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I guess you could say I'm a citizen of the world. I've traveled....and I've lived parts of my life in Iran, Lebanon, the US, and Cyprus. I am proud of my Armenian heritage. I was born in Tehran, Iran and soon after that, my family went to the States for my dad to work on his MA degree and many years later, to work on his Ed.D. I have a lot of the Middle East and the West in me, and at times....I feel confused about my identity. I do, however, cling to my Armenian roots and am outspoken about recognition by the world of the Armenian Genocide that took place over 100 years ago.

Since my parents had no common language, the language spoken in our home was English. Yes, I am most fluent in English, and I think, dream, and converse in that language, though I do speak 5 other languages to varying degrees! :)

I am melancholy/sanguine by nature and feel everything very keenly. My highs are SUPER HIGH...and my lows...SUPER LOW! I guess you could say...I'm INTENSE. I'm passionate about poetry to the point of obsession.

The events that have colored my life are the death of my mother due to MS and the war in Lebanon. As a child, it was hard for me to come to grips with the fact that my mother was ill, and to see her go from being a vibrant, well-loved teacher to a wheelchair bound, isolated woman was a very harrowing experience. I do believe, though, that there is a resurrection day and that, by His grace, I will see my Mama fully of wheelchair, able to sing, laugh, and smile again. The war in Lebanon...bombs landing all around, nights spent in bomb shelters.. has also scarred me to some degree.

What I'm most proud of? That would be my daughter...Shereen Natalie Ghali. She is the light of my life. Her name in Farsi means SWEET! :)

Currently, I teach English at Middle East University in Beirut, Lebanon. Poetry Soup has been a haven for me....most of the time! ;) I've developed amazing friendships here that are very genuine and real. My dream is to one day have my name on a volume of poetry! One can always dream....Thank you for making the effort to get acquainted. God bless!


What Would You Do for LOVE????

Blog Posted:2/21/2015 11:16:00 PM

Hello, Soupers...smiley

So, here is a question for you to sink your teeth into....What would you do for love?heart

I mean....seriously, where is that break off point where pleasing your loved one means losing your own identity.

Let's say the one you love is jealous. He wants you to change your behavior towards others. He has had an unture lover in the past and carries that baggage with him. You think his jealousy is groundless and don't feel that your actions and words warrant it. You tell your loved one that it's all in his mind. There is nothing to worry about, and you don't alter our words and behavor towards others because it would hamper your self expression.  He has to deal with his own issues, right?

I read somewhere that trying to tell someone that he/she isn't supposed to feel a certain way doesn't alter the reality for them. Rationalizing doesn't help. Just because you cannot understand the underlying reason for your loved one to feel insecure, and you consider it trivial, doesn't make that the truth for him/her. You need to accept his/her reality though you don't believe that it is grounded on reason. Saying, "You're silly to feel that way" doesn't legitimize your adamance to stick to your understanding of the situation.

What would you do for love? Where do you draw the line? When do you sacrifice yourself to please your loved one? If you give in and change, will you be giving your loved one the unspoken "go ahead" to make other "unrealistic" demands that go against your nature?

I haven't blogged for a long while....Thought I'd throw this out there and see what responses I get. Of course, I chose jealousy...perhaps a nice easy one to tackle. There IS 50 Shades of Grey....what would YOU do for love??? Would you harm yourself for another....




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Date: 2/24/2015 7:01:00 AM
My error 500 seems to be fixed now : ). Eileen,I will do anything for love,but I wont do that: )What wouldnt and would do? I wear my heart on my sleeve and love with all that I am.I dont mind changes in my life to make the one I love happy,but some things about my personality will always be the same.Re trust..I do trust,but in this world of snakes,I trust with my eyes open.He can havw million female friends,but He ll lose me forever if he plays me..I wont accept it if He flirts.When I say flirts,its that kind which hurts.Interesting blog dear.
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Chircop Avatar
Charmaine Chircop
Date: 2/28/2015 6:03:00 PM
Eileen remain as you are..Being bubbly is one of the nicest qualities about you. My husband too would change thingd about me if he could..but I guess He have to accept the package for what it is as I do too.Guess if I act and be everything my husb. wants ..i ll become a walking robot..and he wouldmt like thst either.If yr hubby wanted a quiet girl he would have married one like that hon : )
Manassian Avatar
Eileen Manassian
Date: 2/25/2015 3:50:00 AM
Thank you, Eve. Very sweet of you. God bless. I often tell him he knew exactly what he was getting....I'm passionate and strong...points of attraction in the beginning and now....points of contention. Ah...but a good reminder, nonetheless, Eve.
Roper Avatar
Eve Roper
Date: 2/24/2015 12:39:00 PM
Eileen if your husband wanted to marry a quiet and demure person he would have.
Manassian Avatar
Eileen Manassian
Date: 2/24/2015 12:24:00 PM
Hey, sweetie....Thank you for visiting here now that the problem has been solved. I know you shared your thoughts with me earlier. Yes...some parts of our personality we cannot and should not change for others. I sometimes wonder about how attraction works. My husband likes women who are quiet and demure....not loud and bubbly....I'm not that way...yet, here we are. I supposed sometimes he wishes I would be less....the way I am, but...I can't change me....As to the flirting...I see your point....of course. Thanks, sweetie for coming by and posting your thoughts. They are precious to me. Hugs
Date: 2/23/2015 12:10:00 AM
It is strange that your question and supposition on jelousy are a picture of my current life. My psychologist would put the proposition that my wife and myself are caught in a self perpetuating loop of jelousy and denial. We both love each other but cannot seem to find the happiness that we once shared. She is very jelous of any friends that i have and makes heavy demands that my free time be spent soley with her. She would see me stop writing as she also views this as competition. I aggrevate the situation by staying at work for most of the night to write and read as i cannot do this at home. It makes me so very sad that i cannot find a way forward without giving up myself.
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Roper Avatar
Eve Roper
Date: 2/23/2015 9:24:00 AM
David, your wisdom is so well stated.
Manassian Avatar
Eileen Manassian
Date: 2/23/2015 8:39:00 AM
Shane....It's sad that you feel that you have to give up a part of yourself. That's what I mean.....Are you willing to? If she PS for a week? A month? Would you be willing to...Don't answer....Just think about it. Your wife is probably feeling insecure. What would it take to make me feel secure again....These are hard questions. thanks for sharing.
Date: 2/22/2015 3:27:00 PM
For love: to forgive, encourage, talk, hug, be truthful, listen, share, cry, neck, make the bed, lift the seat, smile, laugh, push back, stand my ground, tough love -- saying no, dream, cook, vacuum the house, give space, be myself with consideration to her, address issues, get help . . . I would do many things but I would not lose myself, or be manipulated, disrespected, or abused -- in an open honest relationship their must be communication -- a two way street, a give and take to be better understand each other. I would do much for love until that love become tainted filled with destructive emotions and actions. much love and light LO
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Manassian Avatar
Eileen Manassian
Date: 2/24/2015 4:13:00 AM
Thank you, David. That's when personality types and temperaments come into the picture...needs languages vary....Sometimes a NEED is seen as something not essential by a person of a different temperament. Love means...doing what it takes though you don't SEE that as valid. Thanks, David...the truth is...unmet needs build resentment...and resentment kills love. Thanks for posting. Hugs
Meade Avatar
David Meade
Date: 2/23/2015 9:50:00 AM
Eileen, yes that would be a problem. It's a cancer that can kill -- sometimes quickly or a long slow death. It needs to be dealt with . . .
Manassian Avatar
Eileen Manassian
Date: 2/23/2015 8:41:00 AM
Richard...that's a big IF...Sometimes it seems to be one party is doing most of the MOVING. What happens if you've mentioned...TIME AND AGAIN...that something is important to you, and the other doesn't think it should be. What then?
Lamoureux Avatar
Richard Lamoureux
Date: 2/23/2015 7:41:00 AM
I like your answer David. I wish I could have articulated it as well as you have. It does not have to be an all or nothing proposition, if each person moves just a bit they can maintain themselves.
Manassian Avatar
Eileen Manassian
Date: 2/22/2015 9:55:00 PM
This is a full and complete answer, David. You worded it so well...especially the last part. The thing is, sometimes people stay in abuse relationships because of love...or what they think is love. Loss of self occurs when there is a lack of healthy self love. We MUST love ourselves. Christ said, "Love your neighbor...AS YOU LOVE YOURSELF." The question is...when does sacrificing stop...What things are worth leaving a relationship for. Your last sentence has the answers...Thank you, dear. I loved the necking part of your comment...Now...if your wife loves giving you a hicky and you don't like that....what would you do? ;) Hugs
Date: 2/22/2015 2:37:00 PM
I'd Do Anything for Love (But I Won't Do That) SKAT
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Manassian Avatar
Eileen Manassian
Date: 2/22/2015 2:42:00 PM
Yes, Skat....I was JUST thinking of that song. Incredible and I clicked on the blog and here you are quoting that. Thanks for the visit. I'd love to know what THAT is for you... ;) Fifty Shades of Grey THAT? ;) Thanks for the visit.
Date: 2/22/2015 12:08:00 PM
I can and did, twice! Walked a rope so tight it felt like concrete. Loved both ex-wives to the deepest depths of my heart. Finally realized they each had used me but each had been unfaithful numerous times. I had been played. I swore my next love would be true for both involved. It is now and that's the greatest treasure!
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Manassian Avatar
Eileen Manassian
Date: 2/22/2015 2:05:00 PM
I'm so sorry to hear of your past heartache, Robert. I'm so glad that you are happy now. I guess in some parts of the world divorce is easier than in others. In these parts there is much of a stigma attached to it, especially for the woman. Some stay in unhappy marriages to save themselves the shame. We live in a shame honor society where people kill to save honor. I'm glad that you were able to move past, on, and that you have found happiness. I believe that any relationship takes sacrifice. We sacrifice to the extend that we long we don't lose ourselves in the process....all is well. Thanks for posting. Hugs
Date: 2/22/2015 9:22:00 AM
I would give it a try!
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Manassian Avatar
Eileen Manassian
Date: 2/22/2015 9:23:00 AM
Date: 2/22/2015 9:04:00 AM
In my first marriage I had to deny myself and that created resentment. I lost who I was and now I am so much happier and free. P.S. check out my latest poem.
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Manassian Avatar
Eileen Manassian
Date: 2/22/2015 9:08:00 AM
IN that line of thought....would you do something that was uncomfortable for you if your lover wanted you to? ;) Hmmmmmmm....dare you respond??? ;)
Manassian Avatar
Eileen Manassian
Date: 2/22/2015 9:07:00 AM
Richard...I DID. I DID. I DID. A WINNER IN MY BOOK. I was thinking of writing something for that...but it would pale in comparison...HOW DID YOU COME UP WITH IT....GETTING INTO A WOMAN'S MIND SO COMPLETELY...OH OH OH OH! Richard...nothing NOTHING is worse than being denied. I'm SO happy you are fulfilled now. HUGS
Date: 2/22/2015 6:50:00 AM
This is a hard one, I would change to a point. I would weigh my lovers feelings with the behavior that is making her feel insecure and try to be considerate of her sensitivity. Mostly I would affirm her and be affectionate. By being attenttitive and engaged I personally have experienced very little jealousy in my own relationship.
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Manassian Avatar
Eileen Manassian
Date: 2/22/2015 2:02:00 PM
Andrea...we all have our coping mechanisms. I respect you for what you have posted and for what you have NOT posted. Living with resentment can be very crippling. I know this full well. Thank you so much for posting and visiting the blog, dear. Glad you're out of the closet! ;) Read the whole blog....What an experience. HUGS
Dietrich Avatar
Andrea Dietrich
Date: 2/22/2015 10:00:00 AM
Eileen i really see what you are saying in this reply here. it would take me the length of a book to go into detail on this topic. For my own reasons i am not giving my feelings on this one, but i do find my ways of handling my own situation. it has served me well. I pretty much do the things i enjoy doing , because I do not want to have resentments in my life.
Manassian Avatar
Eileen Manassian
Date: 2/22/2015 8:36:00 AM
I'm happy for you. Sometimes good friendships take a knock or two because of the excessive jealousy of a spouse. It is sad when that happens, but in the end...the marriage is what matters. However, the danger comes if there is resentment from "restrictions" that aren't needed. This isn't ONLY about jealousy. I meant it in the light of the bigger picture...How far would you go to cater to a spouse's wishes if that meant giving up part of who you are to do so? Jealousy was an example. A safe one....Thanks for dropping by. Hugs
Date: 2/22/2015 6:48:00 AM
My second wife was insecure about how well I got along with my first wife. My kids are from the 1st wife, so we would talk often by phone or when dropping the kids off. #2 would talk about #1 for hours, I remember one time, she talked from 10pm to 2am. I was understanding and reassuring all the hundreds of hours we talked about it. One thing I wouldn't do - 2nd wanted my convos with 1st to be strictly just business, no talk about work, friends, etc. I told 2nd wife that wasn't going to happen, never. I would watch the boundaries, but I am not having my convos that strictly controlled by anyone. I would always listen and talk with 2nd anytime. Eventually, 2nd's insecurities went away.
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Manassian Avatar
Eileen Manassian
Date: 2/22/2015 2:09:00 PM
I was just teasing, Rob. It's obvious that you were wise in the way you handled things. That is a blessing...For your wife to be able to have complete trust in you is testament to that. :)
Manassian Avatar
Eileen Manassian
Date: 2/22/2015 9:09:00 AM
Ha Ha...good for you...I wouldn't have let you sleep at all.....Oh well...I'm glad things worked out in the end. Yes. a marathon is draining, but I don't believe men love the way women do.....Or maybe that's just some of us women...
carmack Avatar
rob carmack
Date: 2/22/2015 8:51:00 AM
I used #2 to save characters. Yes, I understood about the history, that is why I always talked to her about it when she wanted. I will never forget her 4 hour marathon, I said maybe 50 words that whole time. I was impressed, I wanted to see how long it would go, but I started to fall asleep. I will never forget it. It was awesome. Yes, I knew time would help her, as long as I was patient.
Manassian Avatar
Eileen Manassian
Date: 2/22/2015 8:33:00 AM
I so sympathize with you have put it. I would feel insecure because there is a history that you share together that I would never be a part of. I'm glad she was able to deal with your decision. It seems you were able to prove to her that her insecurities were unfounded. I'm happy for that. Thank you for your input.
Manassian Avatar
Eileen Manassian
Date: 2/22/2015 8:30:00 AM
Rob...thanks for sharing. I appreciate it. Yes, we all need some sort of boundaries. I sometimes have this conversation with my students. I ask them if a boyfriend or girlfriend has the right to ask them for them passwords to a certain site....It is interesting to hear the answers on that one. Jealousy can be good up to a certain point. If it becomes obsessive, then...that is another story. To be honest, I don't know how I would react in the situation you have described....

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A Dream Weaved Free versebeautiful,celebration,for
My insolent heart ABCaddiction
Shabbat Shalom Free versebeautiful,devotion,love,r
Lately I've Been Feeling Like: Free verserelationship,
The Big Bang Free versebeautiful,creation,love,s
Opened Book Free versebooks,emotions,metaphor,
Rainbow Symphony Free versecolor,
I Want to Leave Light Verseheart,lost,love,
James Bond the Poet Light Versehumorous,life,love,romanc
Dampened Sheets Free versebeauty,love,lust,sexy,
Paper Lion Quatrainfantasy,
AROUSE ME Imagismlove,lust,senses,
Eileen And I Quatrainlove,peace,
Woman Quatrainwoman,
Wild Rose Free verseallegory,
How I Miss You Free versepassion,romantic,
Kiss the Wind Light Versebeauty,cry,desire,love,
THE MOURNING AFTER Narrativegrief,loss,son,
Another Man's Clothes Free verseintrospection,
The Ghost of You, a love letter Free versebeautiful,loneliness,love
Lament Kyrielledestiny,sad,
Clerihew Soup Clerihewtribute,
warm solar love Free verselove,moon,romance,romanti
All I Want For Christmas Coupletchristmas,
rosebuds Free verseromance,rose,
Simple Words For Simple People Proseanalogy,beach,beautiful,b
That Exquisite Moment Narrativelove,romance,
Unlimited Narrativelove,
In Search Free versebeautiful,bible,god,
bewitched by beauty Free versedream,romance,romantic,
The Lives We Choose Free versefreedom,universe,
To Be With You - Balladdesire,
A beautiful truth I do not know?poetry,
Torchlight Free versebeautiful,love,romance,
Icarus rejoice Free verseart,beauty,love,
LIFE Prose Poetrylife,love,philosophy,

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