Burning Desire Rhymelove

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