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I started writing in prep school, and was one of the only students to ever win the Payson-Bird Prize, (for Excellence in English Composition), as a freshman. The professor who gave me the award was an alumni of both Cambride and Oxford, and while I never took his encouragement seriously, he nonetheless saw something special in me at that young age. I wish I had listened to him more intently, but I had too many other interests, (music and girls the most pressing), and I didn't start writing again "seriously" until the Fall of 2016, and joined The Soup in December of that year.

Since then I have enjoyed this community and grown a great deal as a writer, and more importantly, made a number of wonderful friends, for who I am truly thankful. I have been to many other similar sites, but found this one to be the best for me. I try very hard to create original metaphor and fresh, unusual imagery, but do so in ways that make SENSE. I find poems that are stuffed full of "big" or fancy words for the sake of sounding articulate or "deep", to be of little import and interest, but unusual words used in creative and unique ways can be a bonus to good writing, (most intelligent people know the difference).

In contrast, using simple words in unusual ways can be equally as beautiful and unique, and there is an art to that style of application as well, and for those reasons words themselves are fascinating to me. I believe I have been given a gift that enables me to put those words together in ways that elicit emotion, but that the creative intuition and acumen that transforms those elements into beauty and poetic excellence, is something that comes from withOUT - that we are all just tools for a higher power, and that staying in tune with that energy is critical to creativity.

I hope you'll take a moment to read some of my poems, and please leave a comment, if you would be so kind. Blessings!


Blog Posted:3/11/2018 7:50:00 PM

I have extended the closing date for the Minuanetta Contest as there were only twenty-six entries, (out of forty), and a couple of people expressed desire to still enter. If you have any questions about the form, please don't hesitate to contact me, as I am easy to talk to and love interaction. It is a challenging form, but not a difficult one, and should be relatively easy to understand. If it fills before the end of the month I will post the results immediately. Thank you so much for entering - blessings all! :-)

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Date: 3/14/2018 5:06:00 PM
Thank you for the update Greg. I am glad I got my entry in as I am having terrible problems reading and commenting on posts on my Kindle. I can see on my old desktop but it runs so slow it takes up way too much of my time. I have been waiting a week for PS team to fix it. My entry took me the entire day to compose and I hope I did it correctly. : )
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My Recent Poems

Date PostedPoemTitleFormCategories
6/19/2018 Sunup Seraph Rhymeappreciation,beauty,love,
6/16/2018 Mister Z Free verseanalogy,life,loss,love hu
6/15/2018 A Burning Bleed - 13 Free versedesire,love,love hurts,pa
6/15/2018 Abandon Free verselove,metaphor,moon,passio
6/15/2018 The Kiss of Summer Free verseocean,romance,soulmate,su
6/14/2018 Pleiades Verseanalogy,metaphor,sky,star
6/14/2018 A Dark Prescience Haikuanalogy,birth,journey,lif
6/13/2018 Careful What You Ask For Rhymeanalogy,history,life,myst
6/12/2018 Plunge Rhymeappreciation,beauty,desir
6/8/2018 Anthony Bourdain 1956-2018 Free verseappreciation,celebrity,li
6/7/2018 The Gristmill, Life Free verselife,metaphor,wisdom,
6/6/2018 The Way You Walk Free versebeauty,metaphor,sensual,w
6/2/2018 Portent of Perseids Rhymeanalogy,metaphor,soulmate
6/2/2018 The Bends Monokuadventure,beauty,death,oc
5/31/2018 Serrated Monokuheartbreak,loss,love hurt
5/28/2018 haiga - summer Haikubeauty,eve,june,rain,summ
5/27/2018 Her Happy Place Monorhymeappreciation,beach,nature
5/26/2018 Oye, Karin Free versepassion,romance,sensual,s
5/25/2018 Your Pad Or Mine Free versebeauty,fantasy,soulmate,t
5/24/2018 Greener Grass Dramatic Monologueappreciation,beach,life,o
5/22/2018 Little Plush Bunny Rhymeappreciation,childhood,lo
5/22/2018 Oh Phrases, Grand and Furtive Free verselost love,soulmate,time,t
5/17/2018 The Cliche' Of Cliche's Free verseappreciation,love,words,
5/17/2018 Sleeplessness Free verseconflict,depression,emoti
5/16/2018 Summer Love Sonnetlost love,love,romance,su
5/14/2018 The Essence of Soft Shadows Free verseanalogy,appreciation,intr
5/14/2018 Death, Where Are You Rhymedeath,life,ocean,
5/13/2018 Ville Vivante Free verseappreciation,beauty,city,
5/12/2018 Sorry Scoundrel Sonnetlove hurts,passion,wisdom
5/11/2018 Pool Of Me Free verseaddiction,death,introspec
5/11/2018 Listen Free verseappreciation,music,silenc
5/11/2018 Country's Conscience Free verseamerica,corruption,usa,wa
5/9/2018 COMMON Commonality Rhymeappreciation,friendship,l
5/8/2018 Blood And Fire Rhymeconflict,dark,love,passio
5/8/2018 Love, Disordered Free versepassion,sensual,soulmate,
5/8/2018 Still-Billy Bubba Light Verseanalogy,grandfather,humor
5/8/2018 haiga - ocean Haikuappreciation,ocean,sea,
5/7/2018 Infidele Infini Free verseanalogy,betrayal,lost lov
5/6/2018 You Can Call Me Ray Free verseanimal,appreciation,ocean
5/6/2018 Wise, Asp Free verseanalogy,animal,beauty,met
5/3/2018 Chrysalis Free verseanalogy,change,metaphor,s
5/1/2018 Love, Tousled Free verselove,passion,romance,sens
4/30/2018 The Ultimate VR Dramatic Monologuecomputer,death,fantasy,sc
4/29/2018 From Us, To Dust Sijoheartbreak,lost love,love
4/27/2018 haiku - catalpa Haikubeauty,nature,tree,
4/27/2018 An Angel, Unknown Dramatic Verse11th grade,angel,autumn,c
4/27/2018 Sign of the Times Acrosticappreciation,hate,humanit
4/26/2018 Voice of Silence Free verselanguage,muse,wisdom,
4/26/2018 Antithetical Free versedesire,goodbye,lust,passi
4/24/2018 haiku - kindness Haikuhumanity,relationship,wis
4/24/2018 Look Closer Haikuappreciation,fear,life,sp
4/19/2018 Seeking Serenity Rhymeappreciation,life,nature,
4/18/2018 Happy 100th Birthday, Joyce Quatrainbirthday,friendship,
4/18/2018 Handiwork Sonnetappreciation,hope,humanit
4/18/2018 haiku - parrotfish Haikuanimal,fish,nature,ocean,
4/17/2018 Scales of Amity Coupletappreciation,friendship,w
4/15/2018 Speechless Free versemetaphor,night,romance,se
4/14/2018 Prometheus, Pondered I do not know?adventure,allegory,allusi
4/13/2018 Concrete and Cyclones Concretescary,storm,weather,
4/13/2018 The Shores Of Ardor Sonnetlove,memory,metaphor,
4/13/2018 Wynken and Blynken Boutique Rubaiyatadventure,dream,humorous,
4/13/2018 Lickety Split Acrosticanalogy,life,love,time,wi
4/12/2018 Sea Song Free verseanalogy,appreciation,beac
4/8/2018 Tepid Trill Free verseanalogy,love,metaphor,rel
4/8/2018 Luscious Free verseappreciation,body,sensual
4/8/2018 With A Capital R Free versedeath,father son,feelings
4/6/2018 Tears For Apollo Free verseanalogy,childhood,father,
4/3/2018 Between Wavy Lines Free versebeauty,metaphor,sensual,s
4/3/2018 Heart Wanted Rhymeheartbreak,lost love,love
4/3/2018 Quis Sum - I Am Free versegod,i am,identity,metapho
4/3/2018 Wakes the Moon Monokumetaphor,moon,sun,
4/2/2018 Sacrifice Rhymechildren,family,husband,m
4/1/2018 The Cross Laments Haikuchristian,easter,
4/1/2018 Hope For Spring Italian Sonnetearth,environment,future,
3/30/2018 Four Aces and a Black Moon Alliterationadventure,conflict,games,
3/29/2018 Closer By A Day Monorhymeimagery,joy,metaphor,spri
3/29/2018 A Tender Wound Enclosed Rhymeanalogy,lost love,memory,
3/28/2018 A Match In the Dark Free verseanalogy,death,fantasy,met
3/28/2018 The Nutty Professor Limerickhumorous,light,romance,
3/27/2018 Gems and Petals Free verseanalogy,drug,imagery,meta
3/27/2018 Dear Little Wee One Lyricchildhood,children,love,n
3/26/2018 Burlap and Satin Sonnetdepression,feelings,life,
3/25/2018 Heaven Scent Quintain (English)appreciation,childhood,gr
3/24/2018 Pronoun Showdown Rhymehumorous,word play,words,
3/24/2018 Out Of Quietus Dramatic Monologueadventure,conflict,scienc
3/23/2018 Little Wet Wings Rubaiyatanimal,beauty,bird,friend
3/23/2018 A Ribbon of Pink Pantoumcancer,health,life,love,w
3/22/2018 See How They Run Rhymeanimal,fun,humorous,nurse
3/20/2018 The Monkey's Back Rhymeanalogy,culture,drug,intr
3/20/2018 A Quiet Shore Free verseanalogy,forgiveness,frien
3/19/2018 The Packing Of A Suitcase Coupletheartbreak,hurt,lost love
3/17/2018 An Emerald, Most Rare Free versebeauty,color,memory,ocean
3/15/2018 Veil of Evil - Jimmy Savile Free verseabuse,anger,child abuse,e
3/14/2018 All That Is Between Free verseanalogy,appreciation,life
3/14/2018 Hearken the Footfalls Free versefate,fear,introspection,m
3/13/2018 Mother Quatrainfamily,humorous,mother,so
3/13/2018 A Fall of Angels Free verseanalogy,angel,beauty,deep
3/12/2018 Spirit Horse of the Highlands Rhymeanimal,horse,mystery,natu
3/11/2018 haiku - peepers Haikuanimal,appreciation,music
3/11/2018 Sun and My Sunshine Sonnetappreciation,beauty,metap

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Fav Poems

A Midsummer Night's Beach Free versebeauty,color,creation,sea
Valentine May My Love Say Dizaindesire,devotion,love,roma
Highveld Storm Rhymebreak up,longing,
The World Around US Rhymeearth,environment,war,
The Ride Iambic Pentameterimagination,memory,sad,
Never Shame a Woman Quatrainpassion,women,
Life or Death Tweet Prosebirth,death,
Cry For Wind Quatrainanalogy,animal,beautiful,
Love of Nature Coupletnature,
AURORA AT DAWN Rhymebeauty,inspirational,morn
My Big Fat Gypsy Poem Rhymehumor,marriage,wedding,
A Prince for Roseanne Rhymefantasy,
Picture Perfect Rhymeamerica,corruption,deep,p
It don't really matter Rhymefun,humor,love,
BEHIND CLOSED DOORS - EMOTIVE WRITE Rhymeabuse,bullying,house,lone
Broken Soldiers Rhymeage,humanity,soldier,
I DANCE Prose Poetryabuse,dance,music,pain,
Love will come to you Lyricintrospection,longing,lov
Violin Free verselonely,muse,romance,roman
Gutter Pavement Runway Flight Free verseaddiction,appreciation,da
The Potter and the clay Narrativechange,character,conflict
Worlds Of Ice Free versedream,love,memory,sleep,w
May Showers Contest Haikunature,rain,
Time Lost In The Current Verseemotions,fear,ocean,
Yet not broken by the blues Free verseanti bullying,holocaust,m
Lost Childhood -Part 4- Rhymeabuse,child,child abuse,c
Freedom Is Written In Stars And Moon Free verseabuse,change,dark,freedom
Diamonds From The Sky Blank versebeautiful,beauty,desire,e
Starshine and silhouettes Rhymebeauty,dance,desire,image
Hollow man Rhymehappiness,introspection,i
From glory to dust-2 Acrosticangst,confusion,corruptio
Rainless Clouds Pantoumblue,sad,
Landscape - Beach Scene Quatrainart,
What Poetry Is Free verseimagery,poetry,words,
A Candid Rainscape Free verseflower,imagery,nature,rai
White Rainbows Imagismcolor,garden,imagery,
Amethyst Fate Ottava rimaflower,imagery,metaphor,
Love Lies Bleeding Rispettoflower,metaphor,
TOUCH -Sharon's Acrostic contest Acrosticspiritual,
my solitary wandering Free versememory,solitude,
MAWU AMONGST STARS Sonnetbeauty,magic,memory,
Real Men Wear Pink Rhymecharacter,funny,humor,per
POETS Rhymeappreciation,encouraging,
Sea of Love Rhymelove,love hurts,sea,
Collateral damage Dramatic monologuecharacter,courage,freedom
The Pearl Free versebeauty,blue,love,moon,nig
Morning Cues Versebeautiful,
Words-The Heart of Imagination Free verseuniverse,words,
He Has My Heart Verseart,longing,lust,passion,
July Free versesummer,
Transition to Death - Part I Free verseabsence,anger,dark,death,
as cold sudden rain Haikulove,nature,
In Silence Personificationautumn,death,
O, the murmuring waves -- Versespiritual,
A Kiss Remembered Rhymelove,
For the Fisher King on His Golden Jubilee Sonnetbirthday,friend,
NEVER TO BE MINE Free versegrief,i miss you,memorial
Snow Falling Personificationbeauty,winter,
Realization Sonnetlife,
You Echo, Silent Still Free verselost love,
DESPICABLE Free verseabuse,evil,girl,
The Stars and Beyond Sestinaspace,stars,
For the Love of Poetry Blank versepoetry,poets,words,
Rape Free verseabuse,
ulan at sinag ng araw: pagmumuni ng isang tulirong isip Free verseangst,feelings,introspect
Chasing the man in the moon Free verseabsence,childhood,father
Miss Allegheny Mountain Monorhymeimagery,mountains,nature,
Mister Joe Jangles Free versepoetry,poets,
I am Every Woman Biobeauty,deep,emotions,enco
GOODBYE, MY LOVE Versedeath,goodbye,
LAKE'S MUSIC Free versepeace,river,song,
Moonlight tango Dramatic monologuedance,desire,men,moon,rom
Shadow Free verselost love,
If I Let My Mind Meander Free verselost love,metaphor,
What Might Have Been Verselost love,
Late Summer Nights Dream at the Cat in the Hat Coupletimagination,nonsense,
46 Free versebereavement,brother,love,
INDIAN PIPE Blank versedeath,nature,
Collecting teardrops Free versefriendship,lost,
Under the Stars Verseautumn,poetry,romance,sta
Be Yourself Free verseconfusion,courage,emotion
HIS EVENING'S MYSTERY Lyriclove,mystery,
As I Journey East Free versebeauty,journey,
a night of passion Couplethappiness,lust,passion,ro
As the Year Matures Monorhymejune,
When I No Longer Love You Romanticismlove,romance,
Fated Hell Monorhymedeath,destiny,evil,
Love's Eternal Death Sonnetemotions,lost love,
One Last Time Free verselost love,
Prisoner Of Words Free versemetaphor,poetry,words,
Laws Of Attraction Free verseabuse,addiction,forgivene
When Her Roses Bloom Romanticismlost love,rose,
Crystal Blue Waters Rhymenature,
Poetry Rhymeart,meaningful,poetry,poe
Nestled Under Your Wings Free verseimagery,inspirational,upl
A Chorus Sang Its Last Concerto Elegybeach,emotions,
Dance of the Firebird Free versebeautiful,dance,sensual,
AUTUMN ROYAL Rhyme royalautumn,sad,
Snow Birds Softly Sing Versebeautiful,bird,dance,dece
Midnight Romance Sonnetdesire,dream,imagery,long

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