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"This or That, Vol.13" Poetry contest is judged. - Edward Ibeh's Blog

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Easy-going, Diligent, Creative, and Spiritual
Brother of Stephen, Mildred, and Jeanette 
Lover of Nature, Women, and Poetry
Who feels Pain, Love, and Empathy
Who fears The Unknown, Snakes, and Heights
I would like to see The Eiffel Tower, El Castillo, and The Great Wall of China
Resident of Moravia Park Drive, Maryland

For the most part, I'm a romantic poet, but I also venture into satire, humor, nature, spirituality, existentialism, etc. I don't shy away from the sad and dark themes as well. I started writing poetry in November 2006. However, after losing my poetry notebook with about 135 poems in early 2009, I lost my passion for poetry completely. I was jobless for almost a year due to the recession of 2014, during that time period, I reignited my passion for poetry to stave off boredom. I discovered Poetrysoup and started posting my poems in 2016. The first poem I posted, "Wings of A Butterfly." My poems "Sing To Me, Nightingale", "Unfulfilled Dream" and "A Waxing Crescent" appeared in the first issue of Poesis Online Journal. My biography and poem "Musings of An Aging Man"  features in the "My Poet Friends" section of Emile Pinet's poetry book, "A Match In The Dark." My poems "Say You Will", "Winds of Night" and "Echo Chasing" appeared in the "PS: It's Poetry" Anthology." My poems "Apogee of Grief", "To Be Loved" and "Sweet on You" appeared in the "PS: It's Still Poetry, Volume 2" Anthology"

I'm currently working as a Lot Associate at The Home Depot
I'm a Navy Veteran
I'm Nigerian-American born in Lima, Ohio in October 28th, 1976
Graduated from Lake Clifton Campus(formerly Lake Clifton Eastern High School), Baltimore, Maryland in 1995
Graduated from Essex Community College in 2003 and Brightwood College(formerly TESST College of Technology) in 2005
Certifications: Electronics Technology, Telecommunications, Fiber-Optics/Copper Network Cabling 



"This or That, Vol.13" Poetry contest is judged.

Blog Posted:9/4/2022 9:40:00 AM

I'd like to thank everyone who participated in my "This or That, Vol.13" Poetry contest. It was quite a challenging contest to judge because so many great poems were submitted. Heartiest congratulations to all the winners! I'll visit your poems with comments soon. Even if your poem didn't place, you should be very proud of it. You all deserve a round of applause! 

Some poems were N/Aed because of one of the following reasons: a.) There's nothing wrong with your poem. I liked it but it didn't make the cut, b.) No date, contest title and name of sponsor included at the bottom, c.) Poem submitted had nothing to do with my themes, d.) The poem title wasn't kept as is. Better luck with my next contest, which I'll post very soon!

Have a blessed Sunday, soupers!

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Date: 9/6/2022 7:33:00 AM
Edward, thank you so much for sponsoring contests, always inspiring for my muse and thanks for my placement, congratulations to all your winners, God Bless~
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Ibeh Avatar
Edward Ibeh
Date: 9/6/2022 7:38:00 AM
You're welcome, Constance:-)
Date: 9/4/2022 1:21:00 PM
wow, thanks so much. I think my ideas were somewhat controversial, so I am pleased it got a good placement. Congrats to all.
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Ibeh Avatar
Edward Ibeh
Date: 9/4/2022 1:51:00 PM
You're welcome, Andrea:-)
Date: 9/4/2022 1:08:00 PM
Thank you so much, Edward, for a very interesting contest. I enjoyed writing for it, and I offer my congratulations to all of your winners.
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Ibeh Avatar
Edward Ibeh
Date: 9/4/2022 1:50:00 PM
You're welcome, Milt:-)

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My Recent Poems

Date PostedPoemTitleFormCategories
12/4/2022 a winter outing Haikubird,imagery,seasons,soun
12/4/2022 Rooted To A Spot Free verseadventure,imagery,memory,
11/28/2022 Don't Quit Your Daydream Free verseanalogy,dream,encouraging
11/27/2022 Common Sense Prevails Imagismimagery,poetry,
11/27/2022 A Stroll at Nightfall Juejuemotions,imagery,moon,nat
11/21/2022 To Slay Life's Dragons Verseinspirational,meaningful,
11/20/2022 Winter Fury in Buffalo, NY Haikucity,snow,winter,
11/20/2022 Avoiding Peer Pressure Didacticencouraging,inspirational
11/20/2022 At New Moon Nonetimagery,moon,night,peace,
11/20/2022 The Better of Two Words Didacticencouraging,meaningful,wi
11/17/2022 Diane Nash Clerihewappreciation,celebrity,pe
11/17/2022 Restoration Haikuimagery,insect,nature,
11/17/2022 So, Let Me Get This Straight Sijoamerica,angst,confusion,p
11/17/2022 Unwelcome Guest Versecancer,dark,horror,
11/17/2022 Happy Hour Monokudrink,fun,time,
11/15/2022 Redress Haikubird,dark,hope,imagery,na
11/15/2022 Mother Ewe To Chick Light Verseappreciation,bird,humor,
11/6/2022 Intimacy Monokuemotions,passion,perspect
11/6/2022 Haunted House Visit Footleemotions,fun,house,people
11/6/2022 Caterpillar To Butterfly Diamantecreation,poetry,words,
11/6/2022 To Stay or Go Diamantecreation,poetry,words,
11/6/2022 Of Trash And Treasure Diamantecreation,poetry,words,
11/2/2022 Ululations Tankaanimal,emotions,imagery,m
10/31/2022 The Sound of Rain Free verseappreciation,peace,rain,s
10/30/2022 Rejuvenescence Haikuallegory,happiness,hope,i
10/30/2022 A Mind Made Up Verseanalogy,imagery,metaphor,
10/30/2022 Hope's Message - NW Free verseencouraging,hope,inspirat
10/20/2022 Pieces of You Versepoetry,
10/20/2022 To Those Who Don't Get The Kudos They Deserve Odeappreciation,encouraging,
10/19/2022 Despair Imagismdark,imagery,
10/19/2022 Afternoon Delight Haikuday,happiness,hope,imager
10/19/2022 Cherished Reminiscences Tristichchildhood,fun,imagery,mem
10/11/2022 An Offering of Poppies Senryuflower,grief,imagery,loss
9/11/2022 autumn susurrus Haikuautumn,imagery,nature,sou
9/11/2022 9-11, Day of The Apocalypse Narrativeanniversary,horror,rememb
9/3/2022 I, Mustang Personificationanimal,horse,imagery,
9/3/2022 Of Poetrysoup Nameappreciation,community,po
9/3/2022 Under Ebon Skies Haikuimagery,moon,night,sky,
9/3/2022 With Heart Still Heavy Sijotribute,
8/29/2022 Now That You're Here With Me Monchielle Stanzadesire,encouraging,romant
8/29/2022 Awestruck Versedeep,fate,feelings,first
8/29/2022 Relapse Monokuabuse,addiction,drink,sad
8/29/2022 Fox And Goose Diamantecreation,poetry,word play
8/29/2022 Cat And Mouse Diamantecreation,poetry,words,
8/29/2022 Dandelion Wishes Tankachildhood,memory,nostalgi
8/14/2022 Yonder Ninettebeauty,happiness,imagery,
8/14/2022 Intuition Cinquainencouraging,meaningful,pe
8/14/2022 Leave All Worries Behind Monchielle Stanzadream,encouraging,longing
8/13/2022 chugalug Haikuflower,growth,imagery,rai
8/9/2022 August 2022 Free verseperspective,
8/8/2022 In Nature's Surrender Rispettoappreciation,imagery,natu
8/7/2022 Believe it Epigraminspirational,meaningful,
8/7/2022 Open Sesame Kimobird,flower,imagery,
8/7/2022 Swan Song Narrativecareer,emotions,farewell,
8/7/2022 Ball And Chain Diamantecreation,poetry,words,
8/7/2022 Like Wind Chimes Otherfate,people,perspective,s
7/28/2022 A Meeting of The Eyes Kimopassion,
7/24/2022 Stay With Me Versedesire,poetry,romantic,
7/24/2022 Combustible Versepassion,poetry,
7/24/2022 The Sin of Sloth Rhymeperspective,wisdom,
7/21/2022 A Child's Smile Shadormaappreciation,child,imager
7/20/2022 Blissful Surrender Verselove,romantic,
7/20/2022 A Quiet Place Narrativememory,places,remember,ro
7/18/2022 Beauty Rictameterbeauty,meaningful,perspec
7/17/2022 Kiss Me Again Versepassion,poetry,sensual,
7/17/2022 When Life Gets Rough Quintain (English)faith,god,inspirational,l
7/7/2022 Up In July Sky Haikuimagery,july,moon,sky,
7/5/2022 Global Warming Is No Myth Cinqkuperspective,truth,
7/3/2022 Scarlet Tanager Haikubird,nature,song,
7/3/2022 Bells And Whistles Diamantecreation,poetry,words,
7/3/2022 Trial To Triumph Diamantecreation,poetry,words,
7/3/2022 Fight Or Flight Diamantecreation,poetry,words,
7/3/2022 Hammer Strikes Nail Diamantecreation,poetry,words,
7/3/2022 For Peace To Reign Monokuconflict,peace,
6/28/2022 Mahatma Gandhi Clerihewappreciation,celebrity,pe
6/27/2022 Saving Grace Free versefaith,imagery,life,meanin
6/26/2022 Beachside Scenery Haikubeach,day,imagery,summer,
6/26/2022 damselfly Haikuimagery,insect,summer,
6/25/2022 Do Not Hide Behind 'Listening' Verseencouraging,motivation,po
6/19/2022 Clutter Free verseencouraging,heartbreak,pa
6/19/2022 Devastated Versefaith,grief,imagery,metap
6/19/2022 Schadenfreude Dramatic Versesatire,
6/19/2022 To All Worker Bees Free verseappreciation,encouraging,
6/16/2022 Each Day Is A Blessing Monchielle Stanzaday,inspirational,meaning
6/15/2022 You See Me Verseappreciation,beauty,love,
6/11/2022 Like Sugar And Sodium Diminished Hexaversedesire,passion,
6/11/2022 LEAVES Verseimagery,nature,wind,
6/11/2022 A Thousand Hours In The Day Imagismimagery,metaphor,time,wom
6/11/2022 Submission Versechild,cute,desire,emotion
6/10/2022 Kingfisher Haikubird,imagery,
6/10/2022 Hello, June Moon Free verseimagery,june,moon,night,
6/9/2022 Feverish Touch Ethereelonging,passion,simile,
6/8/2022 A Fatal Flaw Personificationbird,home,humor,imagery,p
6/5/2022 In A Split Second Verseimagery,longing,
4/30/2022 A Moment of Zen Senryupeace,
4/24/2022 Hosanna, All Birds Sing Monchielle Stanzabeauty,bird,imagery,joy,m
4/24/2022 Fool, Not King Free versesatire,
4/24/2022 Focus Rictameterencouraging,peace,spiritu
4/23/2022 The Importance of Listening Didacticmeaningful,perspective,tr
4/23/2022 Revelry Amid Rain Senryuchildren,freedom,fun,inno

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Fav Poems

Changing Sky Pantoumnature,sky,
Truth To Truth Free verseconflict,devotion,heartbr
Whiteness Acrostictribute,
Ransomed Free versefaith,jesus,
Tell the Night to Hold Me Lyricforgiveness,heartbreak,he
Listen To Life Free verselife,philosophy,truth,wis
The House of Light Rhymebeauty,nature,
To Read You Free verseappreciation,metaphor,pas
I wander the desert alone Free verseimagery,metaphor,nature,o
Ineffable Free verseallusion,appreciation,bea
The Sounds Of A Rose Free verseflower,rose,
The Red Leaf Free versedeath,emotions,grief,hear
Child Diminished Hexaversechild,
Roses Roses Roses POTD Free versered,rose,
Your Cloud Rhymelove,simple,sky,wind,
Some Are Not Meant For This World Free verseabuse,allusion,death,dest
Polka Dots And All Sonnet10th grade,beautiful,beau
Inside a Cubicle Terza Rimawork,
U G L Y Personificationanti bullying,beautiful,b
In My Beautiful Dream Versedream,
SYLLABUS Versekiss,love,sensual,
UNBEARABLE THIS LONGING Dramatic Versedeath,how i feel,
Blink Out Verse10th grade,11th grade,all
Shooting Stars Verse10th grade,beautiful,imag
No Longer Two Verse10th grade,emotions,feeli
My Winter Free verseinspirational,lost love,
ONENESS Verseamerica,destiny,imagery,i
My Darling Boy Quatrainanalogy,boy,childhood,inn
Civil Twilight Free verseappreciation,beauty,memor
DAYBREAK Versebird,joy,life,morning,
Transcending Hope Versehope,
Fragility of Fate Free versedeath,love,love hurts,
a muse abused Versedance,freedom,muse,
To the One I Long For Free verselonging,love,
Fear Of The Unknown Narrativefear,feelings,
Tutankhamun Verseadventure,appreciation,hi
Spirit dance of butterflies Rhymegrief,happiness,
Sometimes love just isn't enough Free verselost love,
If Only You Knew Rhymedream,emotions,love,
A Feral Frozen Free verseanimal,appreciation,beaut
Frown around Rhymeanxiety,confidence,courag
The Clown Rhymeangst,character,conflict,
Fingertip Tracings Upon My Skin Free versesensual,
Would You Still Love Me Free verseanalogy,love,relationship
Down The Primrose Path Lyricdark,fear,garden,imagery,
To the Dandelion in the Concrete Personificationcharacter,endurance,flowe
Eye Love, You Free verseappreciation,beauty,muse,
The Last Good Days of Innocence Free verseinnocence,lost,sorrow,
Soliloquy of Abandoned Lighthouse Rhymehope,light,loneliness,oce
White Privilege Rhymeracism,
Suicide of Speech Free verseangst,conflict,silence,
TREES SOBBING Verseemotions,nature,rain,
Thats when I fall down upon my knees, song version Lyricdepression,feelings,god,h
Memories In the Sand Dramatic Monologuememory,missing you,passio
Time Verse10th grade,11th grade,9th
Susurrus of October Acrosticoctober,song,
The Woman They Know Free verseanalogy,courage,hope,wome
Catharsis Versedeep,emotions,endurance,f
Crushed Free versedaughter,death,family,mem
I Keep Coming Back Free versedepression,
ANODYNE Free verseheartbreak,
Lift somebody's dawn Lyricencouraging,inspiration,m
Its a part of me Prose Poetryemotions,introspection,li
I Lay Bare My Wounded Heart Free verseemotions,endurance,lost l
Trance Free versemeaningful,
At Cusp of Dawn Rhymemoon,sun,
Carousel of Dreams Free verseanalogy,courage,dream,hop
Be to become Ethereespiritual,
Summer Camping Free versegood night,inspiration,mo
Monsters of the Sea Sijomythology,
Grandeur of nature Rhymeimagery,nature,
Simulacrum Sapphic stanzaimagination,
Dragon's Tooth Sapphic stanzadeath,evil,fantasy,
Rebirth Of The Third Angel Free verseangel,beauty,butterfly,de
Goodnight Kisses Verse10th grade,11th grade,age
Ambrosia Free verseappreciation,kiss,love,pa
King Oedipus: Foreshadowing Rhymedark,fate,life,light,
the reap Free versedeath,
Ambedo Free verseanalogy,childhood,growth,
Chimera Blank versefairy,fantasy,
Promise Rhymeamerica,appreciation,conf
In Soft Tongues Free verseangst,
fragile Free versecute,life,metaphor,wisdom
Queen Rose and Her Many Sisters Imagismflower,
The Two Drivers In My Life Free versebirthday,childhood,parent
God Bless the USA Dramatic Monologueaddiction,satire,usa,
A Poem For My Algebra Teacher Free verse6th grade,abuse,betrayal,
Someone who used to be you Blank versedream,lost love,love,
A Stranger Came From Nowhere Dramatic Monologueallusion,god,religious,
A nightingale sings of dawn's glory Versebreak up,hope,love hurts,
HEALING POWER OF THE DRUM Free verseinspirational,native amer
frogspawn Haikunature,
Giving Godly Grace Acrosticgiving,god,
Forlorn Hope Verselost love,moving on,
Open Up Free versefaith,hope,love,
Yalto-IN ROWS OF YELLOW CORN Versewriting,
Wise Words To Ponder Monokuwisdom,
Forlorn Hope Free versehope,
I saw a praying mantis Rhymeprayer,
Falsehood Monokuallusion,analogy,

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