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John freeman's Biography I am born and raised, in pope county Arkansas, where I still reside. I live in a small group called Pleasant Grove, about twenty miles north of Russellville on hwy 7, a beautiful highway cut through the famous Ozark mountains. Russellville, a larger city, intersected, by I-40 is about ninety miles west of Little Rock, capital. I am a retired OTR truck driver as of 2009, certainly not a writer, as one may determine. In my life while I have written one poem prior to 2009, “The Tale of a Pig’s Tail”, when my confidence permits I may share on this web. Immediately upon my retirement, the first month of 2009, poems of the kind that I’ve shared on “#Poetry Soup” begin to emerge up from my heart, like a river that could not be stopped, as if I had something to write. Ha! Well anyway, you be the judge, but whatever the mind, I do not think it will stay this flow, sorry. The message seems to be, “God is Love, the power, of Truth which is his Kingdom”, the much larger picture of a reality, of which, the imitative will cannot conceive of by itself. I am single and have one son named Boyce, made famous by an honorable mention in one of my poems. Lol! Also, I have written true poems about my dear grandmother and granddaughter. I have many other children and grand children that I hope to write poems in honor of each member of my immediate family.

 I lovingly accept your warm welcome to “Poetry Soup”. Thanks so much, for your comments on my Poems, and the one Blog I have posted. My welcoming was fantastic, thanks! I am love, created to be, and that is what I write about, so one may say whatever one believes in comments, about my stuff. If my feeling are hurt my love will absolve, never allow yourself worry about that. It will not be a problem! Having not got some of the meanings in my stuff, feel free to ask questions. We all are touching some part of the proverbial elephant, the cosmic consciousness, of creator. I do not mind relating that I think he is the essence, love itself. We’re in this thing, the reality of life, together, as one bound by the essence. In finality, poets are poets because they are acting out, the creative nature of their creator, by the potential the creator placed with in the sacred heart. My opinion is that love is that capacity spoken of, though that is already known from the poems that I write, so who am I kidding! Ha! Lovingly, John Moses Freeman

The Greater Mind

Blog Posted:5/16/2012 10:10:00 AM
The human intellect I trust has progress to a point that most everyone has a fair idea what is meant when we say, “Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit, I think we all recognize as being the highest essence which is God. So for sake of reference let us call the Holy Spirit, “The Greater Mind!” Imagine if you will, the whole universe contained within this paranormal essence we call “The Holy Spirit!” Everything formed or otherwise is  contained within this essence which is a part of the body or being of God.  The Spirit is actually not a brain for this essence is precept the form of the lesser created brain, it is Conscience which is one with reality of two possibilities. The Holy Spirit  which we will call higher mind for sake of human concept reference is God, so picture if you will, a paranormal brain with all its  Neurotransmitters and receptors. Would this not satisfy your holy curiosity abut the ability that Father has in being omnipotent,  and able to direct all things, knowing even the smallest sparrow that falls from its nest to the ground?  The bible is truth, if one is not seeing into its truth then one is not viewing absolutely from their own centermost essence absolutely true.

The mysterious brain with all its Neurotransmitters and receptors is a physically formed image of the Holy Spirit. Everything for that matter, is an image of the imagination of Holy Spirit, or higher mind. God formed the substance of his imagination by His faith in the quality of  the morality of poems/love'>love. The Holy Spirit’s bright idea became physically light particles. Truth existed before creation, without truth there is no reality. Truth is just a word we use to describe reality; is the backbone of reality. A lie is also just a word that we use to describe lack of reality, a lie has no backbone supporting it.

There is wholeness of truth in the saying, “If you love something or someone then set it/them free, and if it loves you back it will return to you.”  Truth and Love are adamantly one and the same, truth set forth upon the waters of love’s faith will ultimately return to its source which is Love.” Love cycles truth. Truth is a cycle of life... so on and so forth. A cycle that doesn't return to it source is depleted.

If I love something, I set it free,
as God did humanity, 
if it isn’t truth I don’t want it to return to me.
For thus it would only contaminate the source which is Love. A human concept that insist upon being ruled by it’s own logic is not fit for the kingdom of God for the logic of heaven is based upon Love, the source of truth.

Smoo cheese, Agape, Moses
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Date: 5/16/2012 6:00:00 PM
Actions are very important too Joann, if they do not line up with ones words, ones words become as sounding brass. Thanks, Joann, Agape, Moses
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Date: 5/16/2012 5:52:00 PM
'words and rituals are static anchors holding us back from Truth." You got it Chris, I could say more but it might offend those who still believe in them. I feel that you are right to point out the difference in religion of human concept, and the depth of spiritual growth that a christian can obtain as precept truth." the static words and rituals cease to anchor one down" Yes, I relate to this statement as having overcome ones own human concept logic, which is necessary to begin using Love's logic which is precep. Thanks Chris, neat blog yours. Agape, Moses
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Date: 5/16/2012 5:36:00 PM
Thanks Rhonda, the precept truth as I have always found is always simplicity first, and it will confound the wisdom of the serpent or human concept logic, if you perfer. Ps. and as you say, I didn't detect any foolishness in Dan on Chris' blog. Agape, Moses
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Date: 5/16/2012 5:29:00 PM
Thanks sweet Gail and also for your blogs of truth's light. Agape, Moses
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Date: 5/16/2012 5:19:00 PM
Dan you are to be comended, for you certainly have shown in your comment that your human concept has grathered the necessary modesty to be lead by the precept heart. Just be the love that you are and your life will always fall into place. Agape, Moses
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Date: 5/16/2012 3:46:00 PM
Joann I agree with you 100 percent! On a site like this, however, our words are all we have so I guess we need to choose them wisely. Blessings and love, Rhonda
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Date: 5/16/2012 3:18:00 PM
Dan, you didn't have anything to apologize for. That was my point. You are absolutely correct about my tone of smugness; it is a flaw of mine that I haven't rectified yet. I also haven't conquered my online addiction - I am working right now. Better leave before someone gets angry :D
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Date: 5/16/2012 1:53:00 PM
I believe that my actions speak l;ouder thanmy words and that people will judge my faith but what they see rather than by anything I could say to them.
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Date: 5/16/2012 12:01:00 PM
The Great Spirit speaks through many things, but after awhile, words and rituals are static anchors holding us back from Truth. Everything is an expression of the Great Spirit. Everyone is the offspring/extension of the Great Spirit. People get the wrong idea about me sometimes. To use Christianity as a cipher-code example, I believe that Jesus didn't want a religion built around his name, but something else entirely. Jesus didn't like physical temples; saw truth within holy books, but not as the be all of Truth. The irony is that an organized modern church is actually an anti-thesis of Christ, and an anti-thesis of Christ = Anti-Christ. The true "church" was never physically built, because as it has no beginning and no end, it is always building, as the methodology of Christ's Spirituality was always evolving as well, for the Universe, the Great Spirit is in constant flux and change. To fall back on the repetition of reinforcement can have healing properties, but eventually the keys have to change alongside the always changing doorways. Contrary to belief, Jesus didn't want his Spirituality set into the static stone of words and rituals of churchianity. A fellowship of reinforcement yes, but not an entire static organization. There were already enough organized religions and holy texts around, for Jesus not to desire yet another one to be created around his name. To be truly set free into pure love, first one must go out into the world, become part of the world, and also not of it. Once the Kingdom of God is realized within and without, the static words and rituals cease to anchor one down and away from the Great Spirit. The culmination of all organized religions is the true Babylon. To continue with a Christian cipher-code, your Devil, the great carnal deceiver, preached from the pulpit, created the physical church as fleshly distraction of self/ego, and away from the Spiritual church of pure love potential. The "Devil" was very good at handing out bibles, enticing unstable, naive souls away from the true Ecclesia. One can take any religion and using its key-words, come to the same conclusion.
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Date: 5/16/2012 11:16:00 AM
John, you have described Truth, Love and the Holy Spirit in an elementary yet powerful way. Yes God did set us free. Not the original intention of course, but what had to be for His Love to return...Dan, you did not look like a fool. Like me, you are passionate and let your emotions take over. After reading the scripture you made mention to, my heart felt renewed. No need to quarrel. Love, Rhonda
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