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Andrea Dietrich grew up in Iowa and now resides in Utah with a spouse and two cats. She has two grown children and six grandchildren. Having graduated BYU with a Spanish major/ESL minor, she has spent most of her adult life teaching. It wasn't until 2000 that she began writing in earnest and discovering her "niche" as a writer of lyrical poetry. The internet opened up a new world for her, and she has spent two decades now participating in poetry clubs, acting as a judge of poetry contests for various magazines, for the website Shadow Poetry, and for Poetry Soup. 

Ms. Dietrich has won numerous awards, as well as the title Poet of the Year 2008, from the Yahoo group, Poetry For Thought. In addition, she has won prizes from the magazines Lucidity, Bell's Letters, Art with Words, Poets at Work and SP Quill, the magazine for which she wrote grammar and poetry articles as well as movie reviews and for which she acted as poetry editor for the head editor Marie Summers for six years. Many of her poems appeared in Shadows Ink, a yearly published series of chapbooks of award winning poetry as well as in numerous other anthologies. Her short stories appeared in many issues of SP Quill and much of her poetry was published in eight chapbooks (no longer sold online). 

Since coming to Poetry Soup, Ms. Dietrich has been both contest sponsor and winner of numerous contests. In 2010, her poem "Cinder Girl" was first place winner of Soup's International contest (these contests are no longer held).  A song was created from her lyrics "Honeymoon Serenade" ( and two movies have been made featuring the poetry of Andrea Dietrich: "A Tale of Fire and Ice" (a 4 min. Z-Film Fest Project, 2014) and the full length movie "Six Days of Sistine" in which 20 poems of Ms. Dietrichs serve as the thoughts of two characters played by Jamie Campbell Bower and Elarica Johnson (directed by Richard J. Perry, 2019)

How is it Possible?

Blog Posted:9/5/2022 5:54:00 PM

I have been so overwhelmed with things to do this week, I maybe took time to comment to five poems all week long and do a few blog comments and soupmails. Yet today I see that I am FIFTH place for community building? How is that even possible? A few weeks ago, when I was commenting MUCH more frequently, I was falling behind and at one point, I was 13th in community building. I just thought it seemed weird that I was looking good for community building today when I am at my worst for the year! And what that tells me is that there can't be much participation by others if I am way ahead of THEM on that list.

Come on, guys, start reading and commenting to your peers. I promise that when I get my life situations ironed out, I will be back to normal here. I actually used one of my weekend days to write poetry, and still I have so much to do. Be well, everyone, and happy Labor Day to my American friends.

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Date: 9/9/2022 11:01:00 AM
I shall try to post more comments- one a day or seven per week minimum will be my start coz i have a tendency to get too involved then other things get neglected :)
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Dietrich Avatar
Andrea Dietrich
Date: 9/9/2022 7:34:00 PM
It's not hard to do 50 or even 100. I like to find contest winner lists of short poetry forms such as tanka or haiku or limerick. If it's a generous list of 35 on each list, you can knock out 70 comments in 40 min. I love reading haiku and limericks and I don't just copy and past congrats to each one. I actually make little comments to express my feelings. Try it some time!!
Woodrow Avatar
Susan Woodrow
Date: 9/9/2022 5:34:00 PM
Oh my goodness- u just knocked the wind right out of my sails lol 100 !! Have a great poetry weekend :))
Dietrich Avatar
Andrea Dietrich
Date: 9/9/2022 5:16:00 PM
LOL, oh, dear Susan. It's so funny to me, one a day. My gold standard used to be 50 to 100 comments a day. then I was at 30 to 40. I want to get back to that!!! Getting behind again. I was there just a few days ago but other things are consuming my time today. You have such an active outdoors life style. do what you LOVE. I love THIS and that's the only reason I am often high on community building!!
Date: 9/9/2022 9:42:00 AM
I know....I feel the same and get discouraged. However, I am now engrossed in a workshop that seems to use up my time. So, sadly I probably won't be too active in the next month. :)Paulette
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Dietrich Avatar
Andrea Dietrich
Date: 9/9/2022 5:12:00 PM
It's ok, Paulette. I just got spoiled by seeing myself always at top bar for community building and was surprised when being absent for a week, I was higher than ever. It seemed strange to me and that's why I blogged about it. Seriously, we should not worry about it at all!
Delaney Avatar
Suzanne Delaney
Date: 9/9/2022 10:24:00 AM
Paulette: Have fun with the Workshop but don’t be a stranger here, SuZ
Date: 9/9/2022 4:52:00 AM
Hi Andrea: That is something I haven’t been able to figure out. I can spend over a couple of hours in here sometimes reading and commenting. My icon never appears on the home page. I used to check the Community ratings when I first came but haven’t in ages. Out of interest I found the list today. I am only 93rd. Out of 100. I agree with you on the reply button. I have noticed many just thank you there and don’t visit your poems. I tend to do a reply and a visit to the poet who has been kind enough to read and comment. It all takes time so I hope I am reaching a balance and being able to build a few meaningful friendships with poets I admire as well as making new poets feel welcome.
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Delaney Avatar
Suzanne Delaney
Date: 9/10/2022 4:02:00 AM
(Cont from below) I have been digging up some old poems to post, I am really glad you turned me on to this site. I hope you and Joe are doing better. Always be a little devil hehe Luv ya too. SuZ
Delaney Avatar
Suzanne Delaney
Date: 9/10/2022 4:01:00 AM
Andy: I used to do a blog now and then and did a few competitions when I first became a Lifetime Member. If I think of a good topic for either in the future I will occasionally do one. I also enter the Contests that inspire me. I treat them as an opportunity to write. I am content and happy with who I follow now and those that reach out.
Dietrich Avatar
Andrea Dietrich
Date: 9/9/2022 5:11:00 PM
Suzanne. I wonder why you are only 93rd. My guess is that I blog a little and do a few contests too. Maybe all this ties together, plus I enter almost every contest. My first month or two at Soup 2010, this is no joke. I commented SO MUCH, I became number one community builder. That is how fast i got there!!! That 's why I assumed that community building was based on commenting. Well, somehow Reply button has become the "new age" way of doing things here, but I will not conform. I am a little devil. heehee!! And I will stick to my old ways. Luv ya, Suz.
Date: 9/8/2022 9:25:00 AM
Hi Andrea, years gone by, you're right, the way to express gratitude for one's visit was to visit their page and comment...the impression I got was, a comment on my work meant a fellow poet just posted fresh ink & they wanted my take on it, not poems, poets I follow, generate visits for sure, I am always impressed when a poet reciprocates, classy, like you!
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Dietrich Avatar
Andrea Dietrich
Date: 9/8/2022 9:31:00 AM
The original comment that appeared under your box was meant for Anaya. Thanks for what you said, James. We are old-timers and the ways we were accustomed to are now apparently like some kind of ancient rituals that only people like you and I keep carrying on!
Date: 9/8/2022 9:18:00 AM
I keep track of who and how many comments I make and receive, Andrea. The first week of September I made 137 comments, yet I went from (9th to 25th) in Community Building. This figure doesn't include all the newcomers and people I don't follow that I comment on. I don't understand the formula for the ranking on Community Building. I reply to each comment I recieve. I'm usually in the 10-15 rank area since my first month but I'm doing something wrong or maybe it's because I'm don't have time to post as many poems as I used too. I've posted a little over 200 this year? If anyone know the rank is determined, please soup mail me. The rank doesn't matter to me. Not understanding does. Bill
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Dietrich Avatar
Andrea Dietrich
Date: 9/8/2022 11:28:00 AM
I agree with you, Bill. Something is off. It would be nice to understand it!! Somebody mentioned that doing blogs could have something to do with it. I never imagined that before!
Date: 9/7/2022 6:05:00 PM
Andrea, I am certain it has not much to do with replying because I have been commenting most frequently all month long. I have dropped on one of those lists! But I have not posted any poems all month. I think ~Hot~ (blogs) may make a difference. I would like my friend poet to get a POTD, hasn't yet, and so deserves it, such beautiful poems. I am with you on the cluttering up e-mail, but like you said we have an option! Love you, Andrea don't fret! "Soupmail"
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Dietrich Avatar
Andrea Dietrich
Date: 9/8/2022 7:05:00 PM
I don't know what happened, but my comment to you ended up way above your name. here is what I said: yes, it must have been a lot of other things other than actual commenting. I had no idea all of that other stuff contributed toward community building. I am sorry your friend is not getting POTD's. I know there are excellent poets here not being recognized, and it's sad. People only need to interact with each other more and more, and they will finally start getting POTD's. Does your friend do much here other than post poems? I really want to know!
Date: 9/7/2022 12:33:00 PM
Thank you for your blog Andrea! Know you remain in my thoughts and close to my heart in prayer. Have had company and family events for the past three weeks and I am way behind in reading and commenting. Hope to get caught up soon! Just an FYI. I have found such inspiration in reading and commenting. Often, when I am stuck in my own writing, I find inspiration, or a word, or a thought that gets me back on track. That is a gift and I thank all of you for that gift! Sending you prayers and a hug!
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Dietrich Avatar
Andrea Dietrich
Date: 9/8/2022 7:14:00 PM
Go to "MY Comments In-Box" and then look up and you'll see four other options, one of which is "replies" this way you can see all replies that were made to you. I have sure missed out on many of them by now!
Dietrich Avatar
Andrea Dietrich
Date: 9/8/2022 7:04:00 PM
John W. told me if you go to in-box, you will see replies in a list of options above. I still have to check that out.
Kauffman Avatar
Sam Kauffman
Date: 9/8/2022 10:14:00 AM
Like you I am unaware of that part of the website! Have you emailed Mark for that information? I would love to know about that part of the website. Still sending good and positive thoughts your way.
Dietrich Avatar
Andrea Dietrich
Date: 9/7/2022 6:00:00 PM
thanks for being such a sweetie pie, Sam. And for thinking of me. I am glad Soup inspires you too. I must be retarded or something. A friend of mine recently informed me that there is actually a place where I can see reply notifications which do not come to my email. I was searching for it, and I simply can't find it! Good grief.
Date: 9/7/2022 12:14:00 AM
I will add this, 'I do not reply' for the simple reason i have not the time, what with my illness and other aspects. For those that do, i respect their choice and capturability to do so, What does concern me, is being labelled although in a general sense, disrespectable because, i cannot achieve it.
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Dietrich Avatar
Andrea Dietrich
Date: 9/7/2022 8:56:00 AM
well, you already know MY feelings on the reply button. I DO actually use it when I"m in the mood to, but normally I do not. Harry, if people are replying to me, I do not even KNOW it because I don't see notifications for it. You just keep replying to me at my poems. I love when you do that!!
Date: 9/6/2022 11:26:00 AM
Yes, this site is no longer like it once was. So many changes and new faces. I think some people never comment on other people's work. I can't do as much as I once did for several reasons. I am glad your place on the charts went up under your circumstances. God bless you in what you are going through. Sara
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Rodrigues Avatar
Kim Rodrigues
Date: 9/7/2022 7:27:00 PM
But Sara I find that sight impersonal. I don’t really get to know the poets. Sounds like a good idea but it doesn’t work for me. Those that can should try to reply at least to some. And Andrea, good blog.
Dietrich Avatar
Andrea Dietrich
Date: 9/7/2022 6:05:00 PM
I LOVE that kind of thing, and if I had my druthers, it would be the rule here at soup.
Kendrick Avatar
Sara Kendrick
Date: 9/7/2022 2:10:00 PM
Andrea, there is a poetry site that is set up when you post a poem you have to comment on at least two poems before you can complete the process of posting that poem. I like that site for that reason. At least some poems get commented on that way. Sara
Dietrich Avatar
Andrea Dietrich
Date: 9/6/2022 1:26:00 PM
I liked the "old" Soup better, Sara. In those days you had no choice but to go directly to a poet's work and leave comments to HIS poems for him. Today I think too many people just use that reply button and don't always bother to visit the other poet's page. I see lots of people leaving thank you's as replies to those who comment. Personally,, I rarely see a person's reply to my comments and I probably miss things, but I did not like the way the reply notifications were cluttering up my email box! I had the option removed and if people are thanking me for my comments, I don't really care about something like that. I just want to read poems and BE read by my fellow poets! . Thanks for your kind thoughts. God bless you in all you are going through as well.
Date: 9/6/2022 7:54:00 AM
Andrea, my comments were never meant as an attack on you or your method of replying to comments. I understand that you've been dealing with stress, and I would never think of burdening you with more... certainly not over poetry. I apologize if I made you feel you had to defend yourself. That was not my intent. We do have different ways of communicating with other poets, and I find yours a bit unusual, but that doesn't make it wrong. Linda is right, PS is 'small stuff' compared to what's important in our lives. We may have different mindsets about other issues that we've expressed in other blogs, but we are both poets. That's what should be prioritized on this site.
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Dietrich Avatar
Andrea Dietrich
Date: 9/6/2022 10:27:00 AM
Something we both agree on. It's "small stuff" anyway!! It was a different world here when I first came to Soup, and nobody had a reply button. Unfortunately my method today is not well known or popular, I suppose. No big deal, Jenna. Sorry I took it as an attack. And yes, let's all just get on with writing as much poetry as we can.
Date: 9/6/2022 7:28:00 AM
Don't sweat the small stuff. ;) Belated Happy Birthday Andrea!
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Dietrich Avatar
Andrea Dietrich
Date: 9/6/2022 4:36:00 PM
Thanks, Ani, I finally decided to start fresh today and just return comments to all those who commented to my last five posts. It's too overwhelming facing a full inbox of poetry comments!
Jayasankar Avatar
Anitha Jayasankar
Date: 9/6/2022 7:52:00 AM
Andrea, please do not feel bad... Many in Soup including me know how much importance you give to comment to others' poems... Just enjoy your day dear friend... ~ Ani
Dietrich Avatar
Andrea Dietrich
Date: 9/6/2022 7:38:00 AM
Good idea, Linda!! I should not take things so seriously, but because I am usually on top of things, a few poets will actually soupmail me, asking me why I am not commenting to them any more and that makes me feel badl.
Date: 9/6/2022 7:25:00 AM
Andrea, be gentle with yourself, as far as community points go, I am not sure how it works either, but know it is more than just commenting, it is also doing replies to comments, it is contest wins, doing blogs, commenting on blogs, sponsoring contests, and probably more all combined, and because my time is limited on PS, I need to decide some days do I write poems? or comment? because I cannot do both, God Bless and Happy Birthday ~
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Dietrich Avatar
Andrea Dietrich
Date: 9/6/2022 7:36:00 AM
Yes, Constance, I bet many things are involved, just as Ani down here suggests.. God bless you too and thanks for the birthday wishes.
Date: 9/6/2022 3:19:00 AM
Andrea, I feel they use some kind of algorithm for this, though am not an expert in technologies. (Online sites do that). Maybe it automatically determines how much active a poet/poetess taking notice of their no. of poems posted, how regular they are in commenting for others' poems, etc. As far as potd is concerned, I feel it's about the no. of views a poet gets immediately after posting a poem... (maybe within five mins, or so... am not sure), plus the no. of favs they are getting.... which is why I often pray I shouldn't get any favs for my average poems... Anyways, I have got potds for both my well-written poems as well as average poems... ~ Ani
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Dietrich Avatar
Andrea Dietrich
Date: 9/6/2022 10:28:00 AM
Thanks, Ani. You give me a lot of support and I appreciate all the things you recently did for my birthday on FB.
Jayasankar Avatar
Anitha Jayasankar
Date: 9/6/2022 7:48:00 AM
Yes, I understand Andrea, and we really do not know what methods are used... Also, though I have already wished you, a very happy belated birthday to you... Hope you had a nice day my friend. ~ Ani
Dietrich Avatar
Andrea Dietrich
Date: 9/6/2022 7:39:00 AM
I agree with you on POTD's. My really best ones are often ignored. So that's why that particular aspect of Soup is no big deal to me.
Date: 9/5/2022 10:02:00 PM
Don’t know how it works, never really thought about it too. Contest results merely reflect the sponsor’s opinion, based on a variety of personal reasons and community rankings - well maybe they have to do with participation measured by a software while POTD probably is linked to views or some reader marking it as a fave. Meanwhile, enjoy soul’s musings over a cuppa!
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Dietrich Avatar
Andrea Dietrich
Date: 9/6/2022 7:31:00 AM
Jenna, when you brought up my Blackberries poem, it was not a representation of my general manner of replying to poets and you implied that I skip over poets because you did not understand the way I reply to poets. 99% of the time, I reply to ALL poets, just not in your style. I am "old school" and I believe many newer members have different mindsets from me and some of the "Oldies" As for all caps, I use them for emphasis because written language does not allow me to emphasize my words. you are a wonderful poet, but I have noticed in other blogs that your way of thinking often does not line up with mine. Therefore, I can't help but feel defensive. That is it in a nutshell.
Date: 9/5/2022 9:32:00 PM
When you go to your inbox and reply to a comment, don’t you see ALL of the comments for that poem? If so, Why then don’t you reply to all the comments on that poem? I randomly picked one of your poems… the one about blackberries. Your replies skip over several comments. It’s your prerogative to do so but that’s the point I was making in my first comment to which you said you don’t skip over poets. Perhaps you don’t realize you do.
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Dietrich Avatar
Andrea Dietrich
Date: 9/8/2022 2:04:00 PM
Joseph, I just barely learned about the place to see all replies. It has always been there and it did not even register with me. The thing about replying, I just use it when someone says something that I really want to respond to. I had no idea there was some kind of social rule about having to reply to every person!!
May Avatar
Joseph May
Date: 9/7/2022 12:17:00 PM
I understand both your points, I think that just replying to a comment without commenting back on someone's poem is not good for community building. In most cases if you are replying to comments you should reply to all, but sometimes I may only reply to a sponsor's Congrats to my winning poem, or if a question posed.
Dietrich Avatar
Andrea Dietrich
Date: 9/6/2022 7:35:00 AM
My last reply to you went up to Unseeking Seeker's box. I am not replying to Unseeking Seeker or Anitha, simply because they are giving opinions that I really do not know anything about when it comes to Soup's methods of doing things.
Dietrich Avatar
Andrea Dietrich
Date: 9/6/2022 7:31:00 AM
Jenna, when you brought up my Blackberries poem, it was not a representation of my general manner of replying to poets and you implied that I skip over poets because you did not understand the way I reply to poets. 99% of the time, I reply to ALL poets, just not in your style. I am "old school" and I believe many newer members have different mindsets from me and some of the "Oldies" As for all caps, I use them for emphasis because written language does not allow me to emphasize my words. you are a wonderful poet, but I have noticed in other blogs that your way of thinking often does not line up with mine. Therefore, I can't help but feel defensive. That is it in a nutshell.
Logan Avatar
Jenna Logan
Date: 9/6/2022 12:55:00 AM
I judge no one. Clearly, we’re not on the same page about the point I was trying to make. No need for you to be in a huff with so many capitalized words. Unruffle your tail feathers, chick. You’re misjudging me.
Dietrich Avatar
Andrea Dietrich
Date: 9/5/2022 10:41:00 PM
sorry to belabor this, but I do not want anyone misunderstanding how I do things here. Go to any random poem that has NO replies to it. you can be assured that unless it was a hard week for me, I went to every single poet who commented to me on that poem , I clicked on his/her name and made my comment based on his poetry, not my own.
Dietrich Avatar
Andrea Dietrich
Date: 9/5/2022 10:25:00 PM
(continued from below): I see a long list of comments to random poems of mine. I click on the person's NAME and I go that person's POETRY and read the poet's work and then I comment to him/her at HIS ha/her poetry. This is my usual custom. Back in 2010, that stupid reply button did not exist. In fact, I hated when they put it there. It encourages laziness by allowing poets just to say "oh thank you" and then many poets do not go directly to the person who was kind enough to comment to them. They think that reply button is enough. Yes, I use it sometimes but VERY RARELY do I ignore commenting to poets MY way. And if I choose not to comment on a reply button, I probably have my reasons for that, but the poet is never neglected by me, regardless of whether or not I used my reply button! I go to the poet himself. That's the old way and the best way for me.
Dietrich Avatar
Andrea Dietrich
Date: 9/5/2022 10:18:00 PM
wow Jenna. Now I see that you are judging me based on something about me that you do not even understand. MY definition of commenting is NOT the reply box. I don't often comment in reply box unless the poem seems to spark a lot of controversy or is one very personal or important to me. MY WAY of doing things is to go to "My Comments INbox" In that place, all the comments are to various poems of mine, and they are not in order by all one poem!!! Have you gone to that box I am referring to? IT's a very long list of comments you get to various poems during the week, so I am usually commenting back to people by going to THEM and I often refer to the poem they commented to of mine but I do this at THEIR poetry page. Let me explain how it works for ME
Date: 9/5/2022 8:24:00 PM
Regarding POTD's, I don't understand why those are so important to people. the only way I know I have garnered a POTD is when I start seeing lots of Congrats coming to my box. I spend almost all my time in my Inbox because I have time for little else such as checking out POTD's and things like that. As for POTDs on poems not read, I wonder if the poetrysoup's own team is able to read our poems without it showing as being read. That might explain how they could give POTD's to poets who need more exposure. I'd like to think that is the reason those kinds of poems are able to be honored.
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Date: 9/5/2022 8:19:00 PM
The only way in which it matters is that I always used it as a gauge to know if I was keeping up with the other frequent commenters. I do not skip over poets who comment to me. I go straight to my Inbox and start going up the column of comments trying to get back to every single poet who has been kind enough to hopefully have read my poem before commenting to me. This has always been my practice, so it nags at me when I know that poets are scrolling off that inbox list I depend on. I don't know how most others reply to poets, but I only have time to do it by going to the in-box. Sadly this means I miss other poets, but I try to get those poets through seeing winner lists!
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Date: 9/5/2022 6:45:00 PM
Lists are faulty, which is why they mean nothing to me. A friend pointed out that with the number of wins I've had in the last few months; I should have been much higher on that 'ladder' that seems so important to many. I said, 'meh.' The potd choices are often faulty. when a poem that's had no comments is chosen, how could it have been given that distinction? I don't buy the algorithm theory. I comment a lot and respect those poets who reply to them, but not those who ignore them, or worse...reply to one or two, skip over some, and then reply to others. That seems like some poets are more worthy than others. I find that very rude. What's 5th place worth? Or 1st? What's it matter?
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11/8/2022 For the Love of Leigh Monorhymehumorous,
11/7/2022 The Fifth Season Free versefuture,
11/6/2022 Ukulele Trioletmusic,
11/5/2022 Musings on this November Day Free versenovember,
11/5/2022 Cat Contradiction Limerickcat,
11/4/2022 Rotating Consciousness Rhymelife,
11/3/2022 911 Call from Transylvania Footledeath of a friend,humorou
11/1/2022 ANT FOOTLES Footleinsect,
10/31/2022 When I Was Young Rhymefamily,feelings,
10/31/2022 When All Hallow's Evening is Always Sonnetfear,halloween,
10/30/2022 Tell It LIke It Is Free versegirl,
10/29/2022 One Halloween Sonnethalloween,
10/28/2022 Tinderbox Rhymeautumn,
10/27/2022 Footles to Bug You Footleinsect,
10/27/2022 A Note In the Wind - NW Free versepoetry,
10/26/2022 Octobers Here Dizainoctober,
10/25/2022 The Violinist Sonnetmusic,
10/24/2022 A Note on the Wind I Followed Rhymewriting,
10/23/2022 It's a Lovely Day Otherday,
10/23/2022 Enlightenment Recovery Quaternhealth,
10/21/2022 Seven Footles Footlepeople,
10/19/2022 Bitter Only Free verselost love,
10/18/2022 Moon Knight's Origin Rhymecharacter,
10/17/2022 Merlin the Magic Cat Monorhymecat,
10/17/2022 Dollhouse of the Creep Rhymehorror,
10/15/2022 The Newbie Hunter Rhymehumor,
10/13/2022 My Two-Faced Muse Quintain (Sicilian)writing,
10/10/2022 I Alone am Witness Rhymenature,
10/8/2022 The Poems I Never Wrote Sonnetwriting,
10/7/2022 poems Senryupoetry,
10/7/2022 Memories so Dear Terza Rimamemory,
10/6/2022 A Fantasy Affair Monorhymefantasy,
10/5/2022 In Stillness Monokusilence,
10/4/2022 The Mystical Dream Rhymelost love,
10/2/2022 In the Land of Sheep Rhymeanalogy,
10/1/2022 Last of Cats - Footles Footlecat,
9/30/2022 We Dance Quatrainlife,
9/29/2022 Empathy Monokufeelings,
9/28/2022 Bird Footles Footlebird,
9/25/2022 june collection Haikujune,
9/25/2022 HESITANT Versedog,
9/23/2022 Come, Fall Ottava rimaautumn,
9/22/2022 Fall - Sweet Lass Rhymeautumn,
9/21/2022 I Wandered Lonely As a Twig Rhymelonely,
9/20/2022 Take Me To Nirvana Quaternlife,
9/19/2022 Candy - typos edited Narrativeconflict,mystery,
9/17/2022 The 27 Club Should Be Renamed Blank versemusic,
9/15/2022 A Hodgepodge of Cat Footles Footlecat,
9/15/2022 A Haunted Hayride Pantoum- edited for typos Pantoumhalloween,
9/12/2022 Of Mind, Body, Soul, and Spirit Rhymewisdom,
9/10/2022 Our Perfect Autumn Drive Free verseautumn,
9/9/2022 My Comfort and Delight Quatrainpets,
9/8/2022 a mid-autumn scene Haikuautumn,
9/7/2022 Dear Brother Shadormabrother,
9/5/2022 The Dear Three Haikupets,
9/4/2022 Happy Sixtieth Acrosticanniversary,
9/3/2022 Captain America and His Mighty Shield Rhymehero,
9/2/2022 A Jolly Fisherman - title edited for A Rhymechildren,
9/1/2022 Collie Dog Footles Footleanimal,
8/30/2022 I Never Did Foresee When Young Sonnetwrite,
8/28/2022 Mom and Daughter on Back to School Limerickschool,
8/27/2022 The Rose Rhymeflower,
8/27/2022 Harold Shipman, Known as Fred Clerihewmental illness,
8/26/2022 Useless Tankacreation,
8/26/2022 Where is God Hiding Ethereegod,
8/24/2022 I Think About You Coupletlost love,
8/24/2022 Of Fatalism Didacticfate,
8/23/2022 I Think of Summertime Villanellesummer,
8/21/2022 Love Is Listlove,
8/21/2022 Poetry Soup Namepoetry,
8/20/2022 A Love Song Lyriclost love,
8/18/2022 Feeling Free, Being Me Rhymemotivation,
8/18/2022 It's a Pickle Party Rhymefood,
8/16/2022 My Poetry Epiphany Sonnetme,
8/15/2022 A Hint of Autumn Quaternseasons,

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Fav Poems

The Stone Elegydeath,love,
A Winter Night Lyricimagination,nature,
Violin Personificationdeath,love,rose,
Just wait and see Free versenature,science,space,
My White Lace Tablecloth Narrativefamily,forgiveness,friend
A LIMERICK CHRISTMAS THREE (3) . Limerickfunny,seasons,thank you,c
ALWAYS MOTHERS DAY Rhymefunny,mother,thank you,me
A Pirate Jay Light Verseanimals,
Divine Splendor Blank verseintrospection,nature,scie
BROTHER - BILLY Narrativebrother,childhood,family,
Umbrella Personificationconfusion,devotion,life,l
You played me Personificationconfusion,imagination,mus
Concept of Time Free versenature
JINGLE Free versefunny,life,music
AN EVER-CHANGING UNIVERSE Narrativemysterylight,light,univer
TRANSCENDENCE Tankafantasy,imagination,natur
Spaces .... The Earth Moved ..... Imagismlove
December Sun . Rhymenaturewinter,sun,winter,
A Whisper on the Wind Personificationnature,
Footsteps Free versefatherme,me,
If ever Free verselove
Dreams like Light-Waves Prose Poetryimaginationautumn,
A fantsy world Haiku 
SEPTEMBER SONG (triple tanka) Tankanature
Where The Sycamore Grew Narrativeautumn,family,house,life,
Perfect Nature Haikunature
Wild Love Narrativegarden,love,rose,sweet,
Positive Perspective Tankainspirational
My Pilot Light Verseinspirational,introspecti
Love's Echos Free verselovevoice,love,me,voice,
For Wifey Rhymeloveme,love,me,i love you
Alabaster Night Free versenature,planet,sea,
Causalities of War Elegydeath,war,
" Ike and Jane "- sequence 2 Light Versefunny,love,wifeme,me,time
Pretty orchids Free versecaregiving,happiness,hope
Even a Sparrow Soars Free verseanimals
My Piano Knows Versedevotion,happiness,holida
Dancing with the Stars Free versenature,scienceblue,
The Unrequited Mantra Free versedevotion,hope,lost love,l
FIG TREE, NEW YEAR'S DAY Narrativenaturewinter,winter,new y
Poets At-Large Free verselife,
to know you Free versedevotion,husband
Moved to Tears by Josh Groban Versemusic,on writing and word
sequence-SONNET Lanternelife,love,on writing and
Reflections Free versehappiness,life,lovesun,
Somber Is the Color of The Day Free verseday,light,me,winter,words
A Winter Rose - A Sonnet Sonnetrose,winter,
The Word Weaver Free verseintrospection,lifeme,
Each Day a Gift Free verseinspirational,introspecti
Contrary Kisses Free verseinspirational,introspecti
She Waits... Free verseart,hopelonging,
Blue Heaven Haikunature
A DEATH IN THE SUN Free versehope,seasons
My Reason For Living Free versehusband
Terra Firma Haikunature,science,time
How Could I have Known Free versehusband,love,mystery
True Poetry in Motion? Free verseinspirationalmay,
Frozen in Time Free verseseasonssnow,snow,
FORGOTTEN TREASURE Light Verseadventure,art,beauty,enco
Putting on Makeup Rhymeintrospection,sad,
Desire Light Versebutterfly,flower,life,los
Love? Bah! Rhymelost love,lovelove,
Real Life Shoe Fable Clerihewhusband
BLACK and BLUE Rhymeabuse,funny,husband,me,
Foreboding Haikumystery,nature
A Song at Sunrise Coupletfaithsong,song,
What Do The Stars Tell A Lover's Heart Free verseadventure,fantasy,happine
The green checkered face Free versefood,happinessheart,heart
Play It Free verseinspirational,love,music,
Twilight's Fading Light Free verselife,nature
Marble in Columns on Green Coupletbrother,daughter,father,h
I Will Be Strong Free verseangst,husband,lossme,
The Beauty of Yore Free versenostalgia
Wandering Soul Free versehappiness,inspirational,n
Sunset on Galway Bay (Haiku No. 34) Haikuinspirational
TRANSFORMATION I do not know?allegory
If You Are Lonely Free verseinspirational,introspecti
Time Out Free versedepression,devotion,fanta
Winter Promise Free versenature
I Am..(Tagged by raul, now i'm tagging Elaine george). Free verseintrospectionbeautiful,be
Brown Sands Lyricintrospection,lifemystery
Dancing at a Temple Rhymedevotion,
DAYBREAK UP HIGH Free verseinspirational
Tea For Two Free verseintrospectionme,me,
Peak District United Kingdom Prose Poetryinspirational
PAPER I do not know?allegoryme,
NINE O'CLOCK Limerickfunny
Frozen Memories Tankaart
Summer's Voice Free verseseasons
Lazy Day Free verselife,nature
I Was Me Biolife,
The First Kiss or That Darn Ann Landers Lyricme,nostalgia,song,travel,
Crimsom Beauty Dramatic Monologueangst
Red Geraniums Free verse 
ZOO FRIGHT Limerickfunny
As I hid Monokumuse,
Three Messengers Narrativeanimals,faith,inspiration
Stretchy Neck Lyricanimals
A ROUND TUIT Shapefunny

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