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A Poet's Cry

Wanting to leave a small footprint when  I die
I often ask myself that age old question "why?"
When the mask I wore is stripped away at last
Will I be just a pebble dropped in seas so vast
Might I scribble in the dust some sign that I was here
A word or phrase that might bring a smile or tear
Now that the days are marching toward December
When there is not but words, will anyone remember
A simple poet's cry; the chapter closed and done

Copyright © Barbara Gorelick | Year Posted 2015

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I Am A 4

President Barack Obama
Credited for getting Osama
Now along comes Isis
"Lord help me, another crisis!"

path - 12/1

Copyright © Barbara Gorelick | Year Posted 2014

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A Special Needs Hero

Young and pretty, living a normal life
Suddenly her world would never be the same
Her lovely boy born with special needs
Her daily life now the toughest of games

She carries on with her head held high
Having a career, still being his mother
Constantly dealing with medical issues
Yet she would not change him for another

Nurses and doctors fill her daily life
Fighting for the services that he needs
Never one complaint does she voice
Knowing not where his path will lead

A special soul; accepting the hand dealt 
My admiration for this woman so deeply felt…..

I am privileged to be one of his nurses...I have never seen a stronger
more dedicated mother..

Copyright © Barbara Gorelick | Year Posted 2014

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Dr Suess and his Shoe Store

                                a quote from dear Dr. Suess......

Dr. Suess and his Shoe Store

Dr. Suess has a store just full of SHOES..
A GAZILLION shoes I'm sure there must be
Line them all up, bet they'd stretch to the sea!

Small shoes and tall shoes and some with spots
He even has one covered with pink polka dots.. 
                                                ...... Lots of Dots....
Round shoes and square shoes and OH MY
Even lots of cool shoes you don't have to tie!

A snake came in cause he was going to school
And wearing shoes at school is a VERY strict rule..
Now where could a snake wear a shoe you ask?
Well he wore the darn thing like a Halloween mask..

You can buy just one pair if your feeling thrifty
But poor old centipede -  he had to buy fifty
He first bought 25 pair, all were bright yellow
Then 25 he's quite a colorful fellow!

A kangaroo complained that his feet were sore
So extremely sore he could not hop any more
They fixed him up with a spring loaded pair
Now he can happily hop from here to there!

So if a GRANDUFULOUS sight your longing to see
Dr. Suess is waiting  at the corner of 7th and G
With shoes for the young and shoes for the old
HURRY! HURRY! before the purple ones get sold!

This is an old poem of mine that I reworked a bit....

Copyright © Barbara Gorelick | Year Posted 2015

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White Lace

Winter cloaked in the whitest lace
Spreads its folds across the land
Transforming the earth's tired face
In beauty she makes her quiet stand

For those who weep for summer lost
And long for days of idle breath
Those days come at winter's cost 
She sings the songs of living death

For naught we argue with the wind
And rail at ice that will not weep
Hoping these days will soon rescind
And her buried promises  keep

Winter dances with solemn grace
Dressed in her white gown of lace

Copyright © Barbara Gorelick | Year Posted 2010

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Underneath the exterior Gardenias bloom unannounced Lamenting that no one lifts the veil Yearning to be seen...

Copyright © Barbara Gorelick | Year Posted 2013

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Frozen In Crystalline Number 7

The silver moon gleams on soft set snow
Setting  tired winter hearts aglow

Copyright © Barbara Gorelick | Year Posted 2014

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Uncle Jim

He lived in a small place down by the river
Raised a few chickens and a garden to tend
Neat and clean but we knew he had little
But to us children he was a dear friend

Always ready to come play our silly games
Or happy to listen to our childish tales of woe
He knew when and where the fish were biting
His wonderful tall tales he was glad to bestow

He rode into town on his old cow names Irene
She didn’t seem to mind at times being a horse
If it rained he carried a big black umbrella
It was a sight to see, we loved it of course

You can imagine , our parents thought him odd
And I guess he was if the whole truth be told
But he was a special part of out young lives
We wouldn’t have traded him for a bucket of gold…

Believe it or not, this is a true story..

Barbara Gorelick- Sketch a Character contest

Copyright © Barbara Gorelick | Year Posted 2014

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Winter Colors

Winter Brown Barren branches waiting So proud of their naked silhouettes Winter Gray The clouds sit on your head Heavy with tomorrow's promises Winter White A virgin velvet gown Worn with the confidence of ages Winter Blue Crystal morning dew drops Transforming the harsh to heavenly
Barbara Gorelick 10/28/14 Some Form Of Crystalline contest

Copyright © Barbara Gorelick | Year Posted 2014

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A Poet's Spring

Winter’s snowy mantel is quietly disappearing
Slowly he abdicates  his reign until next year
This year’s queen is putting on her freshest dress
Every day its tender colors blushingly appear …

The heart of every hungry poet gladdens now
The joy of renewal must now be put to pen
What was a dream becoming reality once again
And words flow from that hidden place within….. 

Frantically we write of fields of yellow daffodils
The lamb’s bleat, the new bud upon the branch
Emotions twist and turn about in springtime breezes
And happily we explore the flavors of this year’s romance…


Copyright © Barbara Gorelick | Year Posted 2016