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Ok, something has to be done about this. - Edward Ibeh's Blog

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Easy-going, Diligent, Creative, and Spiritual
Brother of Stephen, Mildred, and Jeanette 
Lover of Nature, Women, and Poetry
Who feels Pain, Love, and Empathy
Who fears The Unknown, Snakes, and Heights
I would like to see The Eiffel Tower, El Castillo, and The Great Wall of China
Resident of Moravia Park Drive, Maryland

I'm currently working as a Lot Associate at The Home Depot
I'm a Navy veteran 
Born in Lima, Ohio in October 28th, 1976
Graduated from Lake Clifton Campus(formerly Lake Clifton Eastern High School), Baltimore, Maryland in 1995
Graduated from Essex Community College in 2003 and Brightwood College(formerly TESST College of Technology) in 2005
Certifications: Electronics Technology, Telecommunications, Fiber-Optics/Copper Network Cabling 

I started writing poetry in November 2006. However, after losing my poetry notebook with about 135 poems in early 2009, I lost my passion for poetry completely. I was jobless for almost a year due to the recession of 2014, during that time period, I reignited my passion for poetry to stave off boredom. I discovered Poetrysoup and started posting my poems in 2016. The first poem I posted, "Wings of A Butterfly." My poems "Sing To Me, Nightingale, Unfulfilled Dream" and "A Waxing Crescent" appeared in the first issue of Poesis Online Journal


Ok, something has to be done about this.

Blog Posted:9/15/2019 8:32:00 AM

It's not the first time either, lol. At first, I couldn't post my comments on Greg's "SAD" blog because it was too long. But it appears twice now after trimming and resubmitting it. The other one wipes out John lawless' comments! Sorry, John...

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Date: 10/1/2019 11:26:00 PM
Yes that has happened so many times to me and yes it is very annoying :(
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Date: 9/26/2019 8:28:00 AM
Edward, I never knew we were neighbors. But then, I don't read blogs. I guess I should. We are not immediate neighbors as I live on the other side of town from you.
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Date: 9/15/2019 6:16:00 PM
Edward, that has happened to me sometimes too, wonder if the ads are taking up the space, not sure but yes it can be annoying
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Date: 9/15/2019 12:45:00 PM
Aghh mystery solved Edward, I saw the double comment and wondered whose comment it was. Gremlins in the soup I think. Tom
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My Recent Poems

Date PostedPoemTitleFormCategories
10/18/2019 Life's Lemonade Kimoappreciation,life,
10/15/2019 Class Clown Dodoitsuclass,games,imagery,stude
10/15/2019 Pseudobulbar Affect Dodoitsuemotions,grief,people,pla
10/14/2019 Seventh Heaven Senryudaughter,emotions,family,
10/13/2019 Perseverance Imagismallusion,flower,imagery,s
10/12/2019 Robber Fly Haikuimagery,insect,nature,
10/11/2019 Soft Verselove,passion,write,
10/8/2019 Greetings From A Titmouse Versebird,imagery,morning,natu
10/7/2019 Town Children Versechildren,fun,imagery,natu
10/6/2019 You Haunt Me Verselonging,love,poetry,write
10/6/2019 Fleeting Moments Such As These Free versebeauty,imagery,life,natur
10/6/2019 A Bad Hair Day Monokuperspective,truth,
10/5/2019 Me On The Page Lyricme,perspective,truth,
10/5/2019 A Golden Opportunity Lyricperspective,repetition,tr
10/5/2019 Bottomless Monokuemotions,imagery,love,smi
10/4/2019 The Touch of His Lips Senryuhusband,kiss,love,romance
10/1/2019 Monarch Butterfly Haikubeauty,butterfly,insect,n
10/1/2019 A Loss Of Innocent Life Versedeath,loss,murder,perspec
10/1/2019 When Words Are Weaponized Lyricanalogy,anger,metaphor,pe
9/30/2019 Scalding Reality Political Verseanger,horror,political,so
9/28/2019 To the One I Long For- Collaboration with Lu Loo Free versedesire,longing,love,passi
9/28/2019 Lost In The Wilderness Versedeep,heart,love,poetry,ro
9/28/2019 A Love Like Ours Verselove,passion,poetry,
9/27/2019 You Hold The Other Half Of My Heart Verseheart,irony,love,poetry,
9/26/2019 In The Backstreets Of My Mind Free versepoetry,
9/25/2019 Of Gregory R Barden Verseappreciation,friend,tribu
9/23/2019 Rampaging Elephant Tetractysanger,animal,imagery,scar
9/22/2019 Rabbit Hole Verseaddiction,husband,marriag
9/22/2019 Removing The Stigma Sijodepression,mental illness
9/21/2019 Call Of The Blue Jay Haikuanimal,bird,song,visionar
9/21/2019 The Orator Senryuallusion,people,poetry,sp
9/21/2019 A Cedar Waxwing Haikuanimal,bird,music,nature,
9/20/2019 Why I Write Lyricemotions,inspiration,muse
9/20/2019 On The Cusp Of Destiny Versedestiny,future,student,su
9/15/2019 A Cup Filled To The Brim Verseheart,love,metaphor,symbo
9/14/2019 Panacea Verselove,perspective,truth,
9/14/2019 Svengali Acrosticanalogy,encouraging,god,m
9/14/2019 A Red Fox Haikuanimal,imagery,nature,
9/14/2019 A Liberating Gift Blank verseappreciation,art,metaphor
9/13/2019 If I Weren't Afraid Free verseboyfriend,girlfriend,loss
9/12/2019 Worm Moon Rising Haikubeauty,moon,nature,night,
9/11/2019 Martin Luther King, Jr Clerihewcelebrity,hero,people,tea
9/10/2019 Anger vs Forgiveness Verseanger,emotions,forgivenes
9/10/2019 Reconciliation Kimohusband,love,relationship
9/10/2019 A Psalm For Life Free versebeauty,celebration,god,im
9/8/2019 There Goes Summer Kwansabanature,seasons,summer,
9/8/2019 I've Got Music In My Brain Verseanalogy,emotions,joy,
9/8/2019 Forlorn Senryuemotions,grief,loneliness
9/8/2019 I Sense Your Essence In The Breeze Free verseendurance,love,passion,
9/8/2019 Make Someone Happy Senryuart,myth,song,
9/4/2019 Neglect Free verseanalogy,environment,image
9/3/2019 The Praying Mantis Haikuday,insect,nature,
9/3/2019 Don't Set Me Free And Then Cry For Me Free verseallegory,freedom,metaphor
9/3/2019 Shatterproof Listlove,people,perspective,r
9/1/2019 Of A Spark I do not know?romance,symbolism,
9/1/2019 Hurricane Dorian Haikunatural disasters,
8/31/2019 Star-Crossed Lovers Haibunbetrayal,love,relationshi
8/31/2019 Connery As James Bond Light Versecharacter,humor,people,pe
8/30/2019 Message In A Bottle Personificationinspiration,lost,sea,writ
8/29/2019 Sweet On You Acrosticdeep,love,passion,romanti
8/28/2019 Doomsday Prepper Verseday,future,humor,people,t
8/27/2019 To Thine Own Self Be True Free verseencouraging,identity,imag
8/26/2019 Of Mistakes Lyriclife,me,perspective,
8/25/2019 Keanu Reeves Clerihewart,celebrity,people,trib
8/25/2019 Sorry Son, I'm Saying No - A Collaboration Light Versefamily,father son,humor,
8/25/2019 Hapless Monokuchange,fate,money,sad,
8/24/2019 A Fervent Plea Versepassion,poetry,romantic l
8/24/2019 Your Waking Face Versebeauty,emotions,for her,h
8/23/2019 Banksy Acrosticart,celebrity,mystery,peo
8/23/2019 Angels Danced Haibunangel,
8/22/2019 Malcolm X Clerihewcelebrity,people,tribute,
8/22/2019 A Tethered Bird Verseemotions,freedom,loneline
8/22/2019 Inhumane Cruelty Political Verseanger,humanity,people,per
8/22/2019 A Weeping Heaven Haikubeauty,emotions,nature,ra
8/21/2019 October Dreamin' Nonetappreciation,dedication,j
8/21/2019 Viceroy Butterfly Haikubeauty,butterfly,insect,n
8/21/2019 Should Tomorrow Fade Into Oblivion Free versefuture,loss,
8/19/2019 Oak Tree Haiku Haikunature,tree,
8/19/2019 A Raja To His Rani Versepassion,romantic love,
8/17/2019 Shooting Stars Verseappreciation,imagery,star
8/17/2019 Teenage Dreamer Senryuboy,future,
8/17/2019 Inconsequential Acrostic11th grade,12th grade,enc
8/17/2019 Never Change Yourself Enclosed Rhymeencouraging,inspirational
8/17/2019 Vignettes Of A Ghetto Free verseenvironment,imagery,life,
8/15/2019 The Gift Of Love Lyriclife,love,meaningful,pers
8/14/2019 The Great Enemy Tyburnperspective,time,
8/13/2019 We're In This Together Free verseadventure,devotion,life,t
8/11/2019 Embrace Your Individuality Verseencouraging,humanity,iden
8/8/2019 My Sanctuary Acrosticlove,meaningful,passion,w
8/8/2019 The Freshness of August Air Haikuaugust,morning,nature,nic
8/8/2019 Rock Of Gibraltar Fibonaccifaith,love,metaphor,relat
8/4/2019 Respect Verseallusion,perspective,symb
7/28/2019 Chasing Perfection Sijomeaningful,perspective,tr
7/28/2019 Cool Fever Senryuchange,fate,lust,
7/28/2019 Of Chaos Free versemetaphor,perspective,
7/27/2019 More Importantly Verseconfidence,encouraging,pe
7/27/2019 Down By The Quay Free verseimagery,introspection,lon
7/25/2019 Life Lessons Verseappreciation,education,hu
7/25/2019 Grocery List Listfairy,me,
7/23/2019 Playtime Senryuchildren,games,happiness,

My Photos

Fav Poems

Changing Sky Pantoumnature,sky,
Truth To Truth Free verseconflict,devotion,heartbr
Whiteness Acrostictribute,
Ransomed Free versefaith,jesus,
Then I Wake Rhymeabsence,love,miss you,mis
Listen To Life Free verselife,philosophy,truth,wis
Tell the Night to Hold Me Lyricforgiveness,heartbreak,he
To Read You Free verseappreciation,metaphor,pas
I wander the desert alone Free verseimagery,metaphor,nature,o
The Red Leaf Free versedeath,emotions,grief,hear
Your Cloud Rhymelove,simple,sky,wind,
Ineffable Free verseallusion,appreciation,bea
The House of Light Rhymebeauty,nature,
The Sounds Of A Rose Free verseflower,rose,
Roses Roses Roses Free versered,rose,
Child Diminished Hexaversechild,
Polka Dots And All Sonnet10th grade,beautiful,beau
Some Are Not Meant For This World Free verseabuse,allusion,death,dest
UNBEARABLE THIS LONGING Dramatic Versedeath,how i feel,
Inside a Cubicle Terza Rimawork,
In My Beautiful Dream Versedream,
My Winter Free verseinspirational,lost love,
My Darling Boy Quatrainanalogy,boy,childhood,inn
U G L Y Personificationanti bullying,beautiful,b
Civil Twilight Free verseappreciation,beauty,memor
SYLLABUS Versekiss,love,sensual,
Shooting Stars Verse10th grade,beautiful,imag
Blink Out Verse10th grade,11th grade,all
ONENESS Verseamerica,destiny,imagery,i
Transcending Hope Versehope,
Tutankhamun Verseadventure,appreciation,hi
Sometimes love just isn't enough Free verselost love,
No Longer Two Verse10th grade,emotions,feeli
DAYBREAK Versebird,joy,life,morning,
Fragility of Fate Free versedeath,love,love hurts,
a muse abused Versedance,freedom,muse,
To the One I Long For- Collaboration with Edward Ibeh Free verselonging,love,
Spirit dance of butterflies Rhymegrief,happiness,

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