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as the vultures gather to suck beautiful Venezuela dry

now that Chavez is dead,
the american oil companies
chomping at the bit
begin to salivate & lick their lips,
with the foam
of potent country-gutting
for while he was alive,
Venezuela was one of the only
countries left, 
who resisted the empire’s attempts to
penetrate it & whore it out to the
highest capitalist bidder---
with Chavez dead,
not only will the oil soon be drained from 
within the borders of beautiful
but so will die the social programs that Chavez 
those that had been used to combat the
extreme poverty which exists in the country,
those that the governments before Chavez did nothing to 

so goes Chavez,
so goes a bastion of anti-empire,
so goes a man who pushed Chomsky’s work at the
United Nations,
so goes a man who championed the bloc that
would resist the swallowing up of 
Latin America by the

the vultures are hungry,
they are perched & ready---
rather than create green alternatives to the
reliance on oil,
they will suck every last drop &
make the world do their bidding,
creating a negative media firestorm
to shed hate upon a man who can no longer
defend himself,
just as they will the next who steps up to resist.

Copyright © andrew delapruch | Year Posted 2013

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how many walking time bombs
wearing fake smiles
dwell in america?

explosive charge + timer + detonator = resident of the US of A

Copyright © andrew delapruch | Year Posted 2011

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the sociopath irony

s/he who will get locked away,
fried in the chair, lethally injected,
gassed, hung or shot by a firing squad,
resides right in your home town,
right in your neighborhood,
right round the corner &
without the ability to feel guilt
when s/he lies, cheats, steals, rapes,
beats or kills someone,
s/he’s considered to be a major threat
to the stability of
“western civilization.”

and yet, it is said that
most “normal” people don’t make good killers &
that those who join the military have to undergo
such “training” (brainwashing + drugs)
in order to be able to do it efficiently 
without the side-effects that would come
with doing it as a civilian &
still, it is said that many soldiers aim high
or do their best not to kill,
especially if in hand to hand or 
close combat,
unless they are pushed to extreme limits.

the irony is that those that our tax dollars
send all across the world to stomp on others in the name of our great
(our great policeman of the world),
are those least likely to do what they are being paid to do,
while those that threaten us on a daily basis
here at home,
silently & secretly,
are the kinds of individuals who can win wars.

we humans celebrate the sociopaths
when they kill in our name
when we’re on the side of the winners &
history will be forged in such a way 
as to show that what said sociopath leader did
was indeed great,
that in our time of need,
s/he killed without conscience,
s/he killed indiscriminately &
had s/he not been doing it to “them,”
s/he might have been doing it to

Copyright © andrew delapruch | Year Posted 2012

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knew a young man when i was a 
young man whose life had been 
screwed from the get-go/HEWA
his father was a test pilot for the
us of a & a company who spends
money to buy congressmen &
presidents in order to get more
wars started in order to make 
more bombs in order to sell them
so that taxpayers can buy them
so people they never meet in
person can be obliterated in 
THEMINTOASH/what happened
next anyone could see coming a
mile away for the plane stayed
in the air for less than a few min.
& down it came killing the dad
of the guy i knew & leaving a
mother & son now without the
man they loved so much/AND
BLOODSHOTEYES/”i would give 
every penny of it back, just to have
my father still alive.”

Copyright © andrew delapruch | Year Posted 2012

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project of compassion

be careful not to become
someone’s project of
for there are those who
find a way to fill themselves
(the hole so deep & bleeding)
up by taking care of another
in such a manner that attachments
may form between
the project & the project 
coordinator (PC)---
where there had not been a 
hole, now one can be drilled
so as to make the two 
where the PC
needs the project to fulfill them 
the project becomes
dependent on the agency of the
PC, forgetting themselves,
forgetting their own individuality in
the process &
if the project does not come to
fruition in exactly the way that 
the PC sees fit,
they may throw a tantrum,
which minutes ago 
did not seem possible,
because they had been looked up
to, they had been admired,
they had been thought to be
capable of sustaining positive 
change inevitably?

ahh, but they were only human
the whole time.

Copyright © andrew delapruch | Year Posted 2012

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various frustrations concerning the hiccup-fart orgasm

and so it was that after a good run of
great sex & many lovers,
s/he came across a period of time unlike
any of her/his friends could come close to comparing,
a time of 

each time s/he was getting towards that final punch of that final round
rockin’ & a sockin’ like the robots themselves,
off went the gas pumps inside &
the kissing went ripe as the
hiccups blew in the face of the lover still trying to concentrate
(and dinner only a few minutes/hours ago, now cascading in a fine mist across the face) &
as if that wasn’t enough to drive a stake in any
romance of any satisfactory quality,
out came the blast from the other end
filling the scene with 
custom methane &
sooner than later
(as if it was anticipated anymore by the other party),
the end result of
what coulda’ been,
shoulda’ been,
but clearly

Copyright © andrew delapruch | Year Posted 2012

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cake and eat it

cake & eat it

bored with the 
relationship s/he’s in
but not wanting to leave
the positive aspects,
thinking s/he’s too old to
start again &
been there before anyway---
with a pattern s/he knows 
all too well
looming just over the horizon,
s/he takes the plunge,
not looking before s/he leaps &
not wanting to think about
the significant other
who may be at home
wondering, waiting &
wanting to get to the bottom of
the change in 
habits (all that are noticeable &
s/he thinks they aren’t),
the change in his/her look
(clearly prepping for somebody 
else & the audience at home
ain’t buyin’ that its them),
the change in the craving for
attention from the one s/he lives
with &
of course, the list goes on---
s/he starts to look outside the
cell, refusing to leave on her/his 
desiring &
desiring &
burning up
inside with
sheer want, until
s/he comes across 
someone that s/he cannot have,
someone who says s/he’s got to 
choose between the stability of
boredom at home or
a new trip, entirely,
someone who reveals the obvious in
plain English---
“cannot have your cake & eat it

Copyright © andrew delapruch | Year Posted 2012

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pax romana

boastful & bloodthirsty empire
stretching yourself silly
from “sea to shining sea”
will there ever be a moment of peace
must you continue
rising like yeast
to command the breadth of the world
until you become far too burnt for anyone to
even rome had a
pax romana
even icarus
paused for a moment to strap his sandal back up

Copyright © andrew delapruch | Year Posted 2011

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the privately religious

there is a sentiment amongst the most public of believers &
even those nonbelievers who still hold some sick
compassion for them…
“privately religious,”
who do not parade around with the charlatans 
who gather on sundays or get down on their little rug & face mecca,
and they are given some kind of
special treatment,
as being more “spiritual” &
possibly even leaning more towards the agnostic than being
true believers at all,
still, they hold the little books so tightly in their arms
when they go out in the woods behind their house to
be one with nature or
meditate to try & get to be 
one with everything---
they step outside themselves in such a way 
as to escape what is right in front of them &
say to all who ask what they believe:

“i believe in something…i mean, i have my own idea…i don’t go to church or anything”

as if the humans who do go to the worship extravaganzas
think any different?
as if the personal god that is supposed to answer their prayers is any more in tune with you 
just because you don’t call it by the same name or
worship it in the same place.

each member of the privately religious
make themselves more ridiculous than those who get together,
because they sit alone like ****ing joseph smith & his plates,
still believing that there is a unique revelation coming down the pike
for them & only them.

Copyright © andrew delapruch | Year Posted 2012

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the pipeline

absolutely nothing stops the pipeline.


it penetrates all ways of life

all borders, all villages & towns---

the pipeline kills everything in its path if it dare stand in the way

of its progress---

with black gold funneling back to the

land of the free

who eagerly seeks to waste

every last drop that is left on the globe


within the borders of the US &

nowhere else,

the strongest military ever assembled

will stop at nothing to keep that pipeline

burrowing &

burrowing its way through

every possible barricade,

eliminating every question as to why or

for whom it all is to happen---

our way of life here in this

“great democracy,”

is something that you should want &

if you aren’t part of our solution

then you are part of our problem,

and if you don’t give it up to us when we come

steamrolling through your land

with our extended erect penis


(ERECTED PENIS: Bluenight Energy Partners, NuStar

Energy, Buckeye Partners, Plains All

American, Holly Energy Partners, Sunoco

Logistics Partners, Magellan Midstream

Partners, Tesoro Logistics)


& it’s big throbbing veins


(THROBBING VEINS: connecting Algeria, Egypt, Libya,

Sudan, Tunisia, Morocco, Cote d'Ivoire, Gabon, Angola,

Democratic Republic of the Congo, Chad, Cameroon, Ghana,

Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Zambia, South Africa,

Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia,

Myanmar, Thailand, Singapore, Afghanistan, Bangladesh,

India, Myanmar, Pakistan, China, Japan, South Korea,

Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Iran, Iraq, Israel,

Jordan, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria, United Arab

Emirates, Yemen, Bahrain, Lebanon, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan,

Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine,

Uzbekistan, Albania, Bosnia, Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Greece,

Hungary, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, FYR Macedonia,

Turkey, France, Belgium, Germany, The Netherlands, The Czech

Republic, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Norway, Sweden, Denmark,

Georgia, Belarus, Latvia, Estonia, Spain, Portugal, United Kingdom,

Ireland, Gulf of Mexico, Canada, Mexico, Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil,

Chile, Ecuador, Peru, Uruguay, Guadeloupe, Martinique, Barbados,

Colombia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Panama, Venezuela, Trinidad &










we will rape your land &

leave you in our wake---

the pipeline matters

you do not---

go ahead people now,

say it aloud so the

rapists can hear us...


we do not.

Copyright © andrew delapruch | Year Posted 2011