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Dreamt a dream
about falling asleep,
woke up in yet another one—
a near-seamless string
of dreams within dreams.

As I become older,
I continue to retain the heart
of an eternal child. Sort of like Peter Pan—

and I will always take my chances
with Captain Hook.

I find talking about myself in third person
to be creepy, and refuse to do it
unless it's somehow connected
to a major deal that offers me mullah.

I'm a Canuck who grew up in the Canadian
Pacific Northwest.
Aside from writing, I enjoy visual art
and bonsai as creative outlets.
I love mountain biking.
I'm a gardener, bio-chemist,
and parent of a talented child
who continues to out-shine her Dad.

I don't do conventional all that well;
I come as I am,
and hope that you come as you are,
as friend or foe,
so that we can learn and benefit
from each other.

PoetrySoup.com is the first site
where I posted a poem online.

I won't be finalizing my current haiku contest

Blog Posted:7/6/2017 12:45:00 PM

On the day of submitting my current haiku contest, I didn't know that I wouldn't be finalizing it.
I was busy, and when I dropped by the Soup last week (or whenever it was), I forgot to mention it/offer a contest update.

The lovely Christine Ueri will finalize the contest instead. She will be busy putting together Switch Poetry/Prose #4, projected to be released on July 31st. But, Christine has begun to peruse through the 59 entries that have been submitted towards the contest so far (still looking for 14 more entries, as it stands for now).
I don't apologize whatsoever (lol) for the belated update. If anyone is bothered (why?) that someone else is judging the contest, simply remove the submission. It's that easy. And, life continues.

With Christine judging the contest instead, I'm now able to put the blame on her, if and when (some always do) people let loose their *waa-waa* waterworks after the contest is finalized.
Kidding aside, when analyzing subjective haiku, it throws off my usual judging process (compared to analyzing objective haiku), so, I'm glad that Christine is judging this contest for me. I love to write subjective haiku, especially since it's a needed break from objective writing, but find it trickier to judge subjective haiku, as I was introduced to objective haiku at a young age and have a lot of experience with it.
Christine's tastes vary from mine, so the winner's list might look different compared to if I finalized the contest. That might be advantageous for some, but, Christine has an astute understanding of language that surpasses my own, and she doesn't like overly-ornamented and superfluous language (for several reasons, one being that it can muddy intent and clarity) in haiku.

Anyway, I hope that Soupers are enjoying the summer—or winter, for those Soupers who live in the southern hemisphere.

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Date: 7/11/2017 11:49:00 PM
Off topic! I seem to be drawn lately to old protest poetry...Daniel Berrigan...Country Joe & the Fish...CSNY...Neruda...Sun Ra...early Robert Bly....for me...tho I still ink documentary poetry...(boring if you're not a family member!) pretty sunsets are outpaced by the threat of nuclear/cyber winter...plenty of room for artful attitude (tho pretty flowers still impress!)
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Date: 7/9/2017 9:58:00 AM
Since I'm me, I'm enjoying neither-- it's actually rainy season over here, but weather here's weird like me, hot then rainy. I think that other people have done that before-- asked others to judge or co-judge contests with them, so there should really be no issue (but yep, good for you for posting this update, since you can never be too sure with some of the "waa-waawaaers"). It is your contest and it is your prerogative how to go about with it, in rules and in judging. I'm sure that Christine will do a great job in judging :)! Ok, have to say I got a bit confused though-- you mentioned something about judging subjective haiku-- this is still anything goes, right? Objective, subjective, combo; old,new?
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Aechtner Avatar
Chris D. Aechtner
Date: 7/11/2017 10:47:00 PM
I'm a bit surprised that you've replied here so long after the original komment and initial replies were left. If I begin rampaging, it won't change much here on PS (though, I think that you are korrekt about stating that 1% is far too generous). I'm an idealist who believes that poets live poetry, and others, even when writing 'poetry', are writers and/or hobby writers. Anyway, nevermind that ... forget about it. I'm trying to hold my tongue; I've had enough of the Stepford Wives, roses are red, rhymezone, and dishwater free verse. What type/s of poetry do you enjoy the most?
Aechtner Avatar
Chris D. Aechtner
Date: 7/11/2017 12:15:00 PM
*kont'd* The same goes for blogs. After reading 200 blogs (sure, spread out over the years) about the same author, and the same angles, it doesn't help me in any way whatsoever. It's a bunch of regurgitated notions that involve the same sort of replies and diskussions that have been happening for years. It's akin to eating the same meal every day for years. Eventually, the body asks for, and needs, different nourishment in order to survive.
Aechtner Avatar
Chris D. Aechtner
Date: 7/11/2017 12:11:00 PM
Komrade Peter, it isn't about quitting. It's about spending less time here, and how beneficial that is for me—not only for basik time management. Since March 2010, I've probably read tens of thousands of poems on PS (if my komment total is an indikator, especially since I don't komment on every piece that I read). There are some excellent writers and poems on PS, but it takes a while to find new poems that are good, especially from new writers/members. It takes too much time for me to find them. When I kontrol my reading away from PS, I might enjoy 20 out of 25 pieces that I read, vs perusing through lists with a ratio of 2 out of 200 (as an example). We are what we ingest, works beyond food. When I rifle through PS lists to find 'good' poems (for me), overall, it's no longer konducive for me on several different levels.
k. Avatar
kabuteng P.iNk k.
Date: 7/10/2017 11:43:00 AM
Ummm, Komrade Peter N.Y.: thanks for divulging the cyber-doze, should we be skared now? Aren't there any kountermeasures for it? Do tin foil hats work? And gosh, really? If Komrade Kris kwits, covfefe wins?? Kurious me has so many kwestions. Plus why does the mention of "lullaby" makes me think of Tchaikovsky now?? Partikularly the Dance of the Sugar Plum fairy, I'm weird, I know...I better head bakk to my kave...
k. Avatar
kabuteng P.iNk k.
Date: 7/9/2017 12:08:00 PM
ok... one more reply before I leave for now, will try to be back later...a konfession? I hardly really read any stuff here anymore. I mostly visit the blogs that interest me, read and engage if I find it that interesting & if I have time. Now, if I still posted blogs, of kourse that would be the most non-boring of all, doiinnks kidding! You hit it right on the nail with it becoming boring (for me as well-- but yes all a matter of taste & preference, no offense to others). I don't even read the artikles... I tried to read a short story earlier, my nose & mouth skrunched up & I gave up (yes, I kan be such a snob). My rebellious self kame klose to writing an even worse one, but yeah decided not to waste my time. Me, my stage in writing is aktually a plateau right now, headed downhill, actually. Urrgh. Ok, enjoy your day again ;)
Aechtner Avatar
Chris D. Aechtner
Date: 7/9/2017 12:00:00 PM
Whether or not the koding gets ironed out in the future, I shouldn't spend too much time here. There are friends here, and some excellent writers ... aside from that, there is a lot of terrible writing that is a waste of time for me to read. It's not even rude for me to say. We are all at different stages of our lives and writing. Aside from a lot of krappy writing, the social issues and the innuendos of egos have become so boring for me. Even the blogs, for the most part, put me to sleep. Also, the new artikles (again, for the most part) are out-dated in vision and poorly rendered.
k. Avatar
kabuteng P.iNk k.
Date: 7/9/2017 11:58:00 AM
I'm off to the antok (sleepy) train... go enjoy your summery Sunday...
k. Avatar
kabuteng P.iNk k.
Date: 7/9/2017 11:56:00 AM
No, I didn't mean stikking to just one for accessing soup. I was just referring to the kurrent kontest update. But then, you've wasted too much time on it, so I guess better leave it be. Yes, this site can be a total time devourer...
Aechtner Avatar
Chris D. Aechtner
Date: 7/9/2017 11:52:00 AM
Nope. I juggle things by using different platforms (away from home, etc.). I'm not willing to further sacrifice my real life for this site.
k. Avatar
kabuteng P.iNk k.
Date: 7/9/2017 11:50:00 AM
ahhh, hmm, well it prolly konfuses the koding and messes it all up. That's kool though how you figured it out. Then try to stik to one platform and see if the changes stikk.
Aechtner Avatar
Chris D. Aechtner
Date: 7/9/2017 11:48:00 AM
Hmmmm, I've koncluded that the problems also stem from using different platforms. As in, if I post a kontest deskription using whatever platform (i.e. laptop or phone or tablet), and then go in with a different platform than the one used to initially post, there are more glitches after submitting changes with sekondary and tertiary platforms.
k. Avatar
kabuteng P.iNk k.
Date: 7/9/2017 11:48:00 AM
but thennnnn what if it suddenly the koding gets all fixed?? So you'll give in?
k. Avatar
kabuteng P.iNk k.
Date: 7/9/2017 11:47:00 AM
Ha! I was supposed to say something along those lines- you beat me to it-- the universe has a way of korekting us in some ways, doesn't it?
Aechtner Avatar
Chris D. Aechtner
Date: 7/9/2017 11:44:00 AM
Aktually, the glitches will stop me from running kontests and uber-blogging, and that will stop me from wasting too much time on the site. In a way, the glitches are doing me a favour for my real life lol. It's better for me if the koding remains grandfathered and mixed up.
k. Avatar
kabuteng P.iNk k.
Date: 7/9/2017 11:41:00 AM
That really sukks. So even the workaround won't work, like with the image files.
Aechtner Avatar
Chris D. Aechtner
Date: 7/9/2017 11:39:00 AM
It shows up as being ok for a while. Then it eventually reverts. After checking that it was ok, I left my member area, then went back in, reloaded contest page, and the glitches reappeared. So, I deleted the kontest update.
k. Avatar
kabuteng P.iNk k.
Date: 7/9/2017 11:39:00 AM
That sure is just Weirdsville, What is TPS doing??It just seems so messed up? Everything was ok a few years back? Even just a year ago? I don't rekall enkountering these issues a year ago? Soo weird, though. Hopefully they kan iron out the glitches, asap.
k. Avatar
kabuteng P.iNk k.
Date: 7/9/2017 11:37:00 AM
huh? But when I tseked it, it was holding up? I saw it without those butty letters-- or were my eyes deceiving me? I tried re-loading it methinks. But ei, that's sad if you won't be sponsoring kontests anymore.... but yes, I do understand how it's also not worth the frustration & time.
Aechtner Avatar
Chris D. Aechtner
Date: 7/9/2017 11:34:00 AM
Image files will kause the kontest to krash. It literally disappears. Same with blogs. Initially, this blog, though it showed up on my blog list in member area, disappeared from the publik blog list. I had to edit out certain things for the blog to show up on the publik list.
Aechtner Avatar
Chris D. Aechtner
Date: 7/9/2017 11:32:00 AM
No, apostrophes change into whatever koding, and the HTML koding that was used to denote spaces, also skrambles. After reloading the page, the glitches reappeared even without spacing. So, I deleted the kontest update. No more sponsoring kontests for me if I'm not able to post a simple kontest update without it skrambling.
k. Avatar
kabuteng P.iNk k.
Date: 7/9/2017 11:30:00 AM
But what's worse and even kinda even more frustrating to think about is I am not even sure if that many people even read the updates/deskriptions? Konvert it to an image file-png/jpg then Boom! Post it. Might be less time konsuming & frustrating that way.
k. Avatar
kabuteng P.iNk k.
Date: 7/9/2017 11:28:00 AM
Ah, I was wondering about those other letters, so those were for the spaces... but it's better now, at least those butty (sorry my brain's all fuzzy, can't think of a better word) letters aren't there now. Hopefully the korrektion stays though. Maybe they're having issues with the koding or something? I have enkountered those koming up before kan't remember where though
Aechtner Avatar
Chris D. Aechtner
Date: 7/9/2017 11:25:00 AM
Aktually, it's become so ridikulous and time konsuming, I don't even like posting kontest descriptions, updates, blogs (etc.) anymore.
Aechtner Avatar
Chris D. Aechtner
Date: 7/9/2017 11:22:00 AM
When I remove the spacing from the kontest update, the issue goes away. When I add spaces between paragraphs again, the whatever it is, re-appears. So silly. When I initially posted the update, everything appeared to be normal.
k. Avatar
kabuteng P.iNk k.
Date: 7/9/2017 11:15:00 AM
When I am I not serious when it comes to typos/errors? yep, sad to say. It's kinda frustrating to read, actually. Sorry about that and I hope TPS fixes these types of glitches, so weird how these are popping up when it seems things were ok from before? This is getting longer-- just like that "Dealine" <-- always gets to me. I've reported that to TPS before, nah they don't bother.
Aechtner Avatar
Chris D. Aechtner
Date: 7/9/2017 11:11:00 AM
Sigh. Seriously?
k. Avatar
kabuteng P.iNk k.
Date: 7/9/2017 11:06:00 AM
Okkk, thanks for the klarification. Kome to think of it, in your previous objektive kontest, you errrmm most likely got a lot of subjektive ones, so all the more with this anything goes one. I get how it kan be a kkkompulsion. See, like this K thing :p .... ei btw-- have you tseked out your kontest page note? There's some krazy translation (intrusion?invasion?) going on over there with the apostrophes, transforming into wonky letters O_o! Hopefully people still read it despite those aliens...Not sure how you're gonna override those, though??
Aechtner Avatar
Chris D. Aechtner
Date: 7/9/2017 10:51:00 AM
About the possible konfusion, I was in a rush and didn't want to give a detailed explanation/analysis—as in, "Of the however many entries, 96.4% are subjektive and/or 'telling, 2.2% of the entries are objektive, blah blah." Basikally, nearly all the entries are subjektive and/or telling and/or short free verse, etc. You get the point, right. Allow Soupers to enter subjektive/telling 'haiku' in an anything goes type of kontest, and most (not all)—as in 96 - 99%—of the entries will end up being subjektive/telling. LOL! They just kan't help themselves, I swear.
Date: 7/6/2017 3:46:00 PM
Thanks for the update Chris. I'm still working on my poem and hope to have it finished so I can enter the contest.I love the line about the waa waa waterworks lol, we enter at our own risk and with the premier contests there are limited placements anyway. Enjoy your summer ... i think our few good days have come and gone now lol:-) hugs Jan xx
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Aechtner Avatar
Chris D. Aechtner
Date: 7/6/2017 3:58:00 PM
Yup, four seasons in one day. When I lived on islands in the Pacific Northwest, we had a saying: "Four seasons in one hour!" (lol!).
Date: 7/6/2017 3:56:00 PM
My son is enduring a heatwave in London he said it was almost too hot to go outdoors yet here on our Island it was sunny in the south and dull and overcast the further north we went. We can have 4 seasons in one day it can be very strange the weather here!:-) hugs Jan xx
Aechtner Avatar
Chris D. Aechtner
Date: 7/6/2017 3:52:00 PM
*waa-waa* waterworks ha ha! Glad you enjoyed that part, Jan. Summer is still heating up here in Kanada. The weather has been strange here all year so far. Right on, write on, get that entry completed.
Date: 7/6/2017 3:40:00 PM
No problem. ??
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Lindsey Avatar
Catie Lindsey
Date: 7/6/2017 5:18:00 PM
LOL :-)
Aechtner Avatar
Chris D. Aechtner
Date: 7/6/2017 4:18:00 PM
Oh, of course, those are the eyes, =) ... how silly and out-dated of me. Yup, 8-) definitely look like eyes lol.
Lindsey Avatar
Catie Lindsey
Date: 7/6/2017 4:11:00 PM
Darn. I feel cheated. Jan has an edit button, and obviously so do you. Darn! btw that's not a nose, Those ARE the eyes. 8-) how's that, better? Ha!
Aechtner Avatar
Chris D. Aechtner
Date: 7/6/2017 4:02:00 PM
Duh, I just noticed the representation of the intended smiley in your reply. I can be a bit slow at times. Catie, it doesn't have eyes! Please, add some eyes! ---> : =)
Aechtner Avatar
Chris D. Aechtner
Date: 7/6/2017 4:00:00 PM
The Twil-eye-ght Zone.
Date: 7/6/2017 3:57:00 PM
Hey that's odd Catie I have an edit button by my 'eye' yet yours and Chris's have gone! hugs Jan xx
Aechtner Avatar
Chris D. Aechtner
Date: 7/6/2017 3:56:00 PM
Weird. I'm able to edit my replies to your comment: Chris D. Aechtner Date: 7/6/2017 3:49:00 PM Edit Delete (<------ see, right there) There's no edit button for you? What type of smiley? :D or :) or :=) or ? Oh wait, maybe the smiley was smiling in the other direction, like so, ( :
Lindsey Avatar
Catie Lindsey
Date: 7/6/2017 3:54:00 PM
So funny, Chris, but no, no edit button, just that eye for blocking..... Hmm
Aechtner Avatar
Chris D. Aechtner
Date: 7/6/2017 3:53:00 PM
Aechtner Avatar
Chris D. Aechtner
Date: 7/6/2017 3:49:00 PM
There's no edit button for you? What type of smiley? :D or :) or :=) or ? Oh wait, maybe the smiley was smiling in the other direction, like so, ( :
Lindsey Avatar
Catie Lindsey
Date: 7/6/2017 3:42:00 PM
What happened to the edit button? Those question marks was a smiley face. =)
Date: 7/6/2017 3:32:00 PM
Perfect, no one should live nor die by these anyway. It is a learning experience to carry on to more important pursuits and Christine is certainly a more than capable judge.
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Aechtner Avatar
Chris D. Aechtner
Date: 7/6/2017 3:46:00 PM
Hey Bud. Christine's ability wasn't in question, or I wouldn't have asked her/let her judge the contest. Yes, there should be more important pursuits than PS contests.

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