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My premiere "Pick-A-Title, Vol. 14 -Tristich- Poetry Contest is finalized! - Edward Ibeh's Blog

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Easy-going, Diligent, Creative, and Spiritual
Brother of Stephen, Mildred, and Jeanette 
Lover of Nature, Women, and Poetry
Who feels Pain, Love, and Empathy
Who fears The Unknown, Snakes, and Heights
I would like to see The Eiffel Tower, El Castillo, and The Great Wall of China
Resident of Moravia Park Drive, Maryland

I'm currently working as a Lot Associate at The Home Depot
I'm a Navy veteran 
Born in Lima, Ohio in October 28th, 1976
Graduated from Lake Clifton Campus(formerly Lake Clifton Eastern High School), Baltimore, Maryland in 1995
Graduated from Essex Community College in 2003 and Brightwood College(formerly TESST College of Technology) in 2005
Certifications: Electronics Technology, Telecommunications, Fiber-Optics/Copper Network Cabling 

I started writing poetry in November 2006. However, after losing my poetry notebook with about 135 poems in early 2009, I lost my passion for poetry completely. I was jobless for almost a year due to the recession of 2014, during that time period, I reignited my passion for poetry to stave off boredom. I discovered Poetrysoup and started posting my poems in 2016. The first poem I posted, "Wings of A Butterfly." My poems "Sing To Me, Nightingale, Unfulfilled Dream" and "A Waxing Crescent" appeared in the first issue of Poesis Online Journal


My premiere "Pick-A-Title, Vol. 14 -Tristich- Poetry Contest is finalized!

Blog Posted:3/13/2020 4:17:00 PM
Greetings, my fellow poets

Whether you placed or not, thank you so much for participating in my first--and probably last--premiere contest. Whew, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. Judging a regular contest is difficult enough, but having to select only 10 from a vast sea of great poems is a very tall order indeed. I don't know how you guys do it!
I kid you not, I would've placed as many as 25 entries had it not been a premiere contest. Some of the entries I had to DQ for not following rules I stipulated in the contest descriptions(PLEASE, always read them top to bottom!) Some chose their own titles, which is an automatic N/A. I asked for 12-24 lines, some gave just 3 lines.
To those who followed the rules to the letter but didn't make my top 10 cut, I'm sorry. This is the toughest contest I've ever judged. I wish you all the best of luck in my next contest. Heartiest congratulations to the winners!
Hurray for Winged Warrior! As the trophy winner, you also receive a surprise cool contest prize from me! All you have to do is soupmail me your mailing address. Congratulations!
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Date: 3/16/2020 5:03:00 AM
Sir Edward, My Poet Brother - judging a premiere contest is indeed a difficult thing, and I once blogged that I would never run another premiere contest for the sake of having to cut so many wonderful pieces. That said, I have changed my mind, because premiere contests help give this site integrity. That's the real world we live in - the world of paying contests, poet laureate contests, and every other site I know, and if we can't take a bit of rejection at this level we're never going to get much further. I am going to run MOSTLY premiere contests from now on for that reason, and because the majority of contests are standard anyway. Just my perspective. Blessings, Bro!
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Ibeh Avatar
Edward Ibeh
Date: 3/16/2020 4:23:00 PM
I appreciate your perspective, Greg:-) When tried the first time, a premiere contest is pretty difficult indeed. I'm already thinking differently, and I wholeheartedly agree that it lends some integrity to this site! Not to mention, poets are more inclined to give their very best. I definitely plan on hosting more in the future. Blessings to you, too, my poet brother!
Date: 3/14/2020 12:58:00 AM
Thank you SO much for my placement, Sir Edward, and congratulations to ALL who placed - much fun, this one! :o)
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Ibeh Avatar
Edward Ibeh
Date: 3/14/2020 5:38:00 AM
You're welcome, Greg:-)

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My Recent Poems

Date PostedPoemTitleFormCategories
3/29/2020 Where Mustangs Run Wild And Free Rictameterbeauty,horse,imagery,plac
3/29/2020 Snoop Dogg Clerihewart,celebrity,people,trib
3/29/2020 Longing Rictameterdesire,longing,loss,peace
3/29/2020 At The Seaside Imagismbeach,imagery,nature,sea,
3/27/2020 Child of Divorce Senryuchild,divorce,marriage,re
3/24/2020 Gut Punch Alliterationbetrayal,friendship,love,
3/23/2020 The Anchor Verseappreciation,spiritual,st
3/23/2020 Well, That Was Awkward Light Versehumor,imagery,spoken word
3/22/2020 Maternal Wisdom - INK Verseencouraging,mother,wisdom
3/22/2020 A Time To Rejoice Monokucelebration,father daught
3/22/2020 Through Tomorrow's Beaming Hopeful Eyes Nonetallegory,day,hope,inspira
3/22/2020 Heartbeats Dodoitsucute love,heart,passion,s
3/21/2020 Remember to Breathe Free verseencouraging,inspirational
3/21/2020 Incomplete Free versechildren,family,father,gr
3/20/2020 Senescence Fibonacciage,grandfather,imagery,o
3/20/2020 A Turkey In November Alexandrinebird,holiday,humor,novemb
3/18/2020 Sot Light Versedrink,funny,humor,imagery
3/18/2020 A Snowless Winter Haikunature,nice,seasons,winte
3/18/2020 Contagion, The Movie, Plays Out In Real Life Free versedark,encouraging,faith,fe
3/17/2020 You Can Ask Anybody Free versedeep,love,romantic,
3/17/2020 Funny, What You Think Is Love Free versebetrayal,conflict,fate,pe
3/12/2020 Let's Have This Dance Verseart,dance,encouraging,fun
3/11/2020 Slow Down, Dear Racing Heart Rictameterencouraging,heart,
3/8/2020 An Umbrella, Opening Shapeart,creation,
3/7/2020 Child Soldiers Verseabuse,anger,children,horr
3/7/2020 I Can Rictameterencouraging,inspirational
3/7/2020 Chasing A Mirage Sijodesire,perspective,poems,
3/5/2020 Zeitgeist Rictameterimagery,nostalgia,
3/3/2020 The Laughter Of A Baby Dodoitsubaby,emotions,happiness,j
3/3/2020 The Timber Wolf And The Moon Haikuanimal,imagery,moon,natur
3/2/2020 One True Thing Verselove,poetry,romantic,trut
3/1/2020 On Gossamer Wings of Hope Personificationallegory,faith,freedom,ho
2/29/2020 February 29th Senryuappreciation,day,encourag
2/27/2020 Stray Dog Roamin' Tristichanimal,dog,encouraging,im
2/27/2020 A Magician's Cone Concreteart,imagery,
2/26/2020 Manipulation Dodoitsuallegory,corruption,metap
2/25/2020 Evanescent Sun Imagismimagery,nature,sky,sunset
2/25/2020 Cutthroat Verseconflict,perspective,poet
2/23/2020 Bittersweet Verseangst,conflict,emotions,s
2/23/2020 Requiem For The Lovelorn Free verseloneliness,longing,lost l
2/22/2020 Inferno Verseanalogy,love,metaphor,pas
2/22/2020 Glowworms Imagismbeauty,imagery,nature,
2/21/2020 Does Anyone Care Free verseperspective,
2/20/2020 Sunset Rendezvous Tankalove,moon,night,romance,
2/19/2020 This Tightrope Called Life Rhymeallegory,faith,life,love,
2/17/2020 daybreak serenade Haikubird,imagery,morning,natu
2/16/2020 You Never Left Free verseanalogy,death,father,loss
2/16/2020 Black Widow Spider Personificationinsect,nature,
2/16/2020 The Push To Endure Verseappreciation,people,stren
2/15/2020 swallow on the wing Haikubird,imagery,nature,sky,s
2/15/2020 A Goodbye I Never Saw Coming Verseabsence,heartbreak,longin
2/15/2020 I'll Help Carry Your Hefty Load Free verseallegory,analogy,enduranc
2/14/2020 Harbinger Of Spring Sapphic stanzabeauty,flower,insect,natu
2/8/2020 Blossoming Verseanalogy,romance,seasons,t
2/8/2020 The Architect of His Fate Dodoitsufate,perspective,
2/7/2020 Coronavirus Senryufear,horror,perspective,
2/5/2020 Unforgiving Verseanalogy,anger,betrayal,re
2/5/2020 A Bird's Eye View Cinquainanalogy,imagery,love,meta
2/3/2020 Uncommon Audacity Senryucourage,woman,
2/1/2020 What Clips Our Wings Verseperspective,truth,wisdom,
2/1/2020 I'm Through Loving You Tristichemotions,irony,love,repet
2/1/2020 Go Figure Versehumor,imagery,perspective
2/1/2020 A Low Hanging Fruit Verseimagery,meaningful,metaph
1/31/2020 a bird hard at work Haikuanimal,bird,imagery,natur
1/27/2020 Killer Instinct Senryuconfidence,desire,inspira
1/26/2020 RIP, Kobe Bryant, and daughter, GiGi Senryudeath,loss,sad,tribute,
1/26/2020 Unforeseen Aubade Free verseaubade,i miss you,longing
1/26/2020 I've Got A Funny Feelin' Versedeep,passion,romance,
1/26/2020 A Heart That Understands Free verseheart,perspective,
1/26/2020 It's Heaven When I Sleep Layday,dream,imagery,night,s
1/25/2020 Hope In The Skies Haikucolor,hope,metaphor,natur
1/24/2020 Polar Bear, I Am Personificationanimal,humor,imagery,natu
1/21/2020 Repercussion Monokufate,power,
1/19/2020 Show Stealer Free verseappreciation,art,girl,peo
1/19/2020 I Hate Snakes Verseanimal,hate,perspective,
1/18/2020 This Heart Of Mine Verseheart,love,romantic,
1/17/2020 Malala Yousafzai Clerihewappreciation,celebrity,pe
1/17/2020 Be Kind Rictameterencouraging,inspirational
1/17/2020 Breathless Rictameteremotions,love,romantic,
1/17/2020 The Mime Imagismart,children,humor,imager
1/16/2020 Fig Leaf Verseabuse,evil,religious,trut
1/16/2020 Irreconcilable Paradoxes Light Verseconfusion,emotions,humor,
1/16/2020 A False Promise Monokuanalogy,perspective,poetr
1/15/2020 One Last Kiss Free versedesire,kiss,sensual,
1/15/2020 Resolutions Acrosticnew year,perspective,
1/14/2020 Los Amantes Imagismimagery,love,romance,
1/14/2020 Worst Nightmare Come True Sapphic stanzaadventure,fear,
1/13/2020 Light Acrosticdeath,loss,remember,tribu
1/12/2020 Night Of The Waning Gibbous Moon Free versedream,imagery,moon,romanc
1/12/2020 devil-may-care Senryuadventure,fun,scary,
1/12/2020 Great Escape Acrosticcelebrity,imagery,magic,t
1/12/2020 Blunt Knife Verseappreciation,boy,courage,
1/8/2020 Let Me Fix You Layfeelings,heartbreak,love
1/8/2020 sinews of war Senryuperspective,truth,
1/5/2020 Never Give In To Suicide Lyricencouraging,inspirational
1/5/2020 Emile Pinet Monokupeople,tribute,
1/5/2020 Aching Void Dizaindeath,emotions,grief,
1/5/2020 Ambivalence Sijoconfusion,dark,emotions,g
1/4/2020 mallard Haikuanimal,bird,imagery,natur
1/4/2020 A Crossed Rubicon Light Versedrink,humor,husband,truth

My Photos

Fav Poems

Changing Sky Pantoumnature,sky,
Truth To Truth Free verseconflict,devotion,heartbr
Whiteness Acrostictribute,
Ransomed Free versefaith,jesus,
Then I Wake Rhymeabsence,love,miss you,mis
Listen To Life Free verselife,philosophy,truth,wis
Tell the Night to Hold Me Lyricforgiveness,heartbreak,he
To Read You Free verseappreciation,metaphor,pas
I wander the desert alone Free verseimagery,metaphor,nature,o
The Red Leaf Free versedeath,emotions,grief,hear
Your Cloud Rhymelove,simple,sky,wind,
Ineffable Free verseallusion,appreciation,bea
The House of Light Rhymebeauty,nature,
The Sounds Of A Rose Free verseflower,rose,
Roses Roses Roses Free versered,rose,
Child Diminished Hexaversechild,
Polka Dots And All Sonnet10th grade,beautiful,beau
Some Are Not Meant For This World Free verseabuse,allusion,death,dest
UNBEARABLE THIS LONGING Dramatic Versedeath,how i feel,
Inside a Cubicle Terza Rimawork,
In My Beautiful Dream Versedream,
My Winter Free verseinspirational,lost love,
My Darling Boy Quatrainanalogy,boy,childhood,inn
U G L Y Personificationanti bullying,beautiful,b
Civil Twilight Free verseappreciation,beauty,memor
SYLLABUS Versekiss,love,sensual,
Shooting Stars Verse10th grade,beautiful,imag
Blink Out Verse10th grade,11th grade,all
ONENESS Verseamerica,destiny,imagery,i
Transcending Hope Versehope,
Tutankhamun Verseadventure,appreciation,hi
Sometimes love just isn't enough Free verselost love,
No Longer Two Verse10th grade,emotions,feeli
DAYBREAK Versebird,joy,life,morning,
Fragility of Fate Free versedeath,love,love hurts,
a muse abused Versedance,freedom,muse,
To the One I Long For Free verselonging,love,
Spirit dance of butterflies Rhymegrief,happiness,
Fear Of The Unknown Narrativefear,feelings,
Frown around Rhymeanxiety,confidence,courag
Fingertip Tracings Upon My Skin Free versesensual,
If Only You Knew Rhymedream,emotions,love,
A Feral Frozen Free verseanimal,appreciation,beaut
Would You Still Love Me Free verseanalogy,love,relationship
The Clown Rhymeangst,character,conflict,

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